Arsenal 2-3 West Brom: Player Ratings

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Adetuwo ‘Yemi Jr. rates the Arsenal performances against West Brom. Not for the faint of heart…

Almunia: Okay, I’m not a member of the “Almunia Out!” brigade, but he had a terrible game. Now don’t even get me started on the penalty save because he caused it in the first place. He was beaten at his near post again, he made two decisions to come out for the ball and cost us on both occasions. He deserved nothing more than a zero but for the penalty save. 1

Sagna: Did his bit of defending, made some runs forward but his delivery was awful. Expertly skinned by Thomas on the by-line for the first of West Brom’s goals. 4

Squillaci: His apparent lack of pace gave him out against a very pacy attack. Had a poor game. 4

Koscielny: His positioning was bad for the first goal. He failed to close down his man for the second, got himself booked and went off for Vela. 4

Clichy: Better game than his defensive partners but could do nothing to prevent the goals. His positioning was questionable atimes but he had a lot of energy. A bit of work on his delivery into the box will do him a world of good. Just to add, He looks awkward in the opposition’s box. 4

Song: Poor positioning, awful and delayed passing. It’s a surprise he looked fatigued considering he wasn’t involved in the Spurs game. He should be reminded his primary job is to sit behind the attackers and shield the defence, not to score goals. 4

Diaby: Just could not match the game play of a vibrant Albion side. Maybe his injury is to blame but he had one of those “Diaby” days. 3

Nasri: The only one who deserves his wages for this week. He is the only to come out of that game with his head held high. If we were ever going to get something from this game, it was up to him. He showed amazing composure to score his goals, was unlucky to strike the crossbar; and to think he played 120mins just a few days before. 9

Eboue: Played on the right side of our attack and was lost in the game. Did not do anything of note. 3

Arshavin: Played his part albeit not too well. Could have got a goal earlier in the game but gave Nasri the pass for our second goal. He needs to impose his personality and become more influential. 6.5

Chamakh: Rarely caused any trouble but you wouldn’t blame him for not scoring if he did not get the chances. His link up play was lovely but mostly inefficient, but he worked tirelessly in search of an Arsenal goal. 5


Wilshere: He was brought on when to me, the game was as good as lost. Made little difference. 5

Rosicky: Same story as Wilshere’s but he added a bit of bite and urgency to our attack. He should have started the game. 6

Vela: Could not influence the result in anyway. 5


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28 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-3 West Brom: Player Ratings

  1. Regular reader but barely comment, just wanna get
    In that I don’t think we should get disheartened and we all need to keep our hopes up. It’s was simply one of our ‘off days’
    The plus side is that I think nasri has really upped his game lately and I noticed in pre season that he would have a good season, let’s not read too much into the result, get a nice win midweek then bring on Chelsea.

  2. I thought Clichy was the worst of the defenders. Never mind “he looks awkward in the opposition,s box”, he looked positively dangerous in ours.

  3. Nasri was good. I would have given the rest all bloody 0’s. And sell the lot of them back from where they came because this lot of players do not want to win anything. I pray Saturday at Chelsea won’t be humiliating!

  4. First game I have missed this season and looks like I picked a god one! The good news is at least that none of our main rivals except Man C$ty won. And thank goodness we have an easy game next week to bounce back!

  5. Clichy wasn’t better than the other defenders!! Complete lack of awareness (he just doesn’t seem to learn how to sense an impending danger).
    The two center halves were brutally exposed b/c Song was not doing his job. He got a goal against Bolton & now he thinks he can score every week.
    I won’t blame Kos & Squillaci. Great lads. They showed their quality at Sunderland. Problem is that there was no shield in front of them & the whole of our left side is always poor defensively (Arshavin+Clichy).
    And why doesn’t Wenger engage with the team from his technical area? I mean like the other managers do throughout the match. I feel it’s of no use to be there unless he guides the team in such difficult situations. Otherwise he can take a more comfortable seat in the stands.

  6. That was 3 bankable points thrown away with a gutless performance. ‘Oh yeah, we’re 3 goals down so I think we’d better start playing now.’ Idiots. The only way to get those points back is to reverse the situation and get 3 points where we’d expect to get none – against the chavs. But what’s the chances of that happening?
    I also just want to comment on your ‘Diaby had one of those ‘Diaby’ days.’ When does he not?? The very first thing he did in the match, under no pressure at all, was pass the ball to the opposition. In god’s name what is the point of this player??!! I cannot BELIEVE Arsene keeps playing him game after game after f*cking game!! He is a complete an utter loser! And he’s playing in possibly the most important position on the pitch. He wouldn’t even make it in a championship side because you have to show commitment and effort in those teams.

    I also tend to agree with MTY above me here that Kosh @ Squillaci were bascially left to fend for themselves with West Brom streaming through at will.

  7. u all kip on sayin there was no shield in front of d center backs??but song was red carded @ d stadium of light and they still managed 2 concede only one goal
    no complains…..they were jst awfull 2daii

  8. I too thought Diaby was one of the worst in a comedy of errors today. He definitely should have been subbed sooner. I agree about Song pushing forward too much as well. Overall things looked very off, and to me it’s because of the big game on Tuesday. Seems like every match after a big game is a let down.

    Party On!

  9. boring listening to you guys not admitting WE WERE THE BETTER TEAM,
    only excuses is all we hear from you, this player that player, wheres the money etc etc
    face it, we were better and you have a class team and a fantastic manager.
    we just beat you at football and that is what we play.

  10. Do not aggree ratings on Kos, Squillaci, Sagna. Sagna was beaten once for that goal but he was okay generally. Clichy was the weak link, maybe he’s tired but most games this season he plays he dosen’t know when to commit a tackle or when to shadown his man. You can blame Arshavin but look at recordings of Arsenal matches since first game, Shava has started to help defend, if not you can try download some prozone graphs (for those who commented shava didn’t help clichy). I think its more of Clichy losing his mojo and thats bad, because all we have now is a very fast leftback/wingback with no end product.

    Overall the defence failed because our two holding midfielders went awol, Song actually tracked back but he was beaten for pace all the time. Diaby…hmm well is just Diaby. Song had one of those days not Diaby.

    The defeat was probably due to overconfidence/complacency, as demonstrated with Song’s eagerness to run box to box when he dosen’t have pace. If it’s overconfidence the lads have since beating Spurs I hope they shed it quickly. Denilson even commented in the media that we can win the league after 4 games, I mean come on its not even November stop giving this ridiculous interviews.

    With the absence of Cesc, the team was playing with no direction, but credit must be given to WBA who was outstanding and played like Arsenal. I hope Wenger reshuffles his tactics, no more excuses that the boys are young but the played with valor blah blah should anything happen against Chelsea(touch wood). Anyway this defeat is good as it came early, the lads can put extra work in training.

  11. your ratings seem spot on but I am a member of the “almunia out” brigade. teams will have an off game or unmotivated performance and I will be the first to say that goalkeepers are in the toughest position when a mistake is made (take rob green at the WC as exhibit A). the problem with our GK position (and i understand i am part of a broken record at this point) is that it’s not an occasional mistake here and there that leaves us shaking our heads, it is massive flubs that leave us screaming at the television! Almunia did not make just one mistake yesterday, he was a chaotic mess in the back. at this level, in order to contend, we need a shotstopper who will step up when the rest of the team let’s us down. the spine of a team is the heart of success and the base of our spine is our weakest length.

  12. It’s easy to point out players and although certain players were exposed – The truth is WBA wanted it more. Came out stronger and our players could not cope. We were simply complacent and made typical school boy errors. Yes it cost us a win at home. But that’s football for you. Collectively, we did not play well and hopefully there wont be any complacency for the Champions league tie.

    We were simply humbled.

    Almunia has his weaknesses – I agree but Im not going to dwell on the result just yet. Early days and lesson hopefully learnt. Though It’s disheartening when your in a strong position to close the gap on Chelsea.

    I just hope we are mentally and physically capable of getting it together and let’s move on.

  13. i always say that almunia is so suck!!!!…costly defeat bocause of him…no almunia please….sign new keeper….or title dream will be killed by almoania…..sign new centre back n fullback…koscielny n sequillaci are not good enought for BPL…suckkk almunia….

  14. If Arsene Wenger still harbour the idea that Arsenal will win something this new season, he will be very disappointed. With this kind of games dish out, it’s very unlikely The only ones deserved mentioning for the nite were Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin and maybe Chamakh. The defence was a self-inflicted and a total disaster.
    I think the first thing AW has to do is to sign a new GK who is really deserves to wear Arsenal’s GK no.1 shirt! And please try not to play players out of their usual position.

  15. Nasri was good but not for the whole game. I would have given him no more than an 8.
    He should have taken charge of the midfield and have told Song and Diaby to wake up to themselves, get back where they belong and start defending. He simply wasnt looking for the ball enough until it was too late.

    Arsene deserves a 2….he failed to take WBA seriously – just look at the team he sent out. He was slow to repair the situation….should have flicked Eboue and Diaby at half time.

    Diaby and Eboue both got worse after half time not better.

  16. Almunia is and always will be a clown and he will always cost us dearly. Who remembers him costing us the CL by getting beaten, not once, but twice at his near post in the final? You just knew then that this guy is not good enough and i just cant believe that Wenger stuck with him for so long. Its ridiculous.

    And what has happened to Song? Making runs forward like he is the new Dennis Bergkamp and ends making clumsy challenges and giving away fouls. That only puts extra pressure on the defense. Where’s the descipline? Why cant he keep things simple? Sit back, break up play and offload the ball to someone close by. Thats not too much to ask is it?

  17. Agree totally with Steve.. Nasri did not play well in the 1st half. Not to mention Diaby and the rest. Sadly speaking, this match is good enough to tell that we won’t win the league.

  18. As MYT put it, our greatest failure from behind starts with Almunia n spills down to the left flank (read Clichy). Look at all the games we got beaten, all come from the left; Nani’s,Park’s goal came froma short from the left, Barca at home. we need to fix that wing, else it will cost us the EPL n many more…

  19. nasri wasnt ‘good’ for most of the game. after we were 3-0 down he raised his game but by then it was way too late. prior to that he had played his usual role of flattering to deceive, as too many arsenal players do (vela, diaby, clichy). Wilshere made a difference when he came on and looked to be our only committed player. this was more of the same inconsistency we have been seeing for 4 years.

  20. Arsene needs to look at ManU,liverpool,Chelsea and ManC.this clubs have matchwinners in form me goalkeepers. denilson wud’ve played beta than sad we lost al 3points but its a wake up cal.

  21. The problem stems from a defence that has no confidence in its goalkeeper. As such they drop deeper and deeper when put under pressure to try and get more men around the keeper to block efforts and crosses – which against teams with height up front only adds to the tension, nerves and danger. This scenario has played out for the last 3 or 4 years from memory.

    Every week I watch the highlights of other games and have to applaud some brilliant saves being made from the likes of Given, Friedel, Jaaskalainen, Van der Sar, Cech and, dare I say it, once in a blue moon Gomes.

    Almunia has played over 160 times for the Gooners, yet I struggle to recall more than 2 or 3 decent saves. Every time I remark to friends that Almunia had a “good game” it’s more that he didn’t make a mistake that lead to a goal. That’s how terrible it’s got.

    Wenger refuses to pay large sums for a quality goalkeeper. Most managers estimate that a decent keeper adds up to a further 6 points a season. For Arsenal, make that nearer 12. Given the extra revenue from a higher league placing, extended runs in the CL and other cup competitions and shirt sales (has any Arsenal fan got an Almunia jersey?!!!) surely it’s worth the money?

    The problem currently is that I’d stick with Almunia going forwards because both Flappyanski and Mannone have shown that they’re both more prone to mistakes!!!

  22. @Peter wilkin – Wenger should have corrected the midfield before even halftime, but he seems carried away most of the time. Dont also forget Nasri & Eboue were swapping places that first half. What if Eboue went to the right, Nasri is in the middle and Song is already in front of him with Diaby not too far away….who covers for the defense?
    The !st half mix-up was wrong and I dont know why Wilshere was not there?

  23. The team selection was the course of the defeat, why Diaby was involved since he was out for more than two weeks? we could pick Song alongside with Jack who has more vision. and why Eboe instead of Rosick? This was not the game to defend, its a winning game. Game like this which is not physical game u could even use Denilison and Jack at Midfield. Time for Mr. Wenga to weak-up not come-up and blame the performance of the whole team.

  24. Sabri,

    It’s called rotation, it’s why we have a squad system. You cannot expect to play certain members of the squad in every game. We cannot know the reasons behind Wenger’s team selection, maybe he thought Wilshire was tired and Diaby fitter than was the case or were others in the squad carrying injuries.

    West Bromwich at home appeared to be the ideal game in which some players could be rested and others eased back after injury. Maybe Wenger along with the majority of supporters and the sporting press underestimated WBA to some extent.

    It was a poor and disjointed performance all round and to single out any one player is unfair. In general terms the defence was let down by the midfield which showed indiscipline by going to far forward. The midfield was let down by the defence which played too deep because of it’s lack of confidence in the ‘keeper. The forwards lost their positioning because the midfielders were crowding into the opposition’s half too much.

    Football is essentially a positional game where players must maintain discipline and cover for each other, this side of the Arsenal game broke down on Saturday and I am sure that the manager will have pointed this out to the team and I don’t expect that we shall see such an all round shoddy performance again.

  25. Some players don’t see his feet that why Song and Diaby had a very bad day by they forgot where his feet.DM is for clear and keep clam in front of CB. Holding MF is for help DM in defense and start the attack by himself or use the other esp Fantasista to create and goal in highly degree successwith his pass. But both of all forgot their jobs.

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