Arsenal 1-0 Roma: a good win but chances missed

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Arsenal recorded a rather surprising 1-0 win over Roma last night at The Emirates to take a handy lead into the second leg in Italy. Robin van Persie was the game breaker, winning a penalty and scoring the only goal.

Unfortunately I’m dealing with a relatively serious personal situation today and am unable to post a match report just yet.

Stay tuned and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal 1-0 Roma: a good win but chances missed

  1. Point proven last night about Denilosn and Song.

    We were comfortable in the middle of the park, Arsenal had dominated the midfield for the first time in i dont even know how long with Diaby, whom i thought played very well last night. Then the clown comes on Song to partner Denilson and we lost the midfield again…

    But in a confident mood, we should get a goal in Roma, and if we do i cant see Roma putting three past us.

    RVP wat a legend!!!!

  2. Point proven last night about Denilosn and Song.

    We were comfortable in the middle of the park, Arsenal had dominated the midfield for the first time in i dont even know how long with Diaby, whom i thought played very well last night. Then the clown comes on Song to partner Denilson and we lost the midfield again…

    But in a confident mood, we should get a goal in Roma, and if we do i cant see Roma putting three past us.

    RVP wat a legend!!!!

  3. Up gunners! We thank God arsenal won. Pls, wenger it’s nt by force to use nicklas is a dulling player & he doesn’t have a goal sense. U cann’t compare him with eduardo. Owolabi 4rm nigeria. All d best! I stil remain gunners.

  4. Its plane simple Denilson is a better DM than song. Song will never do it for Arsenal as well as Eboue obviously Arsene swallow your pride use merida randall or wilshere for they are the key 2 make you fill good about life.

  5. Abu Diaby’s poise and strength was a welcome return for the home team as he controlled the midfield and supplied much of the balls forward, however once again, Nicklas “The goal waster” Bendtner disappointingly missed a handful of chances that would have put the Gunners in a more favourable position for the return leg… oh and don’t even get me started on Eboue’s miss from the 6-yard box! Hideous!

  6. Deni and Diaby totally dominated midfield, they were too hot for DeRossi to handle. DeRossi wont be playing in the 2nd leg, Totti is not the player he used to be and Mexes is in sixes and sevens too often. I think Roma is there for the taking.

    We should use the same midfield against Fulham and play Arshavin as RvP’s partner up front, we’ll thrash them for sure.

  7. @ sf hope all is well and your back soon!!!!
    missing chances is better than not making any and in 2 weeks we should have bayor, cesc and maybe walcott back so it could be worse. I just wish ade was in the squad as he would of put 1 of those bendtner misses away and eboue has got to cut out his play acting as I’m never one for players getting each other booked and instead of looking for the foul and wasting chances he should stand tall and put in a pass as walcott did last year in the cl( milan I think) That could of made the difference and good to see diaby back as he was a bit rusty but he also needs to cut out those silly tackles especially in europe but now we should start to feel more positive about the team. Those last 10 mins was horrible can’t remember the last time I cringed when the oppersition had the ball as I swear nothing was going to go our way and we would concede.

  8. Great overall performance. The finishing let us down, Eboue and NB, should have done better.
    3-0 up would have been a fair result.
    Hopefully we shall have Ade and Theo in Rome.
    We hope for the best

  9. I dont think Bendtner should start, but i do think he is a great impact player coming off the bench.

    He has done it so many times for us coming off the bench, so we will be even stronger when Adebayor and Eduardo come back.

  10. A Win!
    Surprising? no. Its just a matter of time everyone gels together. Hopefully they develop a siege mentality to finish the season on a high note and win some silverware!

    Lets celebrate a great game and look how well we play, the interception, the tackles, its like a different team!

    Bendtner brings an attacking option to the game. Be kind. he’s still young and he’s getting better!Look at how he link up with RVP, which says something as Roma defenders couldn’t predict RvP movements!

    Nasri given a roaming role! He plays so much better than parked on the left. Wenger showing signs of confidence in playing attacking football vs Roma. Hope he sticks with this and not return to the defensive pairing of Song Denilson.

    Diaby and Eboue. I was shocked at the way they play. How good is that compared to their previous dismal display of football. Not to say a great game but a good one nevertheless considering their atrocious form of late. Hope it last till the end of season!

  11. If Wenger goes with same starting line up in Rome (or with addition of whoever is back from injury), we should hold tight. We can and should nick a goal in Rome. Can’t actually believe the two big misses – absolutely shocking! Bentner couldn’t believe it himself and completely lost confidence after that. Passing instead of shooting, etc. Trying to stay on the positive side, based on last night, we should be able to cut them open as they will have to attack us. N

  12. @ SF- hope you get your problems sorted mate.
    Last night’s game. Overall I thought we played really well. The defence looked solid, although Almunia worried me on a couple of occasions, coming off his line for high balls, then changing his mind and getting stuck in no-mans land. Luckily he got away with it. Denilson did a good job at DM and Diaby did well pushing on. With Bendtner and Eboue out wide and Nasri playing in the hole behind RvP, I think we looked dangerous for most of the night. I don’t think anyone could dispute we were worth at least a 2 goal advantage if not more. We may well live to regret the missed chances. I felt a bit sorry for Eboue, because he had a great game last night. His missed chance was down to a lack of composure and decisiveness. He should have shot first time instead of buggering about trying to create a better angle. Sorry SF, but Bendtner’s miss was unforgivable. Eboue is a full back converted into a midfielder, but Bendtner is supposed to be striker. His job is to score goals, and his chance was easier than Eboue’s because he had so much time and space. His effort was pathetic, truly awful. I know I bang on and on about his deficiencies, but I honestly thought he was bloody terrible again last night. His first touch is so, so poor and he simply cannot play the one-touch football that is fundamental to being an Arsenal player. You can’t blame the player, he plays in the team because the manager picks him. Why he picks him is an absolute mystery to me. We could easily have played Vela in Bendtner’s role, with Nasri playing off of RvP. Never mind, I’ve got that off my chest!
    Last night’s game showed how good we can be against continental opposition, who give us half a yard extra space than we get in the premiership. I think Peter Georgiadis is a bit unfair on Song, saying we lost the midfield after Diaby went off. Yes, that had an effect, but it was Rome bringing on Pizzaro and both their fullbacks pushing up at the same time that was the decisive factor in putting us under pressure. I thought Song coped pretty well.
    We’ll need to be at our very best in the return, but if we can score a goal, I think we’ll scrape through.

  13. has any1 noticed how well eboue played last nyt in spite of the miss?? the guy was all energy and was instrumental in many of the plays that were engineered. fine he cant finish to save his life nor is he a particularly skillful player but if a guy as poor as him could play with such zeal imagine wat our more skillful players could do if they played with such energy? – we’d’ve definitely beaten Roma comprehensively. stop making eboue the automatic scape goat wenever we dont win. van persie, vela, ramsay et all could’ve worked harder. nasri imo is the only player last nyt who played better than eboue

  14. the subs he made were shit …

    diaby for song …the worst of the lot …take off our driving force, roma couldnt deal with him he was getting the ball and causing all sorts of problem and you replace him with a potato!….he sits and adds nothing to us goin 4ward….if diaby has to come off then …ramsey will drive us forward.

    eboue was creating so many opportunities with his movement, pace and direct running …shuddnt have come off

    bendtner….okay hes shit but vela is annoyamous when he comes on as left mid , lightweight adds nothing much …whereas bendtner was having more of an impact and although things werent goin well for him things were still happening nlike when vela was on.

  15. I have said it again and again that Bendtner is a 2nd half player. Wenger should learn. Ebue should go for prayers, always after doing good he found himself doing what spoils his contribution. He tried, but for waste.

  16. Yesterday I was called deluded for believing that we could win the Champions League, well I’m deluded a little bit. But not where Arsenal are concerned.

    I’ve believed all season that this is our year for the Holy Grail and I’m not about to change my mind now.

    I know our short-comings. I know that this Arsenal group of players are far from the strongest squad we’ve had under Wenger but we are Arsenal and for as long as I can remember we have always been at our best as underdogs.

    We are big underdogs for the rest of the season and that will suit us. We were underdogs throughout our run to the final in 2006 and this time we will go one better and win the damn thing.

    We will have many massive games for the rest of the campaign. You could say every game from now till the end of the season is a cup final. This game against Roma is massive.

    This team have reacted to big games all season. We’ve beaten the “unstoppable” force of Manchester United, we’ve beaten Chelsea. On our day we can match the elite and be even better.

    Our football suits the Champions League. Who keeps the ball better than us in Europe? Maybe Barcelona equal our ball keeping skills but once we find that cutting edge I’m confident in this Arsenal team.

    I understand its hard to believe in the squad but its all we have until the end of the season. Yes I know this is Wenger’s fault for not strengthening when we needed it but lets wait until the end of the season and then we can judge.

    Until then I’m going to try to keep calm. It probably won’t last long but I’m going to give it my best shot!

    And believe me, Arsenal CAN win the Champions League.

  17. Yesterday Arsenal showed what they are capable of doing if they set their minds to it. Unfortunately, they were not able to convert some of the chances into goals. Bendtner and Eboue both missed easy chances. It is not the first time that Bendtner has done this. He talks about playing every game and all the minutes but he cannot finish, what good is he if he cannot convert the easy chances. It will not easy on the return match but hopefuly with couple of players returning, Wenger will have more choices.

  18. @ ramon

    The feeling is mutual mate. The CL will be there for the taking when Cesc, Rosicky, Walcott and Eduardo come back. We already know we can beat ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool. Inter is overrated, Barca was not convincing last night and Real Madrid’s season has been aweful. So we are capable of doing it

  19. Very good performance.It would have been tagged a command performance had the goals come flooding in.Now,lets hope for some consistency.

  20. Hope all is well SF.

    We all would have taken it before the game so I’m remaining upbeat about our CL chances.

    I’m with Ramon on this – we always do well in this competition and just need a little luck this season. None of the teams scare me over two legs.

  21. Our best player was Denilson, did people notice this? In fact when Song came into the game we suddenly looked like we would concede, because he didn’t know where to run, mark, etc. May be he was finding time to acclimatise.
    Our biggest loss is Diaby, he seems to be a big game player, he has never let us down in one.
    Roma will score in the return leg, but so will we. I think it will be 2:2.
    I also have a real feeling that should ManUre and Loserpool fail to advance, we might really go very far in the competition.

  22. @Gibbs
    I disagree with you ’bout Madrid having an awful season. At this stage, I see them and Lyon [if they remain consistent] as our only threats in the CPL. Madrid were awful,yes, but that’s prior Ramos taking over, who has since had 9 [if i’m not mistaken’] consecutive wins with the team, cutting a 15 point deficit to Barca by 8 points. Impressive I tell you. Anyway, back to the our team. In the previous blog, most of us were pretty negative towards Eboue’s contribution to the team. He’s had 1 or 2 dismal performances, but overall he’s not a bad player. I was impressed with his contribution and will to win yesterday, add to that nasri’s penatration, Diaby’s stability and Deni’s splendid performance…. there’s hope. Don’t write off Ebou’s performance because of a wasted opportunity in front of goal.
    I was impressed with the way we kept the ball, and our midfield pairing, before the changes, is what we’ve been missing of late. Let’s hope Diaby’s injury is not serious, I’d like to have him back in the 2nd leg.
    NB isn’t as bad as we make him out to be. He can create chances for himself, and can give defenders headaches, with more games he’ll be ok I guess [hope]


  24. Bendtner need to learn how to be calm in front of goal ( maybe he could use a lesson from eddy) idk how a Arsenal striker could miss those opportunity we need those goals to get our confidence back and have a good chance at Roma. eboue is good but that was just a terrrible display in front of goal ( all he had to do was control the ball and slot it by the goalie instead he waited for two defenders to get behind the ball what was he thinking i will never know) i am glad for the win and i like diaby in the middle i cant wait to Cesc and him to partner in the midfield with arshavin and nasri. come you YOUng GUNNSSS

  25. For me the man of the match was Gael Clichy. I think his contribution was instrumental in making Roma look like a pub team for most of the game. Generally, I was really happy with how we played. Eboue will always be eboue. But I agree with most of the comments on his energy levels. I don’t quite understand the hate for song. In the past 2 games he has been a major part on winning the midfield battle. What can i say about Bedtner, except that for all the abuse that we hurl at him, I’m sure its not as bad as how he feels about his missed chances. He can have an excelent first touch when he wants to. I think yesterday he was just lacking a bit of concentration. As for the return leg, I think its going to be a different story. I don’t think we will be so dominating for a number of factors. 1)Roma’s injured defenders might start coming back again. They’re defense was shambolic last night, but I dont think its going to be the case in a fortnight. 2)They’re main attacking threats will start that game. It was obvious from the moment Vucinic came on the pitch that he adds quite a lot going forward for Roma. He reminds me of a younger Freddy Ljunberg sans the crazy hair style. 3)Have you ever been to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome? Hostile, hostile, hostile. Our lad’s mental strength and poise will be tested for sure. its the kind of environment where opposition players can get rattled and forced into stupid bookings (something denilson and eboue are not above doing on occasion).

  26. As bad as Bendtner’s miss and his Baptista-like touch were, I think the bigger problem was his inability to track back on defense. He demonstrated why he is not a winger — no pace whatsoever. Motta’s shot on goal that Almunia saved only happened because Bendtner could not get back to push him toward the touchline.

    The other unfortunate side-effect of Bendtner being out on the wing was his not being in the box when decent crosses came in. If Eboue could tower over the Roma defense to get his head to the ball, imagine what Bendtner could have done with that attempt.

  27. I thought Diaby was Viera for a minute. He looks like him too. Great performance. Pick him every week Arsene. And while you’re at it ship Bendtner out in the summer. He couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

  28. I like Diaby as long as he isnt supposed to be the creative force of the team… He obviously wont be with everyone healthy…

  29. Good win …..but missed lot chances ….why wenger is using 4-2-3-1 and Bendter there as a winger ,,,,,i think eduardo should start in the first 11th squad and also try to use guys to shoot from some distance,,,,../
    wenger a legend …and if he go ….then arsenal is no more….and our boy RVP ,,,,,our legend he rocks….

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