Arsenal are having a break and so am I

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With the Arsenal boys enjoying a well-deserved weekend off after several tough games on the trot – I’ve decided to do the same.

I’ll speak to you on Monday and in the meantime – enjoy your weekend.



24 thoughts on “Arsenal are having a break and so am I

  1. I guess d rest is well deserved so our players will be ready to kick-start a winning run starting with porto match on wednesday. Go Arsenal,with some injured players coming back, we can do this

  2. I will be busy for the entire month of march with my final school exams. I am not even sure if I will be able to watch the home match against porto and quarter-final 1st leg of CL. So please Mr.Wenger, win the match against porto this week decisively and play the reserve mediocre team in the porto-home match and quarter final 1st leg so that I dont miss any quality action that I may regret later on.

  3. Small world, I am also busy for the entire month for preparing my school’s dance preparation. What Avik said. Hahahaha!

  4. Since it’s all so quiet I thought I’d bore you with my own personal (and brief) half term report on our squad. Starting with the worst at the top going through to the best at the bottom.
    – after the name indicates the’ve got worse.
    + That they’ve got better.
    There’s a couple like Fabianski and Eastmond etc. I’ve left out as they haven’t had enough action to get a fair assessment. Ok then.

    Almunia – very poor. Has cost us several points.
    Clichy – good at start of season but his form is currently way off.
    Sagna – below par for his standards. Crossing dreadful.
    Nasri – disappointing. Ineffective contributions. Looks weak.
    Vela – the magic’s gone. Without it he looks very very ordinary.
    Walcott – I think he’s trying but it’s not happening. Needs a big performance.
    Denilson – + Good and bad for me. Very inconsistent and can be a bit of a liability. Loved his goal against Everton though.
    Traore + Generally good but needs to improve defensively.
    Eboue + Good. Great energy & enthusiasm.
    Manonne + Good. Could be the real deal if he keeps improving. Has genuine presence.
    Gibbs + Very good. Was in great form at time of injury.
    Bendtner + Hasn’t had the chance to get going but shown signs of very good things to come.
    Rosicky + Very positive return after such a long lay-off. Has great skill and class.
    Ramsey + I think he’s going to be a big, big player for us. Getting stronger all the time. Skillful and aggressive.
    Diaby + From zero to hero? Could it all finally be coming together? Would be massive for us if it does.
    Eduardo + Amazing return from horror injury. Ok not many goals yet but otherwise superb play.
    Gallas + Brilliant. Our most consistently good player plus some MOM performances.
    Van Persie + In red hot form before the injury. We’d be top of the league now if he’d kept going. Has that winning mentality we lack generally.
    Song + Most improved player. His contribution to our league position has been huge and he’s now my first name on the team sheet.
    Vermaelen + Absolute dynamite. Toughest character in the team. Possible Player of the Season.
    Arshavin + Utterly brilliant player. A joy to watch. My personal fave so far.
    Fabregas + even when he’s not at HIS best he’s still THE best. Any team in the world would have him. Priceless.

  5. Nasri dissapointing? Are you out of your mind?! He’s superb and very skillfull! He gives me inspiration and spiritual when watching the game!
    But my idol is still Abou Diaby!

  6. Nasri, Vela, Walcott-all these players dsnt make much of a difference if they are in bad form but our left-back & right-back in sad form is a major concern- 1 goes forward to gift the opponent ball with ineffective crosses and the other makes mediocre players seem like roadrunners.

  7. david seaman is on sky sports programme goals on sunday this mornin…..legend,proper class goalkeeper.

  8. i think we have a real good chance in winning the league.All we need do is keep the form we were in after loosing to chlsea in november.if we take a proper look at the league,we’v been far more consistent against the lesser teams than both chelsea n man if we can keep being consistent against these so called lesser teams in our 12 remaining matches we can as well win it.but its gonna be very tough

  9. @Hey Nonny Mouse thanks a lot , love your expressions, your comments are class (which means that I like the way you express your thoughts) 😀

  10. I say it now and i said it before.

    all of those players are far to similar to each other. Box to Box players. Of course they differ with speed and technical astuteness.
    We need to play with two strikers on the field. RVP + another striker. Thats how all succesful teams become succesful. Top 5 teams in the world
    Chelsea – Drogba and Anelka
    Man u – Berbatov and Rooney
    Real Madrid – Raul and Higuin/The French Kid
    Inter Milan – Etoo and Pandev/Balotelli/Milito
    Arsenal – Arshavin and Bendtner – Fuck me

    Just a thought, we needed the rest. Its been a week to forget. At least i feel like we are the dark horse of the competition. Queitly i hopee Man U and Chelski continue cracking against small teams.

  11. to “Hey Nonny Mouse”…
    Squad report is spot on.. I wouldnt change much apart from Eduardo who clearly tries but looks like he will never be the same .. he ‘s only effective to lower oppostions.. won’t do much against the big teams..
    Walcott is lacking mentorship, plain and simple! .. Everyone around him is trying to find themselves and can’t look after him.. if Henry was there, this kid would have had Mamouth like improvements… but we just dont have that old striker that can tak to him, help him gain confidence and look after him.. because thats what he needs..
    He is not like Rooney (character wise)..HE needs to be shown what to do, how to battle on the pitch..Wenger can’t do it…

  12. @ teddi the bear – I don’t really understand your striker comparison. You mention RVP but then completely ignore him in the top strikers of the world comparison – why? It makes no sense.

    Then you’re talking about RVP and Arshavin and they stack up quite nicely against the other four you’ve mentioned.

    Funnily you fail to mention Barcelona too – who are clearly the best team in the world. They play three up front so if you’ve ignored them because of that (and we do the same!) it doesn’t really help your argument.

  13. Barcelona play three up front but they definitely do not play like us. They play a very fast 1-2 game and can switch to a 4-4-2 in an instance when Dani Alves/Abidal crosses from the wing. They really stretch the field whilst we prefer to cut inside just outside the eight yard box.

    Arsenal tend to hold the ball more but you wont see Barcelona holding the ball more than two touches(3 seconds), exception of Messi, as he’s given the free role. Barcelona is more simmilar to old Arsenal of Pires, Ljunberg, Bergkamp, Viera.

  14. @billi – Thanks, mate. And cheers to anyone else who commented.
    @Maroune – Don’t get me wrong, I think Nasri is class and also agree very skillful. And he’s another who’s had a lengthy injury – particularly frustrating for him right at the start of the season. But since he’s been back I feel that he’s all huff and puff without end project. A lot of taking the ball sideways or running into cul-de-sacs. Not the same player who put the scum to the sword a season back with two well taken goals. At the moment I’m afraid he epitomises that horrible criticism pundits make of the Arsenal – pretty football that goes nowhere. It’s a fair comment – we do overplay sometimes and often lack thrust. I’m sure Nasri will come good again but at the moment and so far I wouldn’t start him.
    @teddi the bear I’m afraid I too disagree with you. I don’t think we need two out-and-out strikers on the field. Especially as so many of our other players are scoring. But I do think we need another striker, a bullish, direct and fairly tall type, so that when, inevitably RVP is crocked again we have an option. At the moment we have no one else to do the RVP role.
    I would also like to see a big central defender in our line-up although I don’t know at whose expense. Maybe prime him to step into Gallas’ shoes? Fulham’s Hangeland was the guy being talked of before and I’d still be happy with that.

  15. @nonny,
    bang on dude,especially bout nasri,although i dont share ur optimism for the future for him.i just cant be bothered with fellas who go hiding when u need them,and iv never seen him tackle once….arshas one of the smallest men in the league yet will throw himself about,like with carragher last need fellas who have that mentality….i know nasris young but for me hes too passive and has no desire or hunger when we dont hav the ball…..the utd game is a great example…everyone heaped blame at clichys doorstep but if you watch the game he never got any help from nasri…the one time he did trot back he couldnt even stick out a leg when nani skint us….i know il be told im judging him too harshly but in fairness if your playin a 90min game in his position and uv not tackled or come up against ur opposite number once,theres something wrong……i mean nani looked like a superstar that day cos he was allowed to play…..if hes doin wel and starts a game well you put him on his arse next ball and get him looking over his shoulder

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