Arsenal don’t need Benzema or Richards to win the title

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As readers of yesterday’s post will know, I did not get to see the weekend draw between Arsenal and Birmingham. As a result I encouraged readers to let me (and the other readers) know what they thought of the performance. The general feeling I got was that although Arsenal’s efforts were a little flat they still created more than enough chances to win the match. Alas, they couldn’t take them and the game ended in a disappointing draw.

Signing Benzema would see one of the other Arsenal strikers phased outWhat surprised me about the discussion was the alarming amount of people who suggested that Arsene Wenger needs to bring in some fresh faces while the transfer window is open. Karim Benzema and Micah Richards in particular were talked about with great enthusiasm by a number of people who left comments. And although I left some of my own thoughts in the comments over the past day I’ve decided to go into some more detail on the topic.

In short, I don’t think bringing in either player at this stage of the season would help Arsenal win the title.

While Benzema is showing himself to be a fine player this season with Lyon there is just no reason to bring him to a club that already has four top strikers in Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor, Eduardo da Silva and Nicklas Bendtner. To add a fifth, regardless of who they were, would undoubtedly see one of the strikers phased out completely and given the form that each of the current Arsenal strikers have shown at times this season I would not want any of them to leave.

The same goes for Richards. A great young player he may be but the simple fact is that once Kolo Toure returns from African Cup of Nations duty he would be nothing but a bench-warmer. People seem to think that bringing him in for the six weeks that Toure is away will help the side but I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. Rarely does any player fit in at Arsenal from the first day and the likelihood is that if Richards was brought to the club he is only likely to start playing his way into some form just as Toure is set to return.

Djourou and Senderos deserve a chance to prove themselvesA loss of faith

The biggest problem about a potential Richards transfer is the timing. I would love him to come to the club, I really would, but halfway through the season is just not the right time. So much of the success that Wenger has had in his time at Arsenal has come about because he instills great belief in his players. To bring in a new player now when the side is still on the top of the league and have done so now would represent a big loss of faith. He has never done it that way and he’s not going to start now. Neither should he.

If at the end of the season Wenger thinks adding Richards to the squad would help the side then he should do what he can to bring him in. But for now I think the likes of Philippe Senderos and Johan Djourou as well as Justin Hoyte deserve the chance to show what they can do in Toure’s absence.

Most of the players in the squad have done so well this season, exceeding the expectations of nearly all Arsenal supporters thus far. They deserve the chance to go on and win the title and there’s still a strong possibility that they will.

After the game against Birmingham Wenger made a very interesting statement about his feelings towards bringing in new players that I strongly agree with:

“I don’t look for anybody and I feel that last excuse to find when you don’t win a game – with a team who has won so many games since the start of the season  – is to say ‘let’s go out and buy’. It’s a little bit too easy and it’s not a way I want to go.”

As supporters of the club I think we need to get behind the players we do have rather than worrying about the ones we don’t. After all, they’ve got us this far.

What do you think?

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal don’t need Benzema or Richards to win the title

  1. we dont need any players, but i just feel we aint ourselfs at the moment. id love to see the bulgarian winger come in as i feel we just need a winger like him on the left hand side.
    but man utd are really going for it, cristano ronaldo is the man who could stop us winning the title

  2. Yeah he’s a worry Cristiano, such a whiny little boy but such a great player too. 16 goals is an unbelieveable return for an attacking midfielder.

    It’s good to hear you’re also of the opinion that we don’t need new players. Maybe I’m an idealist but I just like the idea of relying on what we’ve got because I think it’s good enough to see us win. It’s all in the minds of the players.

    Guys like Adebayor and Hleb have stepped up this season and if Fabregas can find the form he showed before his injury we’ll be right back to our old selves again.

  3. Pertaining to our last match against Birmingham is so disappointing after all the chances we created ? we can not even put a goal in to net. I believe that we don’t need any striker or defender in that squad but we need to improve as we have done early this season, Arsene need to tell these guys to be playing outside shots if the chances comes is not compulsory that we tap to the net and not able to get a goal, we all know that we have capable players to do it all but is painful and disappointing when we draw in such situation that we need to win. Though I know we will take over our position this weekend because we are met to win.


  5. On the whole I agree, a full fit sqaud does not need any new players however, the point I would debate is whether RVP can qaulify for that description. We have seen sublime goals from him this term, great vision, tenacious ball winning but unfortunatley, by and large we have seen F**k all from him because he has been and is again injured. The reality is that for the lions share of the season we have had three strikers and one is young and has no experience of the Premier League and one only now looks like clicking into gear. That is not enough to win the league. The question then is how much of him are we going to see moving forward? If he is only fit for one in two or three games then as much as it pains me becuase I love the guy, he has to be the striker that gets fazed out and replaced with a fit, fresh, lively goal scorer. Where the hell you get one of those from is another question entirely!

  6. Before his injury, Fabregas was perhaps the best midfielder in PL. Now his merely af shadow of himself. It’s a shame that his form has dropped the way it has. I can only hope that he’ll soon start showing the signs of the world class player he truly is.

  7. I agree wt the fact dt we dont need to bring in any new player,d one mistake i thnk Wenger made was allowing core of the team to get too long a break.they played like thet r rusty n lacked match fitness.They cldnt even lnk up with each other,I hope he plays some of the 1st teamers against spurs.We need to win somtin to boost the ego of playas like Gallas n co

  8. If they’re rusty then hopefully they’ll be back up for it against Fulham.

    Just on the van Persie point, he has been injured for much of the season but it’s really difficult to say where you draw the line. For all we know he could go the next two years without having another problem and then what would Wenger do if he had brought someone else in. It’s a tough one.

  9. Why is it with most Arsenal fans that your blind and can’t see why its going wrong. I have been saying from the start that wenger needs to ad more quality to the side, we dont have the individuals like Man u and Chelsea to win games.
    Wenger needs to wake up, but he wont he’s to stobborn, and see he needs to add 3 world class players to the side to win the league.Ferguson again has proved he’s the best manager in the league, if he had Senderous he would of been gone a long time ago, thats why wenger gain will fail.


  10. My 2nd comment on this website would be to the moron who wrote this article, you dont have a clue about football and stick with your play station

  11. Arsenal does need a natural left winger. Most teams know how dangerous Arsenal is so they many times pack their defence and stiffle our attempts to get forward. Arsenal can only get around this by having players who naturally can play wide on the wings to draw out a solid and packed defence. See what Christian Ronaldo does week in week out, he cuts in from the lines opening defences with ease and allowing strikers enough space to hit the net.

    Arsenal too is predictable all the time. Our goals are mostly tap ins. You find strikers interchanging passes with mid fielders around the 18 several times till the ball is lost. This pass pass pass pass should depend on circumstances. Soccer is a business where we must learn to take a risk of shooting when boxed against the wall, then we may utilize rebounds.

    Alex Matua
    Arua, Northern Uganda.

  12. John Bullmoor – You’re entitled to your opinion but I obviously don’t agree. How can you say that we don’t have the individuals to win games when players like Fabregas, Adebayor and even Gallas have done it all season and we’re equal top of the league.

    I think your second comment was pretty unnecessary too. I don’t think it’s worth having a potshot at me for writing the article when it’s what I believe and there’s also a number of others who believe it too.

  13. Yes I do agree that we need a player like Benzema. We only have 3 strikers who r fit. RVP is always injured. As 4 Big Phill and Djorou, come on guys, if we really need 2 win the title let us go 4 players who are good like Micah right now.

  14. We don’t need to buy any new players, but if we buy, let it be a defender to fill in for Toure, and create depth when he comes back from ANC. Senderos is ok on his day, but i feel that Djorou has regressed so much during his loan spell at Birmingham that it will take a while for him to regain his form to play effectively for Arsenal this season.
    As for the game against birmingham, the team played like they were ten points clear on top, and i think we missed Toure going forward because he adds a lot to our attack in a way that Senderos can’t. People should stop panicking, we are level on points with MU,and still have a lot of football to play. I will start to worry if we play like that in our next game. The players have to understand that to win the league, you have to concentrate and play every match like it’s the last. The team need a big performance from the big players against Fulham, especially from Cesc who I think is struggling for form at the moment.

    We should all look at the way Birmingham played us, with two holding midfielders,and two wide players in Kapo, and Larson and you will conclude that SAF had something to do with that formation, because that was exactly the same strategy he employed against us earlier in the season, which worked for them, while stifling the creative ability of Cesc, and limiting our attack. I hope other teams do not copy that strategy, or if they do, i hope AW has an answer. We have a very good opportunity to win the league this season, but the players have to learn to show up for every game, and how to finish off a team.
    It was reported about three weeks ago that RVP was spotted in Amsterdam smoking a cigerrette, if true, that explains his fitness woes because you can never be at your best as footballer, if you smoke. We need him badly, but i am afraid he will disappoint as usual with all these injury concerns. He has never played a full season at Arsenal without long term injury since he joined. If AW does’nt buy a striker in this windor, then RVP is our hope of winning the league, if he stays heathy.

  15. I am with you on this one! What John Bull said to u was a lot of ‘bullshit’. He should stick to his point and not stick it out on you. u do have a great blog and so dont take him seriously at all.

    i hate it when some arsenal fans continue to show lack of faith in the players. any objective soccer fan in the world, knows that Arsenal has been the team to beat this season! Man U has been trailing us until now. they are with us and only have a goal difference advantage over us. besides we look strong enough to win one of the 3 trophies still within reach to us. I say away with the doubting thomasses! Let us rally behind our boys! Viva Arsenal!!!

    Daniel, Pretoria, South Africa

  16. You too Daniel.

    Appreciate the support. I think our squad has done enough to get this far and have earned the opportunity to push for the title without any new faces.

  17. I totally agree with some of the comments above as we need another 4 more players to win the league and the champions league. We need these players in order to raise the game of our existing players. I will bring in a defender , a striker and 2 wiingers. Look at Manu Fergonsen brings in new faces every year to instill competition and he gets rid of the people who are not doing anything. He doesnt look at the value of the player when buying but the quality of the individual.WE need to get Hunteller who is cheap at 16 million, Mica richards, moderic and Samir nasiri. I think Van Persie can play on the right. He is a very good player although he is injured. we shouldnt depend on one midfield player such as fabercass but have a few others who can perform like him. I dont think our midfield players are performing nor our striker adebayor and thats the reason to get in these new players. When Manu were drawing with Newcastle at half time I read that he gave them a bollicking which got them going at half time. Our players should have been persuaded to raise their gameat half time. I dont believe in sending a inexperienced team to the semi finals of the carling cup as we need to win all the trophies as wining brings a winning mentality.

  18. No no no, how can you say we need four players? Who drops out if you sign four more players? We’re top of the league for goodness sakes, four more players would be ridiculous!

  19. dont want to sound to negative but having to rely on senderos / djourou doesn´t exactly feel me with optimisim. i think we´ve had a brilliant run, better than most would of imagined we could at the start of the season but i feel we´re playing for second or third now which i would of took at the start of the season. just hope we have a good CL run…

  20. First of all, great article! I agree that January might not be the best time to buy in new players. Wenger has shown a lot of faith in his young players over the past couple of years, and I doubt he’ll risk disrupting that by bringing in a bunch of players now when they are top of the League.

    As for left-wing players. I wonder if Vela is ment to challenge for that spot as he has played on the wing in his current spanish club (although, I’m not sure if it’s on the left or the right wing he’s been playing)?

    As for the long run though, maybe Benzema wouldn’t be such a bad buy (perhaps in the summer?). Haven’t seen him play, but from what I’ve understood from reading articles and hearing ppl talk about him he seems to have pace, good technique and know where the goal is. That can never be wrong, can it? 😉 hehe

    As for Micah Richards, I would love to see him at the club at some point. But maybe not in January. The thing is, if we bring him in after the season he could be used to rotate Gallas, Toure and him during next season so they all have a bigger chance of keeping fresh (instead of relying on Senderos). Senderos has shown in the past that he can be a good defender. He still does one or two things right, but he’s not exactly convincing. However Mr. Wenger apparently sees something in him so hopefully he will be right (once more!). 🙂

    RvP should stay. Call me crazy, but I really like the guy. 🙂 If it weren’t for his injuries he would have the potential to score 20-25 goals/season I think. But unfortunatelly he is injured a lot. :-/

    Oh well, Wenger knows best. 🙂

  21. Long time no chat Tubes. Good to hear from you. I still feel like we’re going for the top. Manchester United are in outstanding form at the moment and we’re not and we’re still level at the top. If we hit some form and they fall away then we’re every chance to win. Chelsea are definitely in there too though.

    Don’t lose faith!

  22. i agree with John Boolmoor because he is facing facts and not jus hoping fo the best.Spanish Fry i agree with u on alot of things but even i am surprised that u actually feel we have the rite pple to win the title.

    take a step back and compare our sqaud to that of manUre and Chelski….ii’ll jus pick out one main thing they have goals all over the picth even their defense.

    in each of those teams do u actually realistically think Senderos,Eboue and Walcott would have even a run in those teams???Come on guys!!!when our team fails to deliver we need to figure out where we going wrong rather than look to the next game for inspiration.we did that against Spurs and because it was aour carling cup team but the reality was that that was a team we all tought could give Spurs a game and they didnt and after that what we all decided the team was our b-team so we can look forward to our first team doing the job against Brum and when they didnt,dont worry lets look to fulham…

    come on guys, i dread to think Wenger has the same mentality…

  23. A couple of fair points there, casicky. I see your point when you mention Senderos, Eboue and Walcott wouldn’t make Manchester United/Chelsea squads but then you have to remember that Chelsea have players like Ben-Haim, Sidwell and Pizarro who most Arsenal supporters would not want in our squad. Similarly, United have guys like O’Shea and Fletcher who are hardly world beaters.

    On Richards, if he comes in he will be a third-choice defender being Gallas and Toure and pushing Djourou, Senderos and Song down a place. Although I am not personally a fan of Senderos I see potential in Djourou and Song. Many people say Djourou has regressed at Birmingham and, truth be told, I didn’t see much of him while he was on loan, but he’s always been a composed and confident defender in my eyes.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is at the end of the day you can only have 11 players on the pitch and bringing in new players is not going to improve us much, if it improves us at all. If you bring in more players then you need to keep them happy and teams like Chelsea and Liverpool have shown that this is quite a tough task.

    Just on the Carling Cup comment, the whole idea of playing the youngsters is not necessarily to win the trophy but to give them experience in big matches. Although they were comfortably outplayed by Tottenham in the first leg the away match is a big test for the youngsters and they deserve to have an opportunity to pass it.

  24. i agree with your comment. I agree because, with or without them, I feel we are done this season !. I agree because, wenger rightly believes in having faith in his players. Perhaps thats the difference between a title winning team and a good well managed club that plays fabulous football.

    Now thats the disappointing aspect. the moment we begin to sense the title, we will have this choice to make. do we go for it or do the usual and if the cup comes despite that , so be it !!.

    So where does the fan go from here. Most arsenal club fans are huge Wenger fans. Thats why we dont normally see too much criticism. My fear is that if the title chances keep slipping away many of those wenger worshippers could turn. It will be too sad if that happens. I will be sad too, cos there’s no one in football I admire more than wenger.

  25. Wow! So much acrimony on the board today. Bringing in a new player would help IF that player can plug in right away, but how often is that the case for Arsenal? However, I am with Wenger (and Spanish Fry) that teams win because they get the best out of the players they have.

    There seem to be two techniques for getting the best out of players. One, the Morinho way is through fear — fear of competition and fear of humiliation by the coach. Wenger motivates by showing belief and trusting in players, and when they betray his trust, he expresses his disappointment. Probably some mix is needed and different people respond differently to each technique. However, I know what kind of manager I would like to have at my workplace and what kind of place I would like to work, which is why I am such a fan of Arsene.

    Obviously if the quality is not there no amount of motivation will make our team good enough. But Arsene seems to feel it is there, and with 51 points from 21 games, and most of the first team well-rested, it would seem that he is right so far.

  26. January is time for change, otherwise their wud be no transfer window in januray, sell sendy n lehmann, buy richards (he can also play RB), if not buy him at the start of next season. Benzema – we need a player that can stay fit and score 20+ goals a season, this lad can do that. Emre, can cross like Becks, can shoot like Stevie G and can run like Lennon, this guy is so cheap and so talented.

  27. I agree with John Bullmoor to a degree, (not his second comment).Although we have a great squad with lots of potential, AW seems reluctant to spend big money when a truely world class player becomes available.Our front players are not the finished article, although Eduardo is certainly a natural finisher and we’ll see the best of him next season.Adebayor can be very frustrating,Bendtner is still raw and RVP has been unfortunate with injuries.

    I don’t know about you guys but I think players are dwelling on the ball a little longer than they did in the earlier part of the season when the football was really flowing, and our old tendency of going through the middle has crept into our game again.We need to vary our game and become less predictable.

    I do hope I’m wrong, but I fear that our season will collapse pretty much like it did last year, although I must say that I didn’t expect great things this year I felt the team was a season away from fulfilling its potential and hopefully with a slight change in attitude towards buying proven world class players from our brilliant manager we’ll do the biz next year.
    All in all I feel the team has done fantastically well this season, they’ve certainly exceeded my expectations of them this year. NEXT YEAR IS GOONA BE OUR YEAR.

  28. Spanish Fry pretty much summed up everything I was thinking and trying to express in my post on the Birmingham game. Well done. Give Senderos his shot he deserves it after his form in the Birmingham game and lets see that fellow Hoyte at center back as well. I really do think our defense will hold.

    Other than that I don’t have too much more to add that hasn’t been stated allready. Wait till after the Cup of Nations and let’s see Rosicky back in that midfield. We’re going to still be there in the end with the squad we’ve got.

  29. WOW, Too many posters crying for new players, and everything else under the sun. I have compared Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U in all competitions and will try to respond to some assertions,

    1.) “…we need goals from all over the field…”
    Defense: ARS 3 Scorers, 5 gls; Man U, 3 scorers, 6 goals; CHL, 2 Scorers, 4 gls

    Midfield: ARS 7 Scorers, 32 gls; CHA, 7 Scorers, 26 gls; Man U, 4 scorers, 28 goals

    Strikers: ARS 4 Scorers, 37 gls; CHA, 5 Scorers, 25 gls; Man U, 3 scorers, 25 goals.

    TOTAL ALL C: ARS 14 Scorers, 74 gls; Man U, 10 Scorers, 59 gls; CHA, 14 scorers, 55 goals

    Summary: Our defence has been outscored by 1 goal by Man U. Our Midfield has outscored Man U by 4 goals despite Ronaldo’s form. (He has 22, with the rest of MU mid. with 6),
    Our strikers have outscored Both MU and CHA by 12.
    In the EPL MU has only outscored us by 1 goal. And who is to say we can’t dish out a spanking to Fulham and Newcastle after that?.

    For all the “Form” of MU, and our “Season-Ending slump”, We are the second “in-form” only by 1 point.


    1) RVP not being fit; Remember AW often uses “injured/injury” as a way to mask a punishment for a player. RVP might be paying for the puff he took while sick, and so far has only been used to rest other players. My guess is he is FIT. If you follow AW’s explanations after RVP was supposed to be back, you might smell a rat somewhere.

  30. ” a very minor muscular prob…” He might be the only 24ish yo in football to be sidelined for weeks by that kind of injury for a man who has been playing all his life and a pro to boot. He might as well being protected for the crunch finish as AW deems our strike force adequate and in form. Similar to not dropping Flamini while in form, why drop any of our other strikers while they are in such a good form? It will be detrimental to morale, if he can just walk back into the team, especially with Lehman and Gilberto and the rest of the world watching. Me Thinks.

  31. John Terry has written us off the title race this is what he said:
    “United are playing the best football and always score a lot of goals so they are the biggest threat. Arsenal are still up there but I can just see them slipping away”. How about that ? he played Rugby all his life with Chelsea. Obviously he doesn’t know what is the best football. Maybe he should ask Cashley about his good old days with Arsenal when he played proper football. He believes we are going to fade away easily. We really have to respond against Fulham to show these idiots that we are not going slip away. I think we’ve completed the signing of Luke Freeman a 15 year old from Gillingham a real gem. We are wasting time talking about buying big name players it’s never happened under Wenger and it never will. He makes them into big names .I believe there will be no signings this January so let get behind the players we have. They can do it this year.

  32. From the stat, it shows that Arsenal score frm various position. (i knew this info even b4 stat is reveal)
    The problem is “arsenal conceded more goal than MU”.
    for those who knew me, I said outloud that Arsenal are well short of good replacement for centreback. Put aside the likes of Sanderos and even Gilberto. Even Liverpool has better defensive record than arsenal.

    The stat also reveals that, 3D/7M/4A player score for Arsenal in various competitions. Explaining that Arsenal play different team in Carling and also FA (i think so). As many as 7Midfield players score for Arsenal explaining that relatively everyone is capable of scoring, but not everyone can play at same time. Good for Arsenal as u have good cover, and bad for MU if the likes of Tevez, Ronaldo or Rooney get injured.

    This is only my opinion.

  33. Spanish Fry – I agree with you
    Tygoon – great stats
    Thank u much!

    come on millefiori, so after one lame match we are done, that is rediculous statement! ur comment deserves no more commenting on!

    As far as Man U being in such a great form, exactly why is that when they lost to West Ham a game ago? so after you play one match well u r on great form? especially against the likes of NEWCASTLE (a team that just fired there manager, in total confusion). I mean, did u see them even try! we need to get a grip and understand that one so called great match or a bad does not make or break a season!

    Most Arsenal fans did not believe we would be first with the loss of Henry anyway so i will not listen to our fear weather fans but will believe that this squad can do it!

    Come on Arsenal prove ur own “Fans” wrong!

    God Bless u all!

  34. amiaq_ferguson; Arsenal plays 2 teams, First team for EPL,FA Cup and CL, 2nd Team for Carling Cup. Man U also played with 2 teams this season, Their 2nd string team were eliminated by lower div opposition in the Carling cup. Were simply not good enough. Yes our defense leaks an odd goal here and there,(6 more that MU in the EPL) but all of out defenders attack, so sometimes they can get caught out/tired, and all of our mid/strikers defend. A good number of goals we have conceded are from strikers/midfielders not defending well when defending. May not be entirely our defenders fault when Flamini & Co goof up.

  35. Hye, a very good day to you. In regards to the said issue. When talking about Arsenal’s strike force, they are really wasting chances. Remember, that if we don’t score definately there is no chance of winning games. Statistic of the chances created are a lot but the goals scored is damn f*****g poor. That’s why we need a player like Karim Benzema (Very good pace, can play both side, can play wide, central or top, damn good with both legs, very consistance, very good first touch, excellence close control of the ball, has an eye for goal & very young as well, trust me he will make the difference, he is a goal scoring machine just like our late King Henry & he really reminds of the Great Brazilian legend, Ronaldo as he is that sharp. Adebayour, very poor first touch, not consistance at all, waste a lot chances & lack of determination. Van Persie, very soft & injury prone otherwise he is good. Eduardo, better then others when playing inside D’ box only. Bentdner, Not consistance at all & not a 90 minutes player. We cannot keep on losing points stupidly & see now as we already dropped in the BPL standing because of the goal difference & if this thing keep happpening then just forget about the title’s again this season. The defence, is not so great but ok, lar but get Micah Richards since he really interested in joining us as he is damn good as a diffensive player & can be replacement for ageing & injury prone Gallas. It’s a shame as Man Ure’s, midfield player leading the top scorer’s chart. They are just making use of the chances created, eventhough not as much as we created & that’s why they are leading the table. My opinion is, just get back Carlos Vela, buy Karim Benzema & Micag Richards atleast & then just offload Rosicky, Bentdner & Diarra while other teams want’s them to make some cash. My Dream Arsenal Team :

    1. Almunia
    2. Sagna
    3. Toure
    4. Richards
    5. Clichy
    6. Hleb
    7. Flamini
    8. Febregas
    9. Vela
    10. Van Persie
    11. Benzema

    Subs :

    1. Lehman
    2. Ebue
    3. Gallas
    4. Diaby
    5. Denilson
    6. Walcott
    7. Eduardo

    Please, buy ! buy ! buy ! Sir Arsene Wenger.


  36. well if we wamt to win the title we need to score & win,though i was away but got the results and the performance our team through stonch arsenal supporters.well i do agree that we have been Missing a lot of chances and we need to maximise every moment to be the best(win the game)but if other players are not improving then they is no other choice but to replace them but i would loved to see more Tenacity from the unpopular players to prove themselves because if they won’t then some one will have to take their place and its not such a very good idea. Go Go Arsenal.bennry

  37. hey paulsito,
    Its ok with that. But let it not be that we only like to hear the good news. I am voicing the concerns emanating from several observations , not just that one match.

  38. I feel for Rosicky and Hleb. They neither are
    wingers! Neither! Both are attacking center midfield players and have been asked
    to play on the wing due to our being loaded in the center of the park. I think they
    have done what they can and tried to make the best of it.
    It is all well and good to note they always come into the middle and it narrows the field…
    but really, that is where both of those players are best and do their damage.

    I also agree we could use Richards. He is LeBoss’s style of player. Total footballer who is a great athlete, young, strong, play multiple positions….AND HE’S A GOONER. Yep, AFC fan is Richards. Seems a no brainer to me.
    Let’s give big Phil credit where it is due, he played well v Brum. But who’d ya rather have, Phil or Micah teaming with Kolo? How long do we believe Galas will be with the club???
    Do we not snatch Micah while he is still young BEFORE his price gets so out of bounds in the next several years??

  39. We don’t need Micah, or Benzema. As I understand Micah’s Man city defence has leaked 7 more goals in the prem than ours. I don’t see how he is going to improve our side especially, because he will be a bench warmer. I rate Senderos and Djourou higher than Micah. With all his “greatness”, Drogba & Co still managed to put 6 past Micah & Co. As for Benzema, the boy looks good. But so is our very own “assassin” Eduardo.
    Who knows how he might adapt to the prem?.

    We have a good squad to win everything in our path. The “strength in depth” crap = crap. Name any other Prem league outfit who can put out a 2nd string and still beat any other prem lg opposition.

  40. Taygoon said: “I rate Senderos and Djourou higher than Micah”

    Yes, and I do not want to take the piss out of a fellow goona. However, I would say that is seeing life with the largest and thickest Red Tinted glasses available mate….

    Big Phil has played well the last couple of matches, but there is not one thing he possesses or can do better than Richards.
    Your argument that we do not “need” Richards is a very worthy argument. That Phil or Dj are better is a bit bonkers to me.

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