Arsenal goalkeeper speculation: Hart and Buffon

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A couple of interesting links for you on a Wednesday morning.

The Guardian seems confident in their knowledge that Arsene Wenger will be making a bid for Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart when the transfer window.

Meanwhile, ESPN Soccernet speculates on Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon’s comments that “If I had to leave, I think England would be my destination”.

Both options have their drawbacks: Manchester City are likely to want Hart to stay on will Shay Given’s shoulder injury likely to keep him out of the start of the season while Buffon has three years left on his contract.

But I won’t be alone in thinking that it is good to see Arsene Wenger showing signs of activity in this area of the pitch.


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48 thoughts on “Arsenal goalkeeper speculation: Hart and Buffon

  1. Not going to happen on either front. This is Wenger. We may not even sign a keeper ffs. Buffon- wages to high (and fee). Hart- fee too high.

  2. Forget that if you had the choice to sign,buffon or hart which one would you choose and why,would you go for the ready made experience or would you go for the younger bod that had say a good 10 years as the arsenal goalie or even beyond.

  3. The next Arsenal goaltender will be Sebastian Frey of Fiorentina. Depend on it.

  4. It could be David James or Robinson.
    Arsene likes to buy low and sell high.The problem of buying low has its own problems.
    Quality wise it is poor. If you shop at the flea market you don’t expect quality products and there will be no improvement at all. You can forget about the epl and cl trophies.

  5. @ Sam J… I’d be down with Pazzini. I’ve watched him on several occasions and I think he’s class. Not sold on if he would dominate in the more physical EPL but we know Arsene values technical skill over strength/size.

    As for the GK…Frey seems the most logical. Had a poor season by his standards. Value a bit low. Bring him in and watch him return to form.

    But more importantly…. let’s just beat Fulham and end the season with win.

  6. Guys i say we can forget Hart or any other young keeper wenger is seeing szczesny as the future number 1 . if we sign a keeper it will be on 30s ..i would go for James , Green or Frey those are my fav 3 cause the others are expensive and no way wenger gonna spend that much on a goalie ! Then we will have Szczesny ready in the age of about 24-26 .

  7. and on Pazzini thats rubbish i think forget strikers !! he said we are going to sign a player before wold cup for sure and that is gonna be chamakh i think .

  8. no chance we will get either one. we never get anyone well known and experienced.

  9. I am getting tired of Arsene’s policies. I want to see Hart at Ashburton Grove next season, but I highly doubt that Boss will shell out that kind of money.

    Flappyhandski and Almunia have to go.

  10. Arsenal should go with readymade keeper when cesc is with arsenal.There is no point in going for young keeper and by the by the time he comes good there will be no cesc around….

    What say you guys ?

  11. Not only with goalies…arsenal should go with readymade players till cesc is with arsenal

  12. i’ve got to agree with clive – wenger has to go for an experienced keeper, hopefully someone with int’l experience, but frey will be ok. its a mystery he’s never made the french squad, but then again domenech is an idiot. buffon would be awesome, and after 4 yrs or so Szczesny can take over, but wenger probably wont want to pay so much.

    oh and on pazzini – it seems chamakh is a done deal, and anyway theyre completely different types of strikers. pazzini would be a replacement for eduardo. wenger should sell eduardo, he’s never to reach his (previous) potential i reckon.

  13. it’s good enough for the arsenal coach to aeriery links for an experienced goal keeper for the better start of the next season.

  14. Go on sign Buffon as our number 1 and Chesney and Don Vito can be his understudies! Perfect

  15. I’m afraid it’s not gonna happen. 🙁 Wenger said that Fabianski had a good game against Blackburn and that he will come good, so don’t hold your breath just yet! 🙁

  16. Buffon is too injury prone? and we can get a far better and more experienced keeper than Joe Hart for much much less if we looked elsewhere.

  17. Hey guys! I agree with most posts. I would love Hart to come to Arsenal but I think City won’t let him go, thats the biggest issue rather than the fee. Buffon would be awesome but he would way above what Wenger would be willing to pay

  18. egg head wenger dont see keepers as the most important
    position in the team. forwards and defenders can err and get away with but one blunder by keeper is enough and likely to lose the game. for sake of fans get rid off blunderbus aluminia and puny flappinsky. what arsenal need a toughie keeper who can mix it with the bullies like samba and droga and pay them in the same coin.

  19. It’s clear we need a new goalkeeper and a few new other players as well, but will Wenger admit to being wrong about his squad?

    The past weeks were awful but they’ve confirmed that this side is going pretty much nowhere. If Wenger doesn’t act in the summer to adress this sorry situation then one really needs to scrutinise his position.

  20. Its true Asernal fc needs a good goal keeper badly. We have had many fake goals finding their way in our net. So let’s get Hart.

  21. Arsene will sign some one from french league or budesliga…so don’t even think about this 2. by the way don’t we need a defensive midfielder????

  22. Wenger has said it will be max 3 players…….i suspect 2 in the summer and 1 in January(if needed)…….Chamakh is already set to join. And i guess the 2nd will be a defender.

    So we have to live with Fabiansky and Almunia………!!!

  23. It’s being reported in numerous press agencies this morning that Gianluigi Buffon has given Arsenal a come and get me plea in the wake of his decision to play in the Premier League next season. The vastly experienced goalkeeper has become increasingly unsettled with his current club Juventus over the lack of structure and stability surrounding the club and therefore has requested a transfer.

    The Italian, who is 32 and still relatively young for someone in his position, remains the world’s most expensive keeper after his £32.6million transfer from Parma nine years ago.

    He still has three years on his Juve contract. But the Turin giants have failed to qualify for next season’s Champions League and Buffon admits he could be tempted by a switch to England.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been left fuming after blunders by keepers Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski, and although stating recently that all transfer rumours currently surrounding the club were untrue, is undeniably on the search for new recruits as he also stated at Arsenal’s pre-match press conference versus Wigan.

    Buffon said: “If I had to leave, I think England would be my destination.

    “My desire to leave Juve is equal to that of Juve’s will to have me leave.

    “We will see if we will decide for our paths to continue together.”

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  24. In regards to the rumours over AW signing someone before the WC (might have been confirmed by him, I’m not too sure) I know we are also looking at tapping up Simon Kjær before he no doubt puts in an impressive performance for Denmark.

  25. Wenger wont sign either player because they are high profile and CAPABLE.
    Chamakh will sign, hes an unknown quantity in the PL and as iv said before the major reason Wenger has gone for him is because hes on a free, if he were tied to a contract at Bordeaux he wouldnt breaking the bank to sign him so in this respect, once again we are gambling and not signing the proven finished article we need and I for one will not be satisfied at this if it is Wengers attempt at showing us hes trying to compete in the market.
    Wenger will sell almunia, keep flappy, send Mannone out on loan and sign another keeper whos never played in the PL, again turning a blind eye to the proven quality in Hart, Gordon, Green etc, in an attempt to show he knows best. And you can forget about Lloris or neuer as they will cost money.
    Lastly I can see him bidding again for Matuidi, another french unknown with no PL experience as cover across the middle.
    The reason im so confident Wenger will once again stick his fingers in his ears shouting ‘lalalalalalala’ is because he doesnt know or care what we fans think and has surrounded himself with ‘yes’ men.
    The fact that Diaby, Nasri, Almunia, Denilson and co have been exposed will only make him more determined to keep selecting them until they vindicate him at home vs west brom or someone like that next season.
    So next season we will have the usual pressure on Cesc,Verm,Gallas,RvP and Song to shoulder the weight of the passengers that are Diaby and co.
    ‘Who knows how injuries will play their part?’
    We do, because as weve learned this season if one or two of the afore mentioned get injured we are in big trouble.
    Ferguson has today said he is going all out to strengthen utd in the summer whether they win the league or come second. That said this time next year the table will look like this
    Man Utd
    Man City

  26. Is Wenger serious at all?This summer Liverpool is out from the top 4 .Next summer it will be Arsenal if Arsene Wenger will continuing to use players like Denilson,Eduardo,Silvestre,Eboue,Bendtner,Vela and Almunia.We need at least 3 quality players.

  27. We will be up next season and forget about all those messengers of DOOM spreading and casting an evil spell on Arsenal.


  28. Joe Hart would be great, but is unlikely. Better options would be Frey (who has experience and presence) or Buffon (who also has both those things, but is probably too expensive). Almunia must go and none of the youngsters are good enough (yet) for a no1 position.

    At the back I would like to see Hangeland (experienced CB), Kjaer (young upcoming CB) and van der Wiel (young upcoming RB). Sol must stay as a back up, and as support for the youngsters such as Djourou.

    Midfield reinforcements would need someone like Melo (strong experienced DM), but AW has said before this is a difficult position to fill because there aren’t many candidates. Having Wilshere back would also improve the power and drive of the midfield.

    Up-front Chamakh will be a welcome addition, but we also need a great winger (forget about Walcott or Vela).

    Those additions, with a bit of luck in the injury department, and solid result-oriented tactics from AW in the high-pressure matches should give us a good shot at the title next year! AW is here to stay until 2013 anyway, so let’s hope for the best!

  29. Arsenal Debate can confirm that Arsene Wenger has already dwelled into the transfer market prior to the season even ending since Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has today all but confirmed he will be joining Arsenal in the summer. Why Arsenal refuses to publicise such moves is a mystery, yet considering both clubs had immediate commitments to their league and champion’s league respectively seems to be the obvious answer.

    The 26-year-old Morocco nternational is out of contract at the end of the season and will reportedly move to the Emirates Stadium on a free transfer in June. With Arsenal having problems up front this season following a serious injury to Dutch ace Van Persie, Wenger is thought to have moved to snap up the North African star.

    Arsenal Debate gather’s Chamakh decided to leave the French club earlier this year and without doubt positioned Arsenal as his only club of choice.

    “I am delighted to join the English football atmosphere, it is something amazing,” he told French newspaper L’Equipe.

    “I love Arsenal’s game. I know I will have to adapt but I know the short passing game. In February, I made my decision. A departure clause (in a potential new Bordeaux contract) was not logical after refusing Arsenal last summer. Arsenal were not alone however, there was Liverpool. Tottenham and crazy offers from Russia, but I was only focused on the Premier League.”

    Chamakh has been with Les Girondins for 10 years and, while he is looking to the future, admits he will be leaving with a heavy heart.

    “For my last matches with Bordeaux I can feel a lot of emotion,” he added.

    “But I am leaving for a new challenge. At Bordeaux I was the club’s child. In London, I won’t be a kid anymore.

    “I have grown, I have things to prove and I am motivated to achieve it.”

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  30. reports have emerged stating that ben foster wants to leave man utd to start playing again. he’s lacking a bit of experience, but is 27 and has alot of ability – when he was playing this season he was playing for england. although something tells me fergie wont sell him to arsenal – he only sells to close competitors in the case of duds like silvestre.

    wenger does have a few possible options to buy premier league tested keepers. he could even go for schwarzer, wouldnt cost much at 37. but he’d definitely last a few yrs at which point szczesny/mannone could step in. andrew, any thoughts on this?

  31. For me any keeper better than Almunia will be a great asset for Arsenal.I wld go for Hart considering his age and having already been in the PL.

  32. Sorry to break your hearts for hart and buffon, but I don’t think buffon would play for us 1.english media will always be a nuisance to buffon(italian) to handle with. 2.Even if buffon does come he wouldn’t play for us becoz wenger will not break the bank balance for him so manchester would win buffon heart since van der sar is going to retire. As for hart, since given is out for six months and manchester still has a contract on him why would they want to get rid of him.It time to give mannone a chance to lift himself and make him at least number 2 and buy a resonable experience goalie.

  33. Somewhere between none and a little. It’s bizarre we’ve ended up here. Really bizarre. I thought we had it this season, I really did. What we’ve had instead is a lesson in the importance of the squad and the strength of key individuals within the team. These are the key issues that Arsène has been exposed on. Most of the first eleven (excepting the goalkeepers, possibly the fullbacks) can dominate and destroy, but the squad (bench and backup) is full of weak minded, apathetic players who are afraid to take responsibility. This is the legacy of Arsène’s waiting for the youth to bloom policy. The youth have bloomed and, a few excepted, they’ve turned into players who don’t know how to win. And perhaps, don’t want to win, either.

    It’s shocking and really demoralising stuff to watch as a fan. But what’s more demoralising is knowing it’s going to continue. That’s the real problem. Arsène is stubborn, loyal and often blind to the flaws of *his* players. Because that’s what every player at this club is: his. He brought them here. He chose them. He told them they were good enough. Some are, some aren’t. But those who actually aren’t, who’ve been exposed as imposters unworthy of wearing the shirt, are not being either a) educated rigorously (as Mourinho did to improve defensive responsibility when he took over at Chelsea) or b) shipped out. Arsène ignores the flaws. He tells both himself and the fans that things will improve later. Always later. It’ll be better next season. Always next season. He never steps to the plate, acknowledges the flaws and addresses them with the intellect we know he can show in the transfer market. He’s too attached to the players he has. He has bet on them. The bet went bad a season or two ago, when the success of a young player was shown to be just as variable as those purchased at ages 24-30. But still he bleats on about “youth” and “lessons”. The lessons are never learned and few of the squad players are actually young any more.

    Do I have faith? Pretty much “no”. I had faith a few years ago, but it’s been slowly eroded and, every time the club are presented to take a step forward by making a transfer that would really improve the team, Arsène runs in the opposite direction. I sigh. Shrug and shake my head. Every time, a little voice in the back of my head says “did you really expect any different?” and the truth is that, no, I don’t expect any different. I expect Arsène won’t sign a goalkeeper this summer. He’ll bleat about the positive experience and lessons of this season, sit on his hands and do nothing. He won’t sign a great defender at their peak. He won’t sign any player who could actually be considered a “great.” Someone who would immediately and irrevocably take the team up two or three levels. Someone whose class is not up for debate. It’s soul destroying stuff when it happens season after season.

    Do I think he’ll still be here in five years? Of course.

    Robin and Cesc, I feel sorry for you. You deserve better.

  34. @Gooner: The strengthening of the team has already started. Chamakh is in the news today pretty much saying that he is going to be an Arsenal player next season.
    For all the talk about getting a new keeper and a centre half (which i am sure will be addressed in the summer), we suffered from a a lack of a good forward this season. I’m sure that all of us would agree that one of the pivotal moments of the season was van Persie’s injury. Until the the speculation was whether we could keep up the average of 3 goals a game for the rest of the season. After Van Persie’s injury we had to look to Cesc as our main source of goals.
    When he came back from his injury, Bendtner tried his hardest and scored a few key goals but the other strikers didn’t score enough goals.
    So this signing is an important one. The rebuilding for next season starts here…
    By the way who do we want to win tonight?
    Normally a no-brainer. No-one wants Spurs in the Champions league, but a champions league place plus unlimited money at City is a big worry. I think this summer, Liverpool, United and us will be looking on at the sidelines when Abramavich and the Arabs throw ridiculous money at the likes of Torres.

  35. I for one, think that all championship teams have a few years in the wilderness until they find a world class keeper. Point in case, no trophies for united until Van der Sar came into the fold. No trophies for Chelsea until Chech came into the fold. I think that going for Gigi Buffon is worth breaking the bank. It would an element of solidity in goal we haven’t had for quite some time.

    Hart, Green all excellent keepers, but I don’t think they are what we need. Although, if Liverpool do indeed go into a free fall, I would let the voltures at man city or chelsea fight for F. Torres, I would much rather have us go for Pepe Reina (pipe dream I know), but arguably he has been liverpools best player this year.

  36. Teams accumulation of points since jan 10
    Man Utd 36
    Everton 36
    Tottenham 36
    Chelsea 35
    Man City 33
    ARSENAL 33
    Villa 29 (finalists in CC and semis in FA cup)
    Liverpool 29
    Tottenham will bring in quality now with their CL money, and like iv said before the others will strengthen and sign quality, especially Utd,City and Chelsea.
    If Wenger doesnt bring in PROVEN QUALITY we can forget about it next season.
    We are in serious danger of slipping down the league.
    If we dont pick up maximum points vs a Fulham team who are resting their ‘big guns’ ahead of the uefa cup final then spurs will overtake us, i doubt even that would change Wengers opinion on clearing out the deadwood.
    ‘We will fight until the last minute of the season’
    ‘Nasri will be the next Pires’
    ‘We have the quality and I dont need more than 2 players’
    ha ha ha ha ha h aha ha…..tells us another one Arsene!!

  37. oops that should be
    Man Utd 39
    Chelsea 38
    Tottenham 36
    Everton 36
    Man City 33
    Arsenal 33
    Villa 29
    Liverpool 29
    Still doesnt make for good reading considering ours was the ‘EASY’ run-in.

  38. But Andy, what do YOU think? You haven’t weighed into the debate on who you would prefer!

  39. According to the Daily Mail in England Arsene Wenger is set to make unknown £10million defender Pape Malickou Diakhate the first new signing of his Arsenal revolution. The experienced Dinamo Kiev centre-back is the Senegalese vice-captain and a player the Arsenal manager has followed for more than two years.

    Read More Here….–may-20101.html

    Arsenal Debate Team – Susan Alexander

  40. no more chancees for almunia and fabianski…just let them go…release gallas mean wenger must sign new good defender..gallas is too old for the gunners..

  41. I think Hart would be my choice and it would be nice to have more English players in the team

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