Arsenal have made an official enquiry about Gareth Barry

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It’s always nice to kick off the post with an interesting piece of news and today’s is particularly tasty.

According to Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill, Arsenal have enquired about the availability of midfielder Gareth Barry. Indeed, O’Neill was quoted as saying that Arsenal assistant manager Pat Rice had been in contact with Aston Villa’s assistant manager Steve Halford to keep tabs on how negotiations between Barry and the club he is most likely to move to, Liverpool, have been progressing.

In O’Neill’s actual words:

“Myself and Steve Walford both know Arsene Wenger’s assistant Pat Rice. He phoned Steve to ask how the Liverpool thing had gone and said that they might show an interest. At the end of the conversation [Rice] said ‘that’s fine’ and that they’ll let us know. That is exactly what happened.”

I have to say I like what’s going on here. In my opinion we still have a big Mathieu Flamini-sized void to fill in the centre of the park and I can’t think of anyone better than Barry to fill it. He’s experienced, hard-working and skilful and perhaps most importantly, he’s on his way out of Aston Villa with Steve Sidwell already brought in from Chelsea as his replacement.

Whether he signs or not is another matter entirely, of course. But as I said before, I like what Rice and of course Arsene Wenger is up to here. I don’t want to get myself whipped up into too much of a frenzy over the potential signing of Barry but from what has been said it seems a real possibility. Watch this space.

Aside from the interest in Barry there’s not too much going on at the moment apart from another ‘Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal’ plug from the player’s agent, Dennis Lachter:

“If Arsenal go for Arshavin it could be really good for both parties. Arsenal is a very young team and Arshavin is 27. There’s something about combining young and older players, they propagate attacking football.”

While I don’t necessarily disagree with what Lachter is saying about Arshavin and Arsenal being a good match, it’s pretty hard to trust football managers in this day and age. It’s clear to me that interest in Arshavin has dwindled since Zenit St Petersburg slapped a quite ridiculous £24million price tag on his head. And whose job is it to talk up the player to a point where someone might be silly enough to pay such an amount? That’s right, his agent.

Despite all of my agent-phobia I would not be against seeing Arshavin in an Arsenal shirt next season. As you are all aware of by now, he had a magnificent tournament for Russia at Euro 2008 and clearly has all the attributes that are required to make an impact, even in the rough-and-tumble of the Premiership.

But until Zenit lower their price then the chances of Arshavin playing for Arsenal next season are about as low as me playing for them. Perhaps even lower.

Time to go I think. I’m starting to have some crazy delusions about playing for Arsenal.

Let me know what you make of the Barry and Arshavin situations by leaving a comment.


36 thoughts on “Arsenal have made an official enquiry about Gareth Barry

  1. I agree that the price quoted for Asharvin is ridiculous, but then so is the reported price for Barry.

  2. If Barry goes to Liverpool then Mascherano would be a good option for us as he will have less playing time there.

  3. @ Bops – That’s an interesting point. Benitez loves Mascherano though and after he turned into a whiney little baby as last season progressed I don’t know if I’d want him.

  4. am sure that arshavin will be a great player to come to the emirates. since its his heart which wants to move to the club he will also play with his heart.

  5. I really can’t see anymore signings happening I’m afraid guys, atleast not noteable ones.

    AW has said we have enough strikers, and he is not looking to strengthen defence. MA has got the No.1 jersey, so there won’t be a first choice keeper.

    That leaves midfield, but with Nasri and Ramsay (& Bischoff) that fills Hleb’s boots, and he has talked up Diaby/Denilson as Flamini’s replacement.

    So that’s your lot for this summer I’m afraid…groan

  6. I agree on both accounts. Despite harbouring a secret desire to witness the growth of Diaby into a Gilberto/Veira type mid, I just don’t see him stepping to the plate. Barry’s British, and it seems as though Wenger may just be pre-empting the 6 by 5 rule, by looking for English talent.

    Not sold on Arshavin. Not until he is at the Emirates scoring against the Mankers.

  7. Asharvin??? come on don’t be rediculious, he’s said before that his heart was with Barcelona…. lets face it he’s just after the prestiege and £, and do we really need ANOTHER ego?Arshavin??? come on don’t be ridiculous, he’s said before that his heart was with Barcelona, now all of a sudden it’s Arsenal, and this is after he said that he’d NEVER play in the prem…. lets face it he’s just after the prestige and £, and do we really need a player who will just use us for one season…. Just ANOTHER ego to me?

    Garry Barry? Awesome, the right mix of experience and guile, though it would possibly stunt the development of Denilson and Diaby…

  8. I dont kmow guys IM sorry but some thing bout him says NO like not him as A person but as A player. I know he had A gr8 EURO, but thats not enough for ME I really dont think he will cut it in the Premier League. Does anyone remember DAVO SUKUR he had A gud world cup 98 I think, and finished with the most goals and was snapped up by ARSENAL he was only there for a few seasons than was gone, and unfortunately I think ARSHAVIN will end up this way, thats why I would rather see BARRY come our way cause hes proven himself in the last 2 to 3 seasons plus he cost A lot less and has experience in the Premier League. So yeah thats why I wouldnt be to phased if we didnt get him.
    What do U think fellow GOONERS.
    KURUPT 😉

  9. Barry is a good one to add. We need some english steel in the team and also he has been captain of A.Villa for so long, what you are buying is a player and a leader the only problem is at 27 Arsenal will not pay a lot of money for him A.Villa turned down a 15 million bid from liverpool so he will not be cheap. The rumour is that Arsenal are offering Hoyte plus cash it depends how much cash.
    All this Arshavin business should stop Wenger has made it clear he thinks he can’t cut it in the premiership and he meant what he said this is his agent trying to revive intrest in his player all agents when they want attention from the big clubs they use Arsenal as advertising board.They know if you are linked with Arsenal then you must be good.

  10. Arshavin is “too old” for us at this moment since he will be 28 and some months before he can be expected to acclimate to EPL, only to consider offloading him 2 years later when he is past 30. His price is too high also. Barry falls in similar circumstances with Arshavin, “too old” and too expensive in an area where we already have so much talent and personel we have converted some into defenders(Kolo,Djourou & Song)for Barry, and we had a pending headache with Hleb(if he were to stay) and Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Randall, Barazite, Merida,Ramsey, infact I think half of the entire Arsenal are central midfielders. The only way we are going to go for Barry in my opinion is most likely a deadline day deal, cut price and probably a loan deal since he has soured relationship with the manager and supporters.

    Samir is probably the most expensive player we are going to buy this season So I will start to rule out anyone worth 12+m.

  11. Yep totally agree with LE GUNNER mate 24 mill forA 27 year old who isnt proven himself in A gud league
    is INSANE.
    I think going for BARRY would be the rite way to go even A bid of 18 mill 4 year contract would do me just fime.
    IM gonna loose A lot of mates here but what do U guys think 8-10 mill plus gilberto for barry just A thought pls go easy on me hahahaha its just I really think BARRY would fit in well plus it would SHUT ALL THOSE WANKERS that call US A FOREIGN TEAM.

  12. I think it will be a mistake to offer Hoyte in a part-exchange for Barry since we only have 3 RBs in the side, and that includes Eboue, where as if we were desperate, we would not let Gilberto go. Gilberto is better than Barry in my opinion.

  13. I would really like to have Barry on the team. I think he would add some much needed depth in our midfield, especially when the inevitable injuries come around.

    Arshavin, I’m not sure how I feel. He’s got a bit more maturity and I don’t think he’s a s fragile as RVP, which we could certainly do with.

  14. I mentioned Barry as my ideal replacement for Flamini when he left, and I think he’d be perfect for a number of reasons. But I cannot see this deal happening at all. The fact that it has taken us this long to even get in contact suggests we are not that committed to getting him, as though he is a back-up solution. I also think that Barry himself is so intent on joining his buddy Stevie G that he is only considering Liverpool. Of course he will have the excuse that Benitez tried really hard to get him etc. I also cannot see Wenger paying the price Villa want for Barry.

    This strikes me as being a lot like the Jonathan Woodgate situation in January. We are linked to these guys at the last minute and subsequently don’t sign guys who can really improve our squad. You can forget about this one people, it won’t happen.

  15. I seriously doubt anything will come of Barry. Plus even if he did come I think he still has his heart set on Liverpool. Which can be changed but is not the best thing.

    Furthermore there is no way Liverpool is planning on taking away Mascherano’s play time for Barry. Realistically I think they’ve got an idea to use them both together. Masch might have been a bit of whinner but the man willingly, and with quality, did all the dirty work for Liverpool. There is no way I’d take him off the pitch. Throw in the fact that Benitez loves the man….

    I personally think Zenit may have priced Arshavin out of a move. Which is a shame because as a player I think he is at the point where he needs to be tested by moving to a different league.

    Oh yes and I think I may have found a fault with the new layout. The box to actually write your comment is quite small. Any way to make it wider?

  16. @ Le Gunner I was waiting to see how long it would be until you commented and I agree fully with what you say. Arshavin is too high-priced and so I cannot see a deal happeninh however I can see a deal happening with Barry and Barry is just what we need. Gilberto cannot be offered in a deal because he is signing for Panathinaikos when he returns from a holiday so he is leaving. Yesterday I saw some interesting news that Barca are going to offer this week – 15Mil + Samuel Eto’o for Emmanuel Adebayor as they still want to strike a deal, I wouls personally welcome the move, what about other bloggers???

  17. I think AW thought 07 campaign would turn out differently. Maybe CL Champions, maybe PL champions. So now psycholigically he is in a pickle. If the campaign last year was slightly different AW would have pursued his next conquest an all “English side or at least a more English side. That’s the only thing I can think of in regards to Barry. Because he’s not young, he’s not brilliant.

  18. I would love barry and j.cole and so long silva you have been great for us and I wish you all the best even though I would of loved you to go to west ham as they are the retirement home for great gooners wrighty, winterburn, freddie to name a few.
    Also the youngsters will have a great season you just wait and see fellow gooners.

  19. The way Arshavin’s agent is pimping the player to us makes it look fishy. I think he’s a very good player, and Wenger himself said he liked him back in January, but all thats missing is for him to offer BJs to the Arsenal board to buy him!!

    If its true, then I like what Wenger is doing in giving him too much attention! He is desperate to leave, Arsenal want him but not that desperate, noone else seems to be seriously interested (except average teams like spurs etc), which means he would be desperate enough to really lower his price, and then we can have him.

    Barry would be perfect but I have a feeling they’re just toying with Liverpool

  20. Barry, now there’s a laugh. Mold Diaby to hold, Gilberto as backup and for the love of God get a T.A #6, a Sol, a Woodgate or someone with balls to cut out crosses – everytime. Otherwise we’ll be shipping goals much like last year, and its not going to be pretty.

  21. Barry would be an excellent signing but the ‘English’ price tag will shorely end our interest very quickly. Xabi Alonso looks like he wants out of Liverpool. We could snap him up if they get Barry. Two spaniards in the middle for us. I dont know how defensive Xabi would be though. I still think Arsene will promote someone from within the club to partner Cesc. Who that will be, who knows.

    Ars-shavin is too expensive for the thrifty Mr Wenger.

  22. Liv’poo is where Barry ends up…would much rather see Arsenal get a true replacement for Flamini that would be able to play for a few years with the “young talent” that AW has assembled.I like Barry and all but not at Arsenal.

  23. I’ve seen the idea floated that this sort of a thing was a half-conspiracy to inflate the price a little for Barry, and make Liverpool pay what Villa is asking already. Would be hilarious if Pat Rice were scheming like that, just to make Liverpool commit and buy *another* player they don’t need and probably won’t fit in at Anfield. Is it just me, or are they turning into Chelski with these ridiculous buys? They already have Alonso and some other decent players for the center… only decent moves they’ve made in the last two transfer seasons were to a.) buy Torres and b.) let Crouch go (which they should have done after signing Torres last season…). Rafa must think that buying loads of players with his American owners’ money will keep him in a job. Good luck with that, El Penguino.
    But, back to the point at hand- I’d like to see Arsenal sign Barry, but it’s never going to happen at that 18 mil. price. Never under Wenger would we be paying that for a player, simply because we could probably have gotten Benzema or someone else for that kind of money, and didn’t go that route. While I know Benzema and some other potentials aren’t DM players, they’d still be more available to us than Barry probably is.
    One last thing- the Villa players we should be looking at: Young and Petrov. Petrov has decent pace, and links up well with other players. Ashley Young, I think, would make a decent attacking midfielder in our system much the way we used Hleb last season and Rosicky when he’s healthy.

  24. I think if both of them can come and join arsenal,it will be nice. I will be happy if the club manager could go for them and that will be a back up for those who left the team for another

  25. i dont think signing barry or arshavin is necessary, and im sure AW knows that…and i can bet with anyone that AW has not done signing yet…besides i think he is going for all four trophies this coming season, watch out everyone because our carling cup boys would be explosive(bendtner,eduardo 2 warm him up,vela,merida, barazite, fabianski(he is now no2 isnt he?),song traore(would soon explode into the promising talent he already is), denilson, senderos,djourou,diaby e.t.c…i hope this year is our year!!!

  26. I am a little drunk as I write his so I am sorry, Barry would be a super signing and sign Richards and then our signings would be awesome maybe a Villa or a Pavlyuchenko would be good but not needed aslong as Ade stays.

  27. Funny stuff from THE SUN…..a source close to Xabi Alonso said: “If the decision was down to Xabi, he would make the move because Arsenal’s style is perfect for him.”

    These close sources are always available for comments are’nt they, he he he 🙂

  28. um arsenal are not goin to spend 18 million on barry and dfey ar definetly not goin to spend 24 million on arshavin… wat i thinjk arsene is doin is stirring up things with barry and make barry want to join liverpool but then sign xabi alonso and by that time barry would not be as intersted in liverpool any more

  29. Anyone seen The Iceman tribute on You Tube posted by Gunnery? Awesome stuff. I’m afraid when I look at our team back then… Henry, Vieira, Pires, Campbell, Seaman and, of course, the Non Flying Dutchman legend, we had a group of world class players who could handle anything another team threw at us. What have we got now? Players at their prime wanting to leave and those that have left we say weren’t up to it, one season wonders or past it… and those were our 1st 11 players!!! We have replaced them with kids. I means barely kids… Aaron Ramsey? He’s only played a dozen games for Cardiff. When we say things like we can’t or won’t buy Barry or Ashavin, it says it all doesn’t it… it seems the days of winning the PL are all but over…


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