Adebayor Axed By Togo

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For a weekend where Arsenal are not figuring in any matches it seems an awful lot is going on involving the players at the club.

AdebayorFirstly, Emmanuel Adebayor has been kicked out of the Togolese national team following a row over bonus payments. He was axed along with teammates Kader Cougbadja and Nibombe Dare. This followed on from Adebayor commenting that the Togolese players are still waiting to receive their payments for reaching the World Cup finals in Germany last year.

The players are still waiting on roughly US$55,000 each that they were promised for reaching the finals. “Whatever happens, we’re not going to let this go. If they don’t pay up, I don’t know what will happen,” Adebayor said. It’s hard to know the facts in a story like this, but if what Emmanuel is saying is true then those three players (and indeed the rest of team) have every right to the money that had been “promised” to them by the Togo Football Federation.

Fabregas playing for SpainThis came just after receiving death threats prior to Togo’s 3-1 win against Sierra Leone in which Adebayor scored two goals. “I am only trying to put certain things right and correct a few mistakes in Togolese football but it appears some people do not like it,” Adebayor said.

It seems that Arsenal are closely monitoring contract talks between Miroslav Klose and Werder Bremen with the notion of making a move if their negotiations fall through. The amount Arsenal are looking to pay is touted to be £5 million, and if this was the case it would be a great move for a player that has scored goals at all levels of the game.

And finally, both William Gallas and Cesc Fabregas have mentioned their disappointment at their failure to win a trophy this season with Arsenal. More than that, both players mentioned that Arsenal are lacking the killer edge and an ability to win games without playing well. Fabregas said, “Look at Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. He scores 20 goals a season and maybe eight of them are from deflected shots from the edge of the box. We have to learn from that.”


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  1. I think the Togo Football Federation is being totally slack. Why should the players have to wait so long to receive their bonus fees? The fact that Adebayor has been sacked for speaking out against the federation makes me think they’ll be waiting a while longer. Good on him for standing up to them though. Interesting situation.

    I like your blog. Keep us up to date!

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