Arsenal are paying $10 to win the league. Here’s why I’m taking it.

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I think it’s fair to say that the fans’ confidence in Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is at the lowest point it has been this season.

Sunday’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United left our boys five points of the top of the table with league leaders and our opponents for this weekend Chelsea expected to extend that to eight points after their trip to Hull City.

Surprisingly, they fluffed their lines.

A lacklustre performance by the champions-elect saw Hull grab a deserved 1-1 draw at the KC Stadium, subsequently restricting the gap between us and Chelsea to six points. An Arsenal win on Sunday at Stamford Bridge – hardly an impossibility when you look at the host’s performance in the last two games, the result in last season’s corresponding fixture and the obvious impact the John Terry situation is having on the team – would cut that margin to three.

And it gets better.

A detailed look at the fixture list of the three title contenders reveals what has already been suggested – Arsenal’s is easier than both Chelsea and Manchester United. But the intriguing thing is just how much easier it is.

Our well-documented problem this season has been an inability to win in big games. But after Chelsea this weekend and Liverpool at The Emirates on Wednesday just two of the remaining 12 fixtures could be anywhere near considered a big game. They are an away trip to Spurs, a team we haven’t lost in the league to in over a decade and a home game against Manchester City.

In contrast Chelsea face two teams that have already beaten them this season in Aston Villa and Manchester City at home and away trips to Everton, Spurs, Liverpool and crucially, Manchester United. Meanwhile United still have to play Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City away as well as three big games at Old Trafford against Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs.

On paper it is a huge contrast. It’s unfathomable to think that points won’t be dropped.

While we clearly we have our problems – Manuel Almunia, Denilson and to a lesser extent Gael Clichy are not performing well at the moment, Wenger’s tactics have been a bit off lately and our defence needs a bit of a kick up the backside – there’s also lot to be positive about.

Nicklas Bendtner’s long-awaited return to the starting line-up against Chelsea on Sunday will finally see us field a recognised striker and a player that I feel will have a big impact on our season. Abou Diaby will also be back, Eduardo as well and with Thomas Vermaelen avoiding a leg-break at Villa we certainly have the players available to put a good run of results together, just as we did after the 3-0 loss to Chelsea.

Meanwhile word is that Robin van Persie’s return will not be anywhere near as far away as initially confirmed with the Dutchman expected to begin full training again in month’s time. His presence may be vital in the closing stages of the season.

So for all the doom and gloom there is also a massive amount of hope.

I mentioned in an interview with Scott from The Republik of Mancunia that if we come away from the Chelsea and Liverpool games within five or six points of the top of the table then we remain a good chance to win the league and I absolutely stick by that. Our fixture list is favourable, our strikers are on the comeback and the current problems within the team can certainly be addressed by the players Wenger has at his disposal.

SportingBet Australia are paying $10 for Arsenal to win the league this season, compared with Chelsea at $1.73 and Manchester United at $2.50.

All things considered, I like those odds.

Have your say on Arsenal’s chances of winning the league by leaving a comment.


52 thoughts on “Arsenal are paying $10 to win the league. Here’s why I’m taking it.

  1. I’m with you on this one. I was looking at the fixtures last night and i see our fate been decided by one game. Stoke -away the late sat game. They have easy games at home that weekend that they should win easy and they are before our game. Look it up. Would love to know your thoughts on it.

  2. I agree with all this, arsenal are amazing, they will definitely win the league, Tottenham are rubbish!!!

  3. We are being a bit optimistic but any feeling is better than the one of gloom we woke up with on Monday. Another point which is lost on the media in their wish to dismiss Arsenal’s chances is the fact that Manchester United won the Premier League last season while only taking five points out of eighteen in the “big four mini league”. THe run in is favourable for Arsenal, even next Wednesday is crucial, we beat Liverpool on the night Utd go to Villa and Chelsea are at Everton,well we can only hope.

  4. Great article, I completely agree with you.
    I’m very optimistic about the Chelsea game. I’m actually looking forward to it.:P

  5. Nice bet, i just hope we get dat bet. Chelsea game is a must win 4 d gunners ,am pretty sure we are winning.

  6. Damn straight Potter, cheating scum bags, makes me so angry, if they didn’t cheat so much we would win easily…FACT

  7. Thing that upsets me most about Arsenal is the amount of total & utter tossers that claim to be Gooners.
    We have done brilliant this season even if the best we do is just retain our top4 status.
    Had Rooney been injured in November & out for the rest of the season & Berbatov injured at the same time & only coming back now do these idiots honestly think ManU would be where they are in the table now – would they fuck!
    Had Drogba been injured in Nov & out for the rest of the season & Anelka injured at the same time & only coming back now would Chelsea be where they are – no fuckn chance!
    Admittadly, ManU have done very well considering their 2 best CB’s have been out injured for a while but losing CB’s is not like losing your 2 best goalscorers.
    Our problems have been confounded by the fact our 3rd striker had a horrific injury & has struggled to recover his best form.
    To be where we are is an exceptional achievment.
    I just wish the Wenger haters would fuck off & support Manure/Chelski/Shiteh.

  8. Good post Andy. It just shows that when you look at it with a little perspective, our situation isn’t too bad. I remember people were just as depressed and were calling for Wenger’s head after the 3-0 loss to Chelsea in November. We were no longer considered as title contenders, but we clawed our way back to the top of the table less than 2 months later. I don’t see why we won’t be able to do it again, especially with our reletively easy fixture list after the Liverpool game.

  9. precisely if you remember i think they lost to all top teams and beat only the teams which were below them

  10. Why perform today, what can be addressed tomorrow? If we are responsible for an action, our obligation will remain tomorrow, hence what purpose is there for immediate action? To obtain instant gratification, perhaps through financial benefit, this philosophy does not hold, as one invariably acts instantaneously to reap such fruits.
    Do not delay the opportunity that has been presented to you after infinite births and indescribable penance. Do not allow yourself to flippantly take a moment for granted. We do not know when we will take our final breath, and if we have delayed our opportunity until this moment, there is no return.

  11. Let me give u advice,the wengerites are not interested in saying statistics,theyre so obsessed with wenger,that even though he consistently says,and the board that there is money,it goes in one ear and out the other,cesc fabregas has been great for us,very mature for his young age,but wenger has been known in the past for letting players go as he puts it ‘i dont want to hold them back’ i.e. upson,fabregas is catulnyan,developed in barcas canta,not by wenger,he supports barcelona,and he is almost a one man team, so let him go if ur for real wenger this summer,i dont want him gone,but this is to test wengers realism,Alex ferguson is a better manager than wenger,anyone disagree give me ur points then,heres mine,u say ‘oh wenger never had fergusons money’ but pires and overmars were equal to giggs,ljunberg was equal to beckham,they had keane and scholes,we had vieira,petit and gilberto,bergkamp,henry,kanu and anelka are better than van nistelrooy,yorke,cole and sheringham,they had jaap stam and rio ferdinand, we had the famous back 4 plus sol campbell and toure,they had schemiecehel and a bunch of pretenders i.e. bosnich,we had seamann,so i ask u what was our excuse for allowing utd to win the title 3 years in a row 99,2000,2001,utd one a cl and fa cup in that time while mr wenger couldnt win the eufa cup and lost the fa cup to micheal owen in the last 5 mins,every year we used to crash out of the cl,while utd were challenging,ferguson in wengers time has retained the league 3 years running twice,wenger wins it in 98,then 4 years later in 02,then loses it in the last 5 games in 03,to who? yep fergie,wins it in 04,loses it to newcomer mourinho,and doest win it for 6 seasons,wow wenger really is the best manager in the premier leagues history!ferguson won a eufa cup against real with aberdeen too,FACT!

  12. Well one might as well be positive because there’s little anyone can do about it now. We can’t add to the squad til seasons end. Arsene didn’t buy any new cards. Is he bluffing? Or is he holding a winning hand.
    – I’m not convinced at all that we can win at Chelsea. We did it last season but that was down to one man – RVP. We’re a bit toothless now to maul Chelsea’s excellent defence. Apparently they’re suspect on set pieces this season but that’s hardly our speciality. And then there’s Drogba who likes using our goal for target practice.

    I’ll say I’m sorry for being a miserable git if we win. Even a draw might be ok. Up the Gunners.

  13. Please, dear reader, don’t lump me in with commentators like Richard Fuxce above me – sorry I mean Buxce. I hate comments like that – they contribute nothing. Just a whinging, whining moan about how so and so’s better than so and so with a bunch of rubbish stats thrown in. Go away and try again, Mister.

  14. Good to see everybody is reacting to the positivity with, well, more positivity. Let’s just enjoy the ride from here on people, that’s what football is all about.


  15. @nony mouse – funky name – but your comments are without thought – incase you didnt realise we witnessed one of the quitest January tranfer windows – hmm why? i worte a article the other day maybe you should look into it. you cannot make baseless comments without backing them up

  16. Yes, you’re absolutely right Andy and Gerry Thompson. Notice that Manure and Chelski aren’t as invincible as they have been in the past seasons and are bleeding points on a regular basis. I think it will take at least 85 points to win it this year. That leaves Arsenal 36 points from 14 remaining games or 2.57 a game. Either 12 wins and 2 losses or 11 wins and 3 draws should do it. Anything less I’m afraid probably won’t be good enough.

  17. @Richard Bucxe – Thanks for outling the facts. Ferguson is incredible yes how many others in world football have achieved what he has? How many in England? How about focusing on what we have achieved and trying to better that? So Wenger is useless because Utd won the league 3 years running 99/00/01? How about give Utd some credit? You’re totally negative and if we have fans like you in the ground it’s no wonder we have trouble winning big games at home.

  18. This is the best article i’ve seen all week, all the other ones have just been a bunch of negative crap about how we dont stand a chance now that Chelsea are 6 six points away from us.
    Thank you Andrew for showing some optimism and actually using logic to explain why you think we can win the title.
    And is this “Richard Buxce” guy a Man Utd fan? And if so why is he on an Arsenal blog? Also why would he just change the subject from title contenders to why Fergie is better than Wenger?
    @Richard Buxce I’m confused about which team u go for, because u say “cesc fabregas has been great for US” but then u sound like u like alex ferguson better than arsene wenger (“ferguson won a eufa cup against real with aberdeen too,FACT”) Then u sorta contradict urself by saying “wengerites” are so obsessed with wenger and it sounds a lot like ur obsessed with him.
    Anyway i dont wanna ramble on about Manure Fans…
    Thanx Andrew for a great article.

  19. anybody seen this:

    Jay-Z offers Arsenal FC a New York party

    Monday, January 25 2010, 13:47 GMT

    By Alex Fletcher, Reality TV Editor
    Jay-Z offers Arsenal FC a New York party

    Rex Features

    Jay-Z has offered to arrange a party in New York for Arsenal FC if they win the Premier League title.

    The US rapper and his wife Beyoncé were offered VIP tickets at the North London club’s Emirates stadium for a game of their choice, when the club discovered that the ’99 Problems’ star was a fan.

    “I’d like to thank the club for their kind offer,” he told The Sun. “I’m glad Arsenal now know it’s them I support.”

    Speaking about meeting the players, he said: “I want them to party in New York, my city. I will look after them and make sure that they have some amazing nights out.

    “The next time I’m playing in England I would like the Arsenal players to come and watch my gig and then come backstage afterwards. I know how hard professional sportsmen work so I want to offer an incentive for the guys.”

    bet Ade is now pissed haha

  20. Yes as i predicated the fixture are favorable to us after the Chelsea game. But it is at most crucial to get 4 point out of Chelsea and Liverpool. I think our lads need to forget about the past experience and need to think that every game as an must win game. To be far they have looked sharp after last year Chelsea game. They have tried all the time till the last minutes that was again seen against ManU. Just i will beg the team management to use proper tactics and team should be well organized on the back. Song,Gallas,Verminator always need to say back they should not go and attack apart once or twice in set pieces. Just hope Deni,Almunia,Clichy forget about the past and concentrate on the fixture list. ManU will lose and even aging Chelsea will lose. I still think Arsenal are title contender. Best of Luck Arsenal.

  21. With all the due respect to Arsene’s his contributions to the arsenal, I believe that his strategies have failed because they are conservative. Therefore request him to respect himself and the fans who have always adored him and resign. He is selfish, he has failed to simpathize with the pain we fans suffer because of the club, he is not open minded, he has a big ego, he should leave the job to a person who is a dynamic and strategic thinker. I respect him a lot but I want him also to respect himself by resigning because he is not the best drive for arsenal now!

  22. Its all fine and dandy to talk about Chelsea’s or ManU’s shortcoming but overall across theboard there have been injuries to the top three team. Important thing is to win at Chelsea and Liverpool. Why? Because that will give the boys a massive confidence boost for the rest of the run in games.

    Stamford Bridge would be a very difficult place to play, I must agree with some other comments about Chelsea’s cheating defence. I have seen Terry illegally body check and Carvallho pulling players down for the past 4 seasons(almost every game) yet the referee rarely cautions them. When Chelsea was just another London club Terry used to give so many penalties in his younger days.

    The main thing is to shut out FrankL, Cole and Anelka. Eboue to score a 30yard thunderbolt 😛

  23. Iam confident that we can win the league this season .Iam surprised by the critics to our players .Any way I still believe and faith in wenger and our players.We have to notice that last season utd not even won against ourselves ,chelsea and liverpool then also they won the league.


    Dear diary

    Not sure what to do with myself today – no game for us until tomorrow. Get out of bed with a real sense of hunger and make myself some nice porridge…’s very good for sustainability which is important to me.

    My missus decides that today she wants to take me shopping. What is it with these women ? I tell her that the answer is not always to buy you know. Last time I went shopping was 5 years ago. I ended up spending a fortune on expensive stuff from France and where did that get me eh ? (My wife reminds me that it brought endless enjoyment and merriment). I don’t like shopping any more.

    My missus tells me to stop whinging and stay patient. Yes, stay patient I tell myself. That’s good advice that I must remember to pass on someday.


    Dear Diary

    Anyway, I’m glad I went – what a lovely day. She took me to a place called LIDL. I had a field day there – lots of cheap, imported stuff. None of the names you would recognise, but all available at the right price. Right up my street. This place has real promise you know. I believe, overall, that in 10 years it will be a winner with everybody.

    Tomorrow, she tells me that we will go to a boot sale. Sounds great too. Apparently you can’t buy much quality there but you pick up the odd relic very cheaply – some of the stuff is about 5-10 years past it’s best but that doesn’t bother me. Can’t wait


    As a reward for the other half, I treat her to romantic evening. I set out the bedroom using some candles (bought from LIDL obviously). Everything was set for the big moment but for some reason I can not perform when it comes to the big occasion. Why does that keep happening to me ? I’m sure it’s about the 14th time in the last 3 years. I do not understand it – perhaps I just wanted it a little too much. I think that after the day’s shopping I maybe tired a little bit physically towards the end of the day. Feel jaded now and disappointed.

    She tells me not to worry. “Stay focused” she tells me, “I’m sure that next time you will produce a magnificent performance, Arsene”. I am very thankful that she is so patient with me – why can’t everyone be like that ? I know I have the desire…..

  25. Sunday 31st January


    Not a good start to the day today. I have had time to reflect on last night’s disappointing performance in the bedroom and on reflection I don’t know why I was to blame. I decided to confront my other half. I point out to her that putting together such a demanding schedule during the preceeding days was all her fault. “Who would be crazy enough to put together a schedule like that” I ask. “Especially when the shopping got moved back to the afternoon”.

    She is less than impressed and our plans of going to the boot sale are well and truly over. That’s a shame – I might have to be patient until the Summer now to get my hands on some of those old relics. Still, it gives me more time to save and that is important.

    The atmosphere is not good in the house though. She is upset with me. Not sure what to do. Perhaps a kiss and make-up….or just a simple gesture. I know – a handshake. On second thoughts I decide against it.

    In the back of my mind, I’m sure there’s something I’ve got to prepare for this afternoon. Something about meeting an old Scottish friend of mine at 4pm, followed by a cosy dinner with Ivan. Hmmm……the old memory is playing up a bit these days


    The tension in the house has lifted. My other half made the first move I have to say. She knows that I have been under pressure and suggests that we take a short break somewhere to get away from it all, maybe Spain or Italy. It’s a nice gesture but I tell her that whilst I’m grateful I find international breaks absolutely pointless at this time of year. I wonder if she thinks I’m just moaning again. I hope not.

    Still wondering what it is I have to prepare for later today and start to have a little daydream when all of a sudden the doorbell goes. I am greeted by two young boys. I have seen them before many times I’m sure. One is a little Mexican boy in a roll neck sweater and the other is a local boy who looks a little bit like Lewis Hamilton (I’m sure I’ve noticed him down the arcade with a little blonde girl).

    Anyway, the boys offer to wash my car. I admire their spirit coming out on a cold day like today. Still they have shown great intelligence and worn their gloves. People should not criticise the youth of today when boys like this show such spirit.

    I couldn’t refuse their offer so I give them the job. Of course, I study eveything they do through the curtains – their movement, technical ability and desire to get the job done. The little Mexican lad is a joy to behold – full of smiles, and plenty of tricks with the sponge. He seems to get a bit tired halfway through the job mind….

    The Lewis Hamilton look alike sets off at a roaring pace and shows great potential. He rubs his shoulder occasionally but I’m sure that’s fine.

    Overall, I am happy with their efforts. They started the job well and I can forgive the slightly poor finishing touch.

    When I ask them how much they want, they only ask for £10. I decide that on balance they deserve £50 and tell them that because of their hunger for the job it’s theirs for the next seven years if they want it. They say that next time they will bring their friend Nicklas who is a bigger boy but has been sick lately. That reassures me that I have made the right decision.

    I feel privileged to work with people like this today. Now what is that appointment at 4 pm ??


    Luckily for me Mr Hill Wood remembers to collect me in time for my afternoon appointment. What a lovely man – I like his sort.

    To be honest the period between 4pm and 6pm are all a bit of a blur. All I can recall is my close friend Pat muttering away in my ear for an hour and a half and doing my best Basil Fawlty impression inside a dotted white box. I wish Ivan would tell me what the point of all this is some day. Anyway, the nice Scottish man I remember shakes me by the hand and tells me that he wishes me all the best for next week. What a decent chap…..

    I have a nice cognac with Ivan in the evening. He is delighted with me and tells me that we have beaten all of our rivals yet again. We are top of the league in EBITDA vs interest cover, no.1 in the UK sustainability charts, and ahead of all our rivals by a mile in the “nicest apartments in the Premiership”.

    I am pleased that Ivan appreciates my work so much……..

  26. We need to approach chelsea’s game with alot of confidence coz this one is a derby and all derbies are very interesting coz it’s the home team that is always under pressure to deliver and so i do not see arsenal under any duress except to go out there and clinch all the three points .Secondly we need to go out there and crowd our midfield by having Gallas right there in the middle alongside Diaby/Song to stiffle out Lamps/Ballack/Joe Cole while also giving him room to get those elusive headers our midget strikers keep missing out.At the back hopefully we will have Eboue/Sol/Thommy/Clichy safeguarding Mannone’s posts and upfront Cesc will partner Arshavin and thus use his freedom to torment chelsea’s defenders while Bendtner bulldoses Terry/Carvalho to create space to our marauding midfielders and get at least 2 or 3 goals.Key thing here is to defend and attack all the loose balls and frustrate chelsea style of play by imposing ours on them.Go gooooners go!!!!

  27. ok andy youv convinced me to stay positive…..and dats some achievement mate….il go along with it as long as i can…………………………………….but before that can i just say…..harry,whoever you are,gooner or not……that piece was freakin brilliant
    bet all the fence sitters are sitting at it…..frowning,searching for their comebacks like their the bosses attorneys or somethin…brilliance
    ok back to positive mode….no deni,no almunia,no nasri….with mannone,diaby and ramsey coming in= a decent chance of a result…..if AW selects all 3 again after their woefully inept, childlike displays last sunday my new found steadfast positivity will face its first real test

  28. I’m no fan of speculations or statistics, I even don’t like the whole talk about title contenders or not, I just think game by game, if I try to draw a conclusion I would say Arsenal had some difficult matches and some sovereign ones. My feelings tend to say they have a chance to go top, but it’s not extraordinary probable. Of course it was disappointing to see them such minor to Manu. I have no ideas about tactics. I was nerved by Almunias situation, and to go worse by the losing heads of the rest of the team. But every game delivers the chance to do better and I hope they will as often as possible. In my mind stayed that Shava could have done better in two counter attackings by passing the ball and that Rosicky had a good day, though they didn’t involved him sufficiently. I am really no fan of Rosicky’s moods but he really can do extraordinary things and they should use that. Besides I have the impression that this blow could do well, because sometimes it’s better to fall on the ground just in time to focus again just on the next match and not if you are number one or number two and how many points here and there. Just do your job and deny all the talking. When the job is done, then you can talk about it although nobody will do it then …… 😉
    I know I am not the best conversation maker …. 😎

  29. I’m forced into writing again because of the persistence of the ‘Championship Manager’ brigade that continue to bemoan a lack of spending at Arsenal. Let’s go back to a salient fact about last Sunday’s game. It was a collective failure by most of the team, with Almunia, Denilson and Clichy particularly poor. Spending £40 million on any two players you care to mention would not have changed the result on Sunday.

    As for Wenger being too stubborn to spend I think it’s a case of looking for a player that can improve the team at a reasonable price. Why spend money on players that aren’t additive to squad quality? Leave that to Liverpool (cue Scouse outrage).

    The other thing that’s being missed is ’sustainable business model’ concept. Very few Premier league clubs are self sufficient in the way that Arsenal are. The £700 million debt at Old Trafford has been masked by success – if Utd don’t win anything watch everyone turn on the Glazers (some have already). Even Abramovich has stopped pouring money into Chelsea and so the only club unaffected is Citeh. There’s a very real chance that Portsmouth could cease to exist in the next 12 months, which would be a tragedy. At the very least they are staring at several years in the wilderness.

    I’ll ask a Question today. Which available players would you buy that would ensure winning the league? Any ideas? Thought not…

  30. Last season when Man U won only one game against big four opposition (and got tonked 4-0 to Liverpool at home) we were told that games against the big four did not matter and that it was how you performed against the lesser lights. Flash forward a season and Arsenal have won only one game against the big four, and now we are told that it is winning the big games that matter in winning the title. I wish all of you would make up your minds.

    So I urge you to wait until the Chelsea game before saying whether or not Arsenal is out of the title race. It will save you from having to possibly change your minds again.

  31. walter,sometimes i just dont know with you my friend
    you ask wot difference signings of the 40m bracket cud hav made to the result on sunday???are you telling me that if we had a rooney,torres,villa or even a dzeko we wudnt hav had a different outcome sunday????come on now in fairness
    does ‘cue scouse outrage’ include torres by the way?

  32. Thanks Andy for the superb comments and lifting me from the gloom of the weekend loss. I hope your analysis comes true and we get back to three points but as has been mentioned winning against the top four doesnt a title gurantee. Our remaining games will decide that. Yeah, I also believe Don Vito Mannone and Diaby should be included and Deni and Almunia dropped for the game.

    @ Simba… I saw that too. Jay Z an Arsenal Fan….. Three cool! Gunners State of Mind!!!

  33. people.. what do you say about almunia ? I mean.. if u see the fulham game once you’ll get to know what a talent manonne is. Giving him a chance is better cos he cant be anyworse than almunia!! Dunno what wenger is playing at!

    @ andy.. nice post mate !! 4 points of the next four games are enough i gues .

  34. I love man u’s new name…. (manure). Def made my day francis. now to business… yes man u beat us but shit happens, losing to a big 4 team never lost anyone the whole damn league!!!! if we can avoid defeat with all the big 4 teams then all we need to do is win our remaining games. These back to back big games are a blessing in disguise cos when they done we face the weaker teams. If we can win all our games after Chelsea then the league is ours!!!!!! if not then we gotta win the league cup… I cant go anada season trophy-less…. Go gunners!!!!!

  35. Walking disaster almunia again conceded two goals from two attempts by Chelsea and looked lost when drogba free-kick hit the bar. He is the main reason the team is virtually out of PL title contention. I am sure any other manager would have let him go free. The team for next season needs couple of big boys and not lightweights and midgets like eduardo, walcott, nasri, denilson, roscicky, sagna and clichy to tough it out and not easily pushed aside in 50-50 situation.

  36. I appreciate it’s easy to comment on this after the fact but you have to concede this bet was a ‘heart’ rather than ‘head’ decision.

    Our record against Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool in recent times is poor, and no matter how much easier our run home is this season, we will continue to struggle. unless we start performing in ‘big’ games.

    I admire the sentiment and positivity of all here but the facts remain that we are no closer to a title than we were 2 or 3 seasons ago, if anything we are further away. We are miles away from Man U and Chelsea and will continue to be as long as we continue with the current squad (injuries notwithstanding) we have.

  37. Hello! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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