Arsenal in pole position to sign Tevez

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Tevez would be excited to join ArsenalArsenal’s chances of signing Tevez receive big boost 

Arsenal supporters interested in the club signing West Ham’s Carlos Tevez have received a massive boost with the news that Teves has turned down a move to Inter Milan for the sole reason that he wants to remain in the English Premier League next season. Tevez has previously mentioned his excitement over a possible move to Arsenal because he has already adapted to life in London and the style of the football in the Premiership.

“I know people are now talking about Arsenal and obviously that is something I am excited about. It’s another big club and the good thing is I wouldn’t have to move out of London. I also already know English football and I like it. Arsenal’s style is more technical than physical, so I could fit in no problem.”

However, Tevez also hinted that there was a reasonable chance that he would join Inter Milan and not Arsenal before the start of next season.

“Inter is a great club. There is a true possibility that I will wear the Nerazzurri colours next season. It’s also true that Real Madrid are interested in my services, but my agent knows exactly how I feel about it – better Inter than Real.”

Those comments seemed to diffuse a lot of the speculation linking Tevez to Arsenal but with the news that the Argentine has turned down a move to Inter Milan it would now seem Arsenal are in a prime position to sign him. With manager Arsene Wenger currently on holiday in France and Tevez currently on international duty with Argentina at the Copa America, it is unlikely a deal will be made for some time.

Tevez would provide far more positives than Nicolas AnelkaTevez would be a positive addition

Tevez seems like an intelligent man. He has obviously learnt from his time at West Ham and realised how difficult it is to adapt in a new league and now wants to consolidate his previous hard work. This point alone puts Arsenal at a considerable advantage over any foreign clubs who are looking to sign him. Add in the fact that Tevez is actually keen to turn out for the club and it could be suggested that Arsenal are well-placed to add him to their squad.

I have not said a lot about Tevez previously because I honestly believed he would be on his way to Inter Milan. However, I would be quite excited to see Tevez sign for Arsenal for three particular reasons:

  • He has adapted well to the Premiership in only one season (unlike Julio Baptista)
  • At only 23, he would definitely be a long-term solution (unlike Nicolas Anelka)
  • His direct style would bring something totally different to the club (again, unlike Anelka)

Adebayor deserves playing time based on last season’s performancesFlexibility and variety in attack

I think a strikeforce consisting of Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor and Tevez would give Arsenal enough variety in attack to break down most sides in Europe. If Wenger continues with his policy of playing with two strikers it would give him the flexibility to select his front two on a game-by-game basis dependant on the opposition and which pairing he believes would produce results for the club. I previously mentioned that I do not want to see Adebayor’s playing time reduced next season because he was one of Arsenal’s better players last season and has a great opportunity to make his mark in 2007/08.

The truth is that no player will adequately replace Henry like-for-like. At his peak Henry gave Arsenal 30 goals a season and I don’t think either van Persie, Adebayor or Tevez can do that. But I do think that all three can score 15-20 goals each and as a combination make up for the void that Henry has left since joining Barcelona.

What do you think?

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32 thoughts on “Arsenal in pole position to sign Tevez

  1. More important to me, is the fact that comes from class(having won championships with boca juniors, corinthians, he even was the lead scorer during argentina’s olympic run)also i feel that he is a player that arsenal needs, one that doesn’t give up, and keeps fighting.

  2. I agree. Tevez is absolute fighter and that is something you can’t always buy. Once he joins a club he will never give up – he has shown that many times before.

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  4. hey Tevez is absolutely a good solution. though far fetched, i think he will settle down more easily with the young gunners given his youthful age

  5. Get real there is no way Wenger will sign Tevez and unfortunately it seems he’s intent on signing Martins, so that will be two strikers and two defenders missing because of the ACN.

  6. id love to see carlos tevez at arsenal, it would be brillant news, but am kinda sad that liverpool signing fernando torres…. this guy will be special but then again, i know liverpool will ruin this guy’s career.

    but anyways id rather have carlos tevez then fernando torres, well we dont know how much he is worth because of MSI…. the only problem will be dealing with msi and i know wenger doesnt like too touch players like that

  7. How does it seem Wenger is intent on Martins? The walrus came out yesterday saying there had been no enquiries and the interest just seems to be speculation ala Anelka. Bolton have had no official word on us, and no one from the club has said that we’d like either of them.
    If we could buy Tevez out-right, he would be perfect.

  8. I see Torres playing the same way Reyes did. Scores a couple flashy goals and everything will seem great but slowly people will notice he have trouble in the faster, more physical game, will miss being the star of the team (ditto Henry, gonna be a lot of unhappy strikers next season) and will want to go back home the day Peter fucking Crouch starts before him.

  9. well samuel i agree, but fernando torres, id love to see him at arsenal as well….

    we dont know what he will do…..

    anyways its either carlos tevez and fernando torres to replace the legend….

    similar age, and similar players…. tevez has got a year of premiership experience which is beneficial he was on fire towards the end of the season.

    but we can get him on a cheaper deal, give the msi guy £2m for a season give him the box at the emirates and then option to buy at £23m or something… then we can also buy florent malouda as well with that bakari sagna geeza… then i be happy

  10. Surely after last season and the west ham drama we would have to buy him out right? No third party ownerships allowed and Wenger wouldn’t trust it anyway.
    And Torres? Poor mans David Villa? As if it would matter because they are both even smaller than cesc and would be ripped apart come bolton?

  11. I don’t agree with your opinion of Torres, Samuel. He is an exceptional player, a real workhorse and definitely physically capable of making it in the Premier League. He is streets ahead of Reyes in terms of overall effect.

  12. listem people, at the end of the day, EVERY single half-decent player is gonna be linked with arsenal, bu do we every buy any???? NO
    i dont care if spurs paid more for Bent then we fools sold Henry for, at least they bought him!! now they got berbatov, defoe, mido AND bent up front. that is a good strike force. we need to sign someone fast. just because tevez says he wont go to inter, doesnt mean he’ll come to arsenal…

  13. That’s true Shravan, it doesn’t mean that Tevez will come to Arsenal. But if Arsenal do go in for him it’s likely they’ll get him – which is a definite positive.

  14. As an arsenal fan, tevez will be the best option we can think of getting. Martins is good but not good enough and not worth 13 mil. And sam will try his best to convince him to stay at newcastle. I think arsenal had come close to signing tevez the first time around. So wenger would definitely try his best to get him to emirates this coming season.

  15. Ryan Babel is a great talent and has the ability to become a great player,
    Ryan Babel will make us very successful for the years to come.
    I think it will be Arsenal’s dream come true if they manage to get this players to the Emirates,(Ryan Babel,Bakary Sagna,Samuel Eto’o and Robinho.)

  16. eplgunner – I think either Tevez or Martins suits Arsenal’s style. I would be happy to sign either. They are both young, too, so that would suit Wenger’s transfer policy.

  17. Finally here is the list of Arsenal targets!
    Samuel Eto’o(Barcelona),Curtis Davies(WBA),Carlos Tevez(West Ham)and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar(Ajax).
    Wait till next week

  18. I’m excited,
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And wouldn’t surprise us if Silva makes a big impact,
    Congrats Wenger.

  19. u no u want 2 start winning some silver wear, instead ostruggling at the bottomff

  20. I’m excited,What a classic Wenger move that was,Let’s fact it,Arsenal play the best football in England.Da Silva will fit in fine.
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Da Silva makes a big impact,
    Congrats Wenger!

  21. Who does Arsene Wenger need to bring in after Eduardo ”Matador”silva to make Arsenal genuine title contenders?

    Arsenal to announce the signing of Bakary Sagna and Martins tomorrow.

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  24. I equally agree to the latest development about tevex featuring will add some strength to the stricking force.Thanks best wishes to gunners this season.may God bless and keep the hopes of arsenal alive.from zambia,africa.

  25. I think this is a great idea , he would be more than welcomed, with teves arsean will be playing in a different league!

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