Arsenal 6-0 Blackpool: Player Ratings

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Adetuwo ‘Yemi Jr. rates the Arsenal players performance against Blackpool…

Manuel Almunia: Had a vacation in goal. He was rarely tested and on the one or two occasions he was called upon, he answered well. His handling was also assured throughout. 6

Gael Clichy: As he had very little to worry about defensively, he bombed forward with vigour and put in nice crosses for the forward players. 7

Alex Song: Coming back from an injury, this man had an immense game at the back. He held his own well against the very physical Blackpool forwards, tackling perfectly and displaying unbelievable amount of composure under pressure. 8

Thomas Vermaelen: Song kind of took all the trouble away from our Belgian hard man. But he was there whenever, he needed to be. 7

Bacary Sagna: Same story with his fellow countryman at left back. Bar the opening 15 minutes when Blackpool ventured forward, Bakky combined well with the man in front him to dominated the right side of our team. Guess what? He actually put in a decent cross which led to a goal…strange things eh? 7

Jack Wilshere: After the nightmare at Anfield, you couldn’t ask for an easier opponent. I had it in mind that Jackie was going to get the odd game this season, but it’s Match Day 2 and he’s been involved in both matches. His position made most use of his ball retention skills as he had to drop deep to run things. Almost got a goal for himself when the carnival started. 7.5

Abou Diaby: Fans’ opinions on this lad will always be divided. While he got a goal for himself, he was not convincing again. Yes, kill me for this! Granted he dribbles very well but this dude just doesn’t know when to pass the ball. He slowed down our attacks and dallied on the ball when a one touch pass was more appropriate. His goal was well taken though. 6.5

Tomas Rosicky: Words cannot describe how I feel about his game over the weekend. Cesc was not available and the mantle fell on him to dictate our attacks. He did this with distinction, using his flair and speed very well, spotting forward runs and executing even the most delicate of passes. You have to wonder if he’ll be dropped for Nasri when the Frenchman returns in a month. He seems happy with his game and we are happy with him too. 9

Theo Walcott: This young man is only reason Rosicky not my man of match for the second week running. He played on the wing but he did everything Arsene expected of him and even more. In contrast to the Theo we are more familiar with, he made the right choices in this game and got his reward…three well taken goals including one with his weaker foot. Theo has set the bar now, let’s hope he can stay at  that level for a long time. My Man of Match 9.5

Andrey Arshavin: After his showing against Liverpool, Arsha seems interested again. He always wanted the ball and when he got it, he ran at the Blackpool defence consistenly. He unselfishly laid the ball for Walcott’s first goal, gave Marouane a chance from 6 yards and struck his penalty well. 8

Marouane Chamakh: Up until the 83rd minute, our hardworking Moroccan did everything well except the most important part: putting the ball at the back of the net. Forced a nice save from the Blackpool goalie in the first half with a side footed half volley from Clichy’s cross. He was obviously desperate and got his wish with a thumping header from a Van Persie corner. Yeah, he missed a sitter. While I’m not defending him in any way, these things happen to virtually all strikers and we were 5 nil up by the way.  8.


Cesc Fabregas: He was on for around 20 minutes but still managed to show everyone why Arsene did not listen to offers for him over the summer. Even when playing leisurely, he did things that no other individual in the team can attempt. Welcome back, El Capitan! 6

Robin van Persie: Like Cesc, he came in just to have a feel of the carnival. You always had the feeling he could play at a higher gear if needed. Gave me a scare when he went down with what looked like a muscle injury. Well weighed corner for Chamakh’s goal. 6

Carlos Vela: Carlito did not have anything to do except take the chance he would get. This man always has a reason to smile and he gave me one when he went past three defenders by taking the ball over each of them. The finish was weak however. 6

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal 6-0 Blackpool: Player Ratings

  1. the player that be dropped is ARSHAVIN!!!He doesnt work a shit..he is very very good but he seems just disinterested!!!he should be taught a lesson..

  2. good to see at least one arsenal blog that watches the game not just the goals. your rating for arshavin was refreshing after ploughing through many blogs and match reviews with said ratings putting our mercurial russian at an average of 5.5. i find myself wondering what game they were watching. the guys workrate was top drawer his pass for theos goal after a lovely 1,2 with TR7 was so perfect i almost wept. theo could have scored that one blindfolded. his volley off theos cross was unlucky not to see the back of the net and he laid on a goal each for theo and chammy which neither were able to convert. i even saw him challenge for headers. the haters need to lay off. i`ll admit he can be a little lazy at times with his passing but he really is a special talent. anyways i will be sure to check this blog from now on due solely to your rating of our #23

  3. Great post from you Yemi; as lively as the match itself;keep it coming! I know it may be a bit lightweight but I’ll like to see a midfield three of Cesc, Rosicky and Song.Maybe not with Blackburn Thugers but no need to break the flow of an injury-free and in-form Rosicky if we can help it!

  4. I am Happy for Rosicky. He played really well and deserved a 9. He plays better in the centre midfield pulling the strings than playing as a wide midfielder/winger. But with Fabregas and Nasri in the team , its difficult for the Czech international to play in that position every week. But it is always nice to have plenty of options, Touch Wood.

  5. Sorry, I was at the match and Rosicky was man of the match. Arshavin was poor. Diaby was solid and his substitution saw us go down a notch. Song was average, but he didn’t have to do much. Vermaelen was awesome – he never lost a tackle or header.

  6. Good ratings. I agree with you on Diaby…he is technically gifted but dwells too much on the ball which slows down our attacking tempo. This may prove to be costly when we face tougher opponents cos the chances you get on the break are naturally quite limited in such kind of massive games.
    Steven’s midfield 3 and Chamakh/ RVP/ Arsha upfront can tear apart any defense, with Theo & Nasri (when he returns) featuring from the bench. If the midfield proves to be lightweight, then we got no option other than playing with two holding guys in Song & Diaby.
    If our top strikers remain injury free, I reckon Bendtner won’t get a lot of chances this season.

  7. Fair ratings, I love the the way Wilshere is getting playing time and gaining in confidence, if manage to sign another Cb and a competent goal keeper we look set to compete. C’mon you Gunners!

  8. Fair ratings I would say…..

    Excellent game and i don’t know why we didn’t go for a 10-0 drubbing……we had them, but just couldn’t go for it. We had 20mins to score at-least 3 more for a 9-0.

    Good to see Rosicky and Walcott in amazing form, especially Rosicky.

  9. Another good article…..a bit over the top with some ratings but all in all a good read.

    I have to say that my ratings were : Almunia 5 ( just for being there)

    Sagna & Clichy….6..( Thier crosses are pathetic but defending was improved)

    Wilshire 7…( going to improve with every game as did Cesc years ago)

    Song & Vermy ..8 ( both excellent)

    Rosicky & Theo …9 ( just wish they could stay uninjured for 6 months)

    Arsharvin 6.5 ( not enough effort again….Arsene will soon be subbing him for Nasri)

    Chamakh…7 ( considering this guy has been plonked into our setup and never plays with the same team twice….he is going to be a revelation )

    Now I want to see two for home and one for away.

    The home team would have Nasri start every other game in place of Jack or Rosicky.

    The away team would have Song & Kossy in front of the new back four of Sagna…Squilaci…Verny….Gibbs. And we should play the breakaway system that others play against us on their own dungheap…it will mean the others will have to attack or be booed off the park. With…Walcott…Cesc…Nasri & Rosicky supplying Chamahk or RVP…it could mean a great decade for AFC.,

    Mind you all of that could go South if Arsene keeps sodding about trying to get a goalie on the cheap….How many of you wanted Ben Foster for only £5 mill ?? Or Hart for £12 mill…or even Playing Scezszny ???

  10. Musher, I said: Song was average, but he didn’t have to do much. Because Vermaelen next to him was brilliant! Alex was very good, but restrained in what he did.

  11. Good ratings and very well writ, forsooth! I agree with it all.
    I’m afraid I remain entirely unconvinced by the contributions or lack thereof, of Diaby. His goal was beautifully struck, and it’s unusual to criticise someone who scores – but that’s Aboo for you. Apart from that goal he seemed to me virtually anonymous throughout the match (as usual) as if we were also playing with 10 men. (I notice GunnerPete missed him out of his ratings altogether). Okay, he made a couple of passes here and there, especially later on when he realised he was going to be substituted! Other than that – a waste of space. Now we have new players coming in Diaby must be dropped to the bench and used only as a general utility player.
    As good as Song was in that position it’s going to be great to see him back where he belongs. We’re so much stronger with him there. I wouldn’t mind looking at Squilch, Kosh, Verm & Gibbs across the back. Interesting…

  12. i have to disagree about diaby i thought he was very good at the weekend and would have given him an 8. he had a slow start but became more confident, was very stable defensively and his ability to turn and find space while being pressure was excellent, he got a goal and was involved in a lot of the play going forward.

  13. @henry – I’m genuinely interested in what you say because I wonder sometimes if I’m just missing all Diaby’s contributions? And the reason I wonder is Wenger. The man is a genius and surely not one to suffer fools gladly, and he insists on playing Diaby game after game after game which, to my eyes, he does not deserve. Was he really involved in a lot of the play going forward? I’ll have to watch my recording of the game. I only ever seem to notice him either dawdling on the ball or languidly observing the action going on around him. Does he ever get stuck in and make a tackle?

  14. I dont understand how people are saying Arshavin wasnt that great? He had a really good game and did everything that you could want out of a player in his position.

    And i agree with pretty much all the ratings. Though Song might have been a point down or so due to the lack of real threat and not much to do but good overall

  15. Because Diaby spends a lot of time on the ball defenders are drawn to him like a moth to a flame, thus giving his team-mates more space, his simple short passes are more often than not successful in reaching their target.

    Watching the game on TV gives only a limited impression of the runs and general off the ball work that goes on.

    Awarding ratings on the basis of TV coverage is imperfect to say the least as so much goes on that is not covered by the cameras.

  16. the young stars are very good players and should keep it that way and i hope that at the end truophless season will come to an end and i want to say that wenger should try to go for a keeper

  17. Arsenal did well against Blackpool.Thomas Rosicky and Wallcot may do well but it is very good to Alex Song as a centre back.His performance was great,that was a great decision by the coach.I dont know what the people are talking about Diaby.For me,he was always like that slow,skilfull and a great dribbler.

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