Arsenal 1-2 Blackburn: Fabianski blamed but where was the support?

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I won’t lie to you, I didn’t get to see much of Arsenal’s 2-1 loss to Blackburn.

I saw highlights of the goals as well as a sustained period of about twenty minutes across half time, but not enough that would give me the right to comment on our overall performance.

What I can comment on was the fact that despite the headlines about Lukasz Fabianski’s errors, for neither of the goals did he receive enough support from the defence. Both Bacary Sagna and Sol Campbell failed to make their physical presence felt between their Blackburn opponents and our goalkeeper and it made Fabianski’s job much more difficult than it should have been.

Up the other end Carlos Vela blew an easy chance to get his only goal of the season while Robin van Persie did get one, his first since returning from injury. It was good to see him finding the net, hopefully a sign of things to come next season.

The loss leaves us in an odd situation where failure to take anything from our final game at home against Fulham could see us finish fourth. It’s unlikely, given that Tottenham would have to beat Manchester City and also win their final game, but it is disappointing that things have gotten so tight.

I should say at this point that there won’t be too much more blogging from me over the next week. There will be a preview and review of the Fulham game before a full end of season report but aside from that, not much else.


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33 thoughts on “Arsenal 1-2 Blackburn: Fabianski blamed but where was the support?

  1. Spot on about Campbell & Sagna. The more I see it, the more I blame the ref for not blowing the whistle on Dunn’s foul on Campbell. Having said that Campbell should’ve been much stronger and not allowed Dunn to push him onto Fabianski.

    For the second goal, the blame lies with Nasri. Why didn’t he pick up Dunn? It’s just bullshit.

    Blackburn are basically a bunch of cheating gits. For me, that’s just plain cheating. That the referee couldn’t see it for what it was is a disgrace.

  2. Why is it unlikely that Spuds will win their last 2 games? It looks more likely than us getting anything out of the game against Fulham!!














  4. the one thing i noticed about the game was the lack of support being given to fabrianski. Dont really think he was the one to blame for the goals even the second goal. The fact that he was crowded out at every corner speaks for itself. forget bout the ref blowing the whistle, or lamenting about blackburn tactics. Sam came to the game with a sole purpose to win in set-pieces and unsettling the keeper. Yes it may be 2 soft goals but for once the keeper not entirely to blame. Defender’s job is to cover for the keeper. its pretty hard to do that if u have their strikers in there to disrupt the keeper.

    Arsenal not known for our defense and our strength is as evident in the early stages of the season is our ability to sustain pressure on the opponents defense. Yesterday again highlighted the failings of our midfield to link the defense and the strikers. surely there must be someone else beside Cesc who can link our attacking options?

    I think our main concern for next season is to find someone who will link up the team.

  5. Fabianski is stupid, a keeper who is mentally prepared will assault those players in his way, do you think Lehmann would have allowed himself to be bullied so much? Seeing as the ref had no problems with those tactics of Rovers, he would have allowed Fabianski to give it back.

    Wenger is also ultimately to blame, he saw Rovers do it all 45mins, had 15mins to issue new instructions, he never, and we lost. Not sure of him and his bottle these days, he is behaving like a lunatic loser. And don’t blame injuries, who bought these players? Not Hill-Wood, not Graham, all down to Wenger, all his players, and they have failed.

  6. When are we going to start blaming the right person – stop all the bullshit about it being the keeper or whoever!
    Wenger is senile – he has not yet discovered that two guys fromthe old age home can not defend against young strong verile guys.
    These two should be paying in the senior league!
    Also how the hell does wenger think he wil win trophies playing without a true centre forward for half the season.
    Converting little russians or spaniards to make shift strikers makes them lok incompatent and makes aresenal the laughing stock of the leaugue.
    Sorry to say – but time for Wenger to join the imbesile brigade along with the Liverpool manager – each for their own short sightedness!

  7. Some of you gooners…! I thought the mancs were bad losers! Na, to be fair some of you are on the money. But cheating?! get real. We put your keeper under pressure and he flapped. How is that cheating? During the World Cup a commentator will go on about some south american keeper who flaps and how England should get plenty of crosses in. That is just the same as yesterday. Will England be cheating then?

    And Arsene! I would be squirming listening to that pathetic post match press conference. He never changes, always whinging. He should coach a basketball team. There’s no contact there! The sooner you big sides stop rolling into town and expecting 3 points the better it will be for you all.

    If you cant cope go and play in some european league and leave the rest of us to it.

  8. Watched the match & there are far more guilty for our loss than Fabianski. Our goalkeepers just seem to be the popular whipping boys these days.

    Arsenal fielded a side of bench warmers and their play confirmed the reason their label. Lower skill level, lack of confidence – less risk taking, poorer tactical understanding with the ball. This group had no fighting spirit and deserved to get pushed around for the 90 minutes.

    With a series of new injuries, our manager had little options. Vela, Theo, and Eboue INDIVIDUALLY can fit into the starting line up and contribute when supported by stronger players. However, collectively on the pitch together & their weaknesses are magnified exponentially and team play drops to Carling Cup proportions.

    Blackburn has proved to be a formidable opponent at home this season, so the expectations of our winning with even more players unavailable is fairy tale stuff.

  9. I read this blog as well as a few others, but don’t often comment. As a lifelong fan I cvan see both arguments. Yes I still think AW is the best man for the job (in fact I cannot see what other ‘world class’ managers would want the job given that they would have very restricted funds available for signings), however I do also see some validity in the DG mongers comments (well some of them). We have had terrible injuries this year, but also we’ve just witnessed some performances from key squad players such as Diaby and Nasri which look a little unacceptable (even taking fitness issues into account). I think the comments about players fighting for places is valid and perhaps it would make for a better team. I’m sure AW will concede that a few new players will make for a better campaign next year.

  10. @ Bluerover

    Keep the manager and his tactics Rover, we rest assured knowing that at least one of the teams is going to finish below us. And that’s Big Sams Team.

    Stop lying. you did not put him under pressure, you fouled him.

  11. why is every1 blaming fabainski for yesterday it wasnt his fault how the hell are u gonna get the ball when u have a mountain in samba in your way. most of the set peices yesterday one blackburn player would hold him either samba or roberts allowing the other blackburn player to get the ball the ref didnt help him out once i seen it a hundered times if van der sar or cech or renia is even slightly impeded they get the foul wat are wrong with the idiot refs this season its like it one rule for arsenal and another ruke for the rest

  12. Defense problems aside, Arsenal looked very listless with the ball. The boys look slow and apathetic, have trouble passing the ball and are too afraid to dribble past defenders. There’s no energy in the passes, and with their lack of speed, are never going to break past defenses. There’s too much wasteful finishing. The ‘smaller’ teams who have been up against them during the end of the season have had less possession, fewer chances but have been more clinical about getting the ball in the back of the net.

    Here’s hoping that the Gunners step up next season. The boys at Ewood park weren’t Arsenal. They were a bunch of limp lads hobbling around in red and white.

  13. Oi Bluerover – do you actually pay hard earned cash to watch the cheating tactics Fat Sam adopts – you poor idiots – yea we will always finish above you andI am sorry we did not have Lehmann in goal to give your bullyboys a good push and shove.

  14. Andy I advise you not to watch the repeat. I did not feel angry but I felt sad that the players didn’t give a fight. It was not the defence it was the midfield, Diaby had this arrogant “i’m too good to waste my time at blackburn'” look. So he just strolled around. To think that I actually defended Diaby before, Nasri was bad but at least he tried to cover up for Diaby. Seriously it was shocking beyong belief, worse than the defeat to Wigan.

    Arseblog has a perfect summary of what happened. Sadly Wenger is blaming the ref again, and whining alot, I can’t believe it that he is falling into their trap(media). I will always try to be positive and support the team but how can anyone be positive when the players themselves don’t want to be positive.

    You know your midfield’s not working when Sol Campbell is the one that had to dribble the ball from defence, yes he did that not once but for the whole match.

  15. @gooner Stop labeling people D&G or AKB, who gives you the right. This blog is not about which fans belongs to which group, the article is about the performance of Arsenal. Now the problem is the players have been dissapointing, no commitment, its a tragedy that CESC came out in the papers asking them to wear and play the shirt with pride, but the exact opposite happened at ewood park.

  16. The only solution to this embarrasing arsenal side is the coach.First you bring a little hopeless polish keeper who no one respects apart from you the coach. Its obvious that he is a mediocre keeper and you bench a much stronger and taller Manone, You fail to buy the right physical players and state that players comming from injury are as well as new signings.For heavens sake when will this French ass hole live Arsenal. I just cant wait for the season to end. He is just pathetic and an embarrasment to what he achieved in the past.I am seeing him like a Mugabe of Zimbabwe.(a dictator on arsenal fans).We should strike at the Emirates grounds soon.We are sick and tired of stupid excuses of injuries yet even if the injured players were back we could continue to be beaten.I just dream of one day reading in the press that the beast has gone. I dont care how much profits he has made for the club but my lost pride as a gunner.

  17. arsenal is like a radderless boeing sailing with a dead pilot.Wenger the manager has become so senile and psychotic that a few people are taking to realise. He is a shadow of his own self that he lacks even any new motivational words to motivate players.He is so blind enough that he can even think Sol at his age deserves a contract renewal. Guys i asked you last time to tell me which game did we play Campbell and Silvestre and we got results. Its only the stupid idiot who will blame the refs no wonder. People the season is gone but we dont need rocket science to realise that many mediocre arsenal players are going to be rewarded new contracts and the same fool will coach them who lacks any motivational words. Look at how the team has lost 4 games consecutively.Its this rubbish the moron has kept on telling us throughout.I would shit in his face and return him to France.We have descent coaches in the premiership than this moron.

  18. After admitting that you have not taken the time to watch the match in full, what is the point in presenting an informed opinion of what happened? At least I though that was what posts were meant to do. It feels like a a book review after skimming through a volume in 30 minutes. Even though the keeper has come in for most criticism, the rest of the team were plodding and jaded.

  19. arsenal game yesterday had no flair, as blackburn use their tactics that would off work and it did, what I can’t understand is why is wenger still using fabianski when you have mannone on the bench, what does wenger have to lose?really if anything about arsenal game this season is that we are to predictable sad but the truth, a goal down arsenal still passing the ball in their own half, running to the box is he going to shoot ” he coming he coming ‘ nope he send it to walcott and walcott hit the defender again with the ball, don’t know if the players got their mind on coming to my country for 2010 and not injuring themself or what.THE ONLY ONES THAT CONTINUE TO LOSE OUT IS THE FANS,PRICE FREEZE FOR TICKETS FANS, THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS TOILET SHIT!!!!

  20. Completely agree with Laninja and Arseblog… there was no fighting spirit in the team… again… apart from perhaps RvP and Sol, who were the only two good players. Nasri and Diaby were shit in midfield, getting bullied around, losing the ball, failing to deliver good passes, not entering the box even once…

    Furthermore Vela and Walcott have proven that they are not good enough either. Vela was shockingly bad one moment, absent for the rest of the game. Walcott delivered one cross, that’s all. Traore also showed that he needs a couple more years experience (reserves or loan) before he can play in the EPL, let alone CL. Sylvestre is just a joke he’s so bad and Fabianski also confirmed that he is just not good enough (although he wasn’t the only one to blame for the goals).

    And what all this comes down to is AW’s errors… he got us into a situation where we have to rely on two veteran CBs and a shit GK. He should stop moaning and winging and take his responsibilities…. strengthen up the team, sort your tactics out and start winning something! Or at least, look like you want to….

    Gotta also say that Blackburn are a disgrace, what they do should not be called football. And the ref was shockingly bad, mistake after mistake after mistake. No excuses for needlessly losing yet another game though…

  21. Good Blog again. Spot on Games1 too. you wouldn`t see Terry or Ferdinand letting their GKs get crowded out like Fab was yesterday – pathetic defence. Fabs had a decent game I thought but if opposing players go out to play the man and the ref and your own team mates allow that to happen – how can you blame the GK?!!!

  22. i have sinking feeling we might not get a new keeper signing this summer. instead we might just get Szczesny back from brentford to back almunia and pressure him for no1 spot. more likely to get 2 new cb’s instead. hope am wrong though.

  23. Same old story…. Arsenal getting bullied. The fact of the matter is that we are just not good enough.

    Fabianski, Silvestre, Traore and Vela are just not good enough. Arsenal Wenger would never start those players in a Champions League final game so why are they in the Arsenal team. If you are not good enough to start a game like that, then you should not even make the bench.

    I don’t know if Arsenal have any money but if we have then this season is the season to spend it. As an Arsenal fan I’m getting really annoyed of settling for just qualifying for the CL. We are a better team than that. Gaining 3rd place is not an achievement on last year; it’s just another disappointment that we did not challenge for the Prem title. A serious overhaul needs to be done in the summer. I’m not talking about a mass exodus of players, but AW needs to be real with himself and say that some of the players are just not good enough.

  24. AW you have been trying to fool gooners for past six trophyless years. Not any more. You are a bad loser. Jose Mournino rightly called you “Y”. No more whinning crying foul every time the team loses place the blame on ref and the physical aspect of the game. Unless there is drastic shake down and half of the squad booted out and inducted at least six players with physical presence and willing to fight we might not even finish in top six next season. How a team can win with two dead duck goalkeepersuitable for dads army team, a midfield of diabys, denilsons who cannot pass a ball, bunch of forwards in vela, eduardo, bendtner and the worthless walcott whose only contribution seems to pass the ball back to his marker. It must be a joke to take him to South Africa. He should better concentrate on sprinting. In a nutshell the team is simply not good enough for trophies.

  25. Whenever i used to see or hear another manager speakmill of Arsene Wenger it would always enrage me but this season i actually stopped caring and in some cases agreed with them, he cant admit fault or blame and always finds an excuse, its deflection and is disrespectful to the fans, we want someone representing us that calls it as we see it and isnt always playing games with our emotions.
    It used to be Wenger would play mind games with ferguson but since we stopped challenging the last 6 seasons it us hes been playing mind games with….. ‘ hhhmmmm i wonder how long more i can keep telling this lot that nasri,diaby and denilson are great before they catch on?’
    Nasri was disgraceful for both goals last night, firstly he abandoned the post he was on for dunn to prod home unchallenged and then he went walk-about again failing to prevent dunn from impeding our keeper….not good enough but im sure Wenger didnt even criticise nasri or diaby for their uselessness yesterday and they will once again expect a jersey in the first 11 waiting fore them next game.
    Would diaby,nasri,vela,sylvestre,eduardo,bendtner,denilson,rosicky,walcot,traore,fabianski or almunia get near the utd or chelsea teams? Not a chance.
    And for the record Fabianski wasnt fouled for either goal. For starters every goalkeeper has the advantage of using his hands, if he really wants to get to a ball he can, there was no contact on the second goal and the first one he just showed he wasnt strong enough to come through the crowd and get a strong hand on it….pathetic.
    Wenger lack of tactics, motivation, man management and most importantly RESPECT FOR ALL OPPOSITION has been exposed this season.
    Remember weve won many games in the last minute this season and had we not we would be below liverpool at this moment.
    I would be the happiest man on the planet if Nasri, Diaby, Vela, Denilson, Sylvestre, Fabianski and Almunia wernt at my club next year but you just know hel get rid of Eduardo, Rosicky and Gallas, like he did with senderos….no more French spineless, carefree strings of misery….we want Scott Parkers and Chiellinis….we want a bit of heart!!

  26. AW statement of the season (graped at

    He was asked whether Vela’s talent was the single reason he decided not to replace Emmanuel Adebayor in summer.

    The manager replied: “Yes.”

  27. @ Biggy – I only provided an opinion on the things I did see, nothing that I didn’t.

    I’ve seen the headlines: a lot are criticising Fabianski but as I said, for the goals I didn’t think he got a lot of support.

    I also saw Vela’s miss and van Persie’s goals and commented on those.

    Not really sure what you’re getting at.

  28. It’s being reported in numerous press agencies this morning that Gianluigi Buffon has given Arsenal a come and get me plea in the wake of his decision to play in the Premier League next season. The vastly experienced goalkeeper has become increasingly unsettled with his current club Juventus over the lack of structure and stability surrounding the club and therefore has requested a transfer.

    The Italian, who is 32 and still relatively young for someone in his position, remains the world’s most expensive keeper after his £32.6million transfer from Parma nine years ago.

    He still has three years on his Juve contract. But the Turin giants have failed to qualify for next season’s Champions League and Buffon admits he could be tempted by a switch to England.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been left fuming after blunders by keepers Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski, and although stating recently that all transfer rumours currently surrounding the club were untrue, is undeniably on the search for new recruits as he also stated at Arsenal’s pre-match press conference versus Wigan.

    Buffon said: “If I had to leave, I think England would be my destination.

    “My desire to leave Juve is equal to that of Juve’s will to have me leave.

    “We will see if we will decide for our paths to continue together.”

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  29. Arsenal Debate can confirm that Arsene Wenger has already dwelled into the transfer market prior to the season even ending since Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has today all but confirmed he will be joining Arsenal in the summer. Why Arsenal refuses to publicise such moves is a mystery, yet considering both clubs had immediate commitments to their league and champion’s league respectively seems to be the obvious answer.

    The 26-year-old Morocco nternational is out of contract at the end of the season and will reportedly move to the Emirates Stadium on a free transfer in June. With Arsenal having problems up front this season following a serious injury to Dutch ace Van Persie, Wenger is thought to have moved to snap up the North African star.

    Arsenal Debate gather’s Chamakh decided to leave the French club earlier this year and without doubt positioned Arsenal as his only club of choice.

    “I am delighted to join the English football atmosphere, it is something amazing,” he told French newspaper L’Equipe.

    “I love Arsenal’s game. I know I will have to adapt but I know the short passing game. In February, I made my decision. A departure clause (in a potential new Bordeaux contract) was not logical after refusing Arsenal last summer. Arsenal were not alone however, there was Liverpool. Tottenham and crazy offers from Russia, but I was only focused on the Premier League.”

    Chamakh has been with Les Girondins for 10 years and, while he is looking to the future, admits he will be leaving with a heavy heart.

    “For my last matches with Bordeaux I can feel a lot of emotion,” he added.

    “But I am leaving for a new challenge. At Bordeaux I was the club’s child. In London, I won’t be a kid anymore.

    “I have grown, I have things to prove and I am motivated to achieve it.”

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  30. we cant compete with the big boys in spending power so plz tell how smaller teams are meant to compete without a bit of tough tactics or do the big boys expect us to roll over and let them win?

  31. btw i dont know if the stories are true but its been on the news up in the north west blackburn rovers are about to be approached for a byout by either a indian or south asian billianaire

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