Arsenal fixtures for next season released

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Just a quick one today to let you know that the Arsenal fixtures for the next Premier League season have been announced. I’ll go through it in more detail tomorrow but I have to say we face a difficult start with a trip to Everton. Another quick observation is a very difficult late January/early February with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool all in a row.

You can read the entire list of fixtures here.

As I said earlier, I’ll comment a little more on them tomorrow. Bye for now.

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal fixtures for next season released

  1. Ouch. That’s a pretty tricky opening month in my opinion, especially as we’ve some Champions League qualifiers thrown in around that time as well. Hopefully we’ll click into gear quicker than Everton.

    Playing the top three all in a row like that is harsh, but at least it comes in February, rather than a time where we MIGHT just be in the latter stages of the Champions League. We should avoid three-in-a-row games like we had to endure against Liverpool and Man Utd in recent times.

    Tottenham and City towards the end of the season could be important matches, especially if they’re buzzing around the fourth spot.

  2. United have an astonishingly easy ride but to be fair our fixture list wasn’t too bad last season or the season before. It is tough this time round but if we get some momentum early on it could make all the difference.

  3. Whether or not Tottenham and Man City are around the forth spot at the end of the season, doesn’t bother me. We should be more worried about the teams in second and third.

  4. We’re the only top 4 side to get the other 3 of the top 4 sides on consecutive weeks….
    Big Four clashes

    Aug 29
    Man Utd v Arsenal
    Oct 3
    Chelsea v Liverpool
    Oct 24
    Liverpool v Man Utd
    Nov 7
    Chelsea v Man Utd
    Nov 28
    Arsenal v Chelsea
    Dec 12
    Liverpool v Arsenal
    Jan 30
    Arsenal v Man Utd
    Feb 6
    Chelsea v Arsenal
    Feb 9
    Arsenal v Liverpool
    Mar 20
    Man Utd v Liverpool
    Apr 3
    Man Utd v Chelsea
    May 1
    Liverpool v Chelsea

  5. Well we have to play everyone twice but it isn’t the easiest of starts away to Everton. Having manure, chelski and liverpool all in a row could be a blessing in disguise especially if we win the 1st and get some momentum going.

  6. The fixture against Everton would be a good start for us, as title challengers a win is a must. As TDP said the momentum will be a good. In addition I don’t think any team has an easy ride, its either we face some top table team now or later. With that said every team in the EPL now is no pushover, as last season has taught us.

    Cheers all!

  7. The difficult fixtures in Jan/Feb are after the transfer window… maybe wenger will have realized at that time that he needs men in the rearguard.

  8. Oh dear, the AFCON is in jan and feb so we’ll be facing Manu, Liverpool and Chelsea without our african players. Its gonna be tough.

  9. The Everton match might be a bit easier if a) Arteta is still injured or b) Arteta is wearing an Arsenal shirt.

    The rest of the Blue menace ? Naw

    Anyone know when out first round CL games are scheduled ?

  10. The way Tim Cahill just played for Australia – we’d better have perfected our defending of set-pieces. He just scored 2 goals to beat Japan, just like at the World Cup.

    Gotta love him!

  11. I think we are having a little bit start with Everton at home because each team will want to win their first match having been refresh for months and injection of new players for some teams…I think we will get to the promised land this year by winning something for the team.

  12. Spanish – Tim Cahill is one of those players who I look forward to receiving exactly what he deserves one of these days – courtesy of some equally vicious bastard with no respect for a fellow professional.

    Oh yes the fates have something serious in mind for that boy

  13. I like the fixture list. Btn us and Everton, we are more likely to be in the groove on the opening day. in Jan/Feb, we face ManU at home, likely without Song, Eboue,Ade and Toure. Now appart from Toure,and Song(if he plays CD) I prefer different players than the rest anytime anyways. We face a chelsea team without Esien,Obi,Kalou,Drogba away, and then L’pool at home(their record at our neck of the woods is not that great) when we probably will have our tails up, and then we cruise for the remainder of the season. No January transfer is needed(it will be over before they can get their boots on) for them to help with the tough stuff, so we will have a much more settled squad. The bolton game will throw in a monkey otherwise, provided we beat Man U at OT, It will likey be Chelsea and Us swapping positions at the top before September is out. Liverpool may have a few banana skins on the blocks and by the time we go to Anfield they might be a bit dazed, what I like about that weekend is that Chelsea will have Everton and Man U will have Villa, all top 4 wannabes so it wont be easy for them and phycologically, there is a potential for that game to be inconsequential. Otherwise, when others ar playing the big boys, we seem to have pushovers and when Chelsea recovers from ACN, we could as well grant Toure & Co an extended vacation.

    Bring it on!

  14. the 3 in a row is a bit of a bastard but if we get 6/7 points from them then it would be good. Looking at the fixtures Wenger needs to sign some more cover and still CBs and a DM. its gunna be a tough season with a tricky opening with Everton (Away), and even more annoying when United get Birmingham and Burnley first 2 games but never mind. We must concentrate on our games and we finish out top 4 games in early Feb, Liverpool, Chelski and ManUre each play 2 in the final 3 months of the season, the important months so its a positive aswel.

  15. I would love to see cahill in an arsenal shirt though. We might be in with a chance of landing melo if we offer senderos as well and that one is a no brainer really.

  16. stop analysing the draw…who cares..each team plays each other home and away. United had a tough tough draw last season and had to play the world club champoinship, and still won.

    Draw is a really annoying topic ppl whinge about.

  17. we always get the other top 3 sides in a row, so nothing new there. i prefer to play them at the start of the season as its not daylight savings then and the time difference is only 9 hours and the games are easier to watch, although i watch all games live anyway, so blah blah!

  18. an opening match with everton at goodsen a good test for gunners,if we can make we can beat any team.i luv wenger to buy a some good players to help the team.i wish dem good luck.

  19. it will be good to face the big clubs in august and septeber and february. it gives the gunners enough time to strategise for a thrilling end of season. However its important to have a bigger squad than the one we have so that plAyers do not run out of steam towards the end. VIVA GUNNERS!

  20. Thanks mr Wenger for buying another Thomas the defender which i belief he is in to defence Arsenal’s territory. Vermaelen is a man of Arsenal future coz he is committed to his work. Check his work in Ajak.

    Mr Wenger please go for David Villa a our striker and lets Ade go.

  21. Our young boys plays best with big clubs manu,Chelsea.liverpool. Rem manu is now nothing without Christino likewise liverpool without Torres. Dro for Chelsea fined to miss four games, so i am at all worried of any defeat from thses big four.

  22. i am not afraid of any goddamn team we will beat them the momentum is high and it is the beginning of the season. Arsenal 4 life.

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