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There will be more responsibility for Robin van Persie this seasonWenger speaks about van Persie…

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been in a very talkative mood over the past couple of days, commenting on a number of his key players. Wenger spoke about the improvement that striker Robin van Persie has made since joining the club back in 2004 and how he hopes that the Dutchman can take up the responsibility as one of the most important players in the squad in the absence of Thierry Henry.

“I think Robin has been transformed in a very good way since he arrived. Like any talented player, he is always worried about individual skills but he has improved and, for me, become a complete team player. Robin’s responsibilities have got higher now Thierry has left. Before it was all on [Thierry’s] shoulders, now it is more on Robin’s.”

I think Wenger’s comments show the confidence that he has in van Persie to be able to handle the responsibility as Arsenal’s main striker. So often Wenger will try and play down the responsibility of his younger players so it is a fresh change to see him set some expectations for the player that many supporters regard as the club’s best.

Wenger believes Bendtner is not quite ready for the Premier League…and Bendtner…

One of the players who is pushing hard to be considered as the second-choice striker at the club is young Danish forward Nicklas Bendtner. Unlike van Persie, Wenger was quick to downplay his responsibility in the team.

“Nicklas is not completely ready to start in the Premiership and I wanted to give him as many games as I could in pre-season to help him understand what is needed. He is very, very confident too. When you see a guy like that take the ball and take a penalty [against PSG] in his first game. That means he does not lack confidence.”

There’s no doubt about the fact that Bendtner has confidence. Reports from his time at Birmingham and his willingness to take that penalty kick against PSG suggest that maybe he has too much confidence. But in a way, that is exactly what the current Arsenal side lack; players with confidence in front of goal. Whilst Wenger suggests that his time in the first team may be limited earlier in the season I am positive that Bendtner will have an important role to play as the Premiership moves along. At this stage, though, Wenger’s words suggest he sits a little way behind van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor and Eduardo da Silva in the pecking order.

It is only a matter of time before Clichy plays for France…and Clichy

Wenger also spoke about a player who I believe has become one of the key components in the Arsenal side; Gael Clichy. The Arsenal manager spoke about the fact that Clichy is yet to be called up by the French national side and gave some reasons as to why he thinks this is a good thing for the young left-back.

“I would love him to [get called]. But then at the same time I feel it probably best not to talk about it too much and let him get on quietly to play and improve. He will not be ignored.”

Whilst I feel Wenger is probably correct in what he is saying, I think good players deserve to play for their national side and I expect Clichy to get the call-up sometime during this season. His performances last season and in pre-season so far suggest he is developing into an outstanding player and, as Wenger said, he will be difficult to ignore.

What do you think?

Have your say on van Persie, Bendtner or Clichy by leaving a comment.

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Arsenal FC Blog KitThe Arsenal FC Blog Fantasy League

I got my act together and completed my Fantasy Premier League team yesterday. It also occurred to me that it would be a pretty fun idea to create a private league for all the regular readers of the blog to battle it out for the title of Arsenal FC Blog Fantasy Premier League Champion. So if you have a Fantasy Premier League team and you’d like to join the Arsenal FC Blog league click here to let me know. I’ll send you back the validation code for you to enter in the ‘Join a Private League’ page as soon as I can. If you haven’t yet got a team together you can do so by registering here. Good luck!

Request to join the Arsenal FC Blog’s Fantasy Football League by contacting me here.


33 thoughts on “Arsenal FC Blog gets into Fantasy fever

  1. 1st post – well spanish i am back from holiday missed out a week, was in dubai loving the sun beach and all sorts, did watch the amsterdam tournament.

    but the best thing was, we won both cups against good teams, i know its friendlies but it shows the squad is capable of winning games and competitions….

    RvP well this guy is going to be star of the season hopefully him and eduardo are in form and u never know what will happen.

    we have been written off this season, which is good, the pressure is on man utd, chelsea and even liverpool (mourinho doing his thing, dissin liverpool)

  2. I can bet a house Arsenal to finish above Liverpool.Chelsea and Man u are favourites because it is easy for pundits to say, and those two teams wish it.

  3. Interesting. For some reason I just feel that Chelsea are going to be the main challengers this season. Maybe that opinion will change tomorrow though…

  4. well the thing is am glad we getting written off, this season there is more pressure for spuds to do well more then arsenal.

    obviously we will tear them apart, but its gone that the pressure is on others then us, we can play the game and beat most teams.

    the only problem is teams “parking the bus in front of the goal” tactic, this the only time we struggle against teams who want to play football we can beat them but teams who want a point are the teams we struggle against.

    thats what we need to improve on, beating the likes of west ham, man city, newcastle, bolton, the so called “lesser teams” we need to improve on that and we could do really well this year.

  5. “The only problem is teams “parking the bus in front of the goal” tactic.”

    I feel that Wenger and the side are working on this. In van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo, Bendtner and Hleb we now have more variety in attack to suit various opponents. For some reason I just don’t think “parking the bus” will work so well against Arsenal this season. But I agree that beating the lesser lights on a consistent basis is the key to a successful season.

  6. I believe parking the bus in front of goal wont do what it did last season. Edurado pounces on a dead ball in seconds and with the form of RVP if you give him an inch, he’ll make a yard so we wont struggle against the lesser teams but in every season there is a shock result but that is football. Clichy has elecrtic pace and can sprint from defence to attack in seconds and if walcott uses his full pace then goals will flood in i reckon we will get another famous 7-0 result against a team? What do u all think? Who is the dark horse of the premiership and arsenals dark horse player?

  7. He would say that. Until Inter win a Champions League I think those sort of comments will always fall on deaf ears. Inter show time and time again that they never quite have what it takes to succeed at that top, top level, despite all the money they spend.

  8. Also, are any of you guys keen to join the Fantasy Football League? Just get in touch with me and I’ll send you the code you need. At this stage, to be honest, the response hasn’t been too good, but I am keen to get a little Arsenal FC Blog League going so get on board if you want. Cheers.

  9. Spanish Fry – I want to join but it seems your email form thing ain’t working – you fill out the details and it reports back an error

  10. Spanish Fry – I get this error using the form – This form is not being sent from the url where it is supposed to be located. If you are the owner of this form you need to ensure that the ‘Form Location’ is specified as To change this, login to the site, click ‘edit’ next to the form’s name, and then click the ‘Basic Information’ link to change the form’s location.

  11. I like the idea of joining the fantasy football team sf, it’s just I have forgotten my username for my team. if you are in the gunnerblog one, can you access the names of the other players?

    If not, I may make another team later.

  12. # This form is not being sent from the url where it is supposed to be located. If you are the owner of this form you need to ensure that the ‘Form Location’ is specified as To change this, login to the site, click ‘edit’ next to the form’s name, and then click the ‘Basic Information’ link to change the form’s location.

    Still having trouble..

  13. Quite a change of heart from GALLAS eh..lets hope he provides good leadership to the younger players.Good for us.

    Gallas, speaking at the launch of the Premier League’s Creating Chances scheme, a plan aimed at distributing £120million into youth development and community projects next season, said: “I am a good friend of Thierry so I wasn’t surprised when he went because I speak to him all the time.

    “We have to prove we can play without him and I am very confident the players we have at Arsenal are good enough to replace him.”

    Gallas told The Sun: “I don’t know exactly what has happened but something has changed within the club this summer.

    “Opponents will not be able to kick Arsenal any more. We are ready to give our answer to that sort of thing.

    “Our players now understand how they have to play at certain times. We know we can always score at any time because we have so much quality up front.

    “But now we also realise we have to fight, to be compact and defend very well. All the players have benefited from the experience of last year and understand the demands of football in the Premier League.

    “Sometimes it is not enough just to play good football when the other team is hitting long balls all the time.

    “We have to be ready to fight and I think this season we can be physical enough to deal with that side of the game.”

  14. I can’t wait for Arsenal to get stuck in this season and show all the rival fans,clubs and journalists that there is plenty of life in Arsenal yet and rather that the future is looking very positive for the club.
    A couple of people posted yesterday that ”Toure”has been made captain,does anyone know if this is true?There is nothing on the website and been no announcement to my knowledge.

  15. buy stewart downing.middlesborough will sell england goods and products:)

  16. i think we should go for dani alves of sevilla, we can get him and well he can be a right winger too.

    he is direct, but then i think eboue wont be too happy.

  17. Though Alves is good, we have plenty of people who do what he does.. for a fraction of the silly price thats being touted. Like Bale for £10m. Ok, he looks good, but £10m? Clichy was £250k and Traore was free. Nuff said.

  18. Alves is such an amazing player, but we’re covered in his position, as sam nix already said. He looks like he’s on his way to Chelsea regardless.

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