Almunia says ‘furious’ Wenger enticed Arsenal win

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The mini-high from the victory over Porto has continued today, with most of the blogs featuring some very happy readers. It’s quite a contrast from the Hull backlash (or even the ‘drop Kolo Toure’ backlash that occurred on this blog – heh) and one which has been most welcome indeed.

Two of the stronger performers against Porto, two-goal hero Emmanuel Adebayor and goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, both commented on the win and pointed to the strong spirit and character that the side showed in recovering from the weekend slip-up against Hull.

Adebayor said, in his customary spitfire way: 

“We knew this was a very important result after what happened on Saturday and we won 4-0 so we did it quite well. Losing to Hull is not like a crime. It can happen in football. We had to show character and belief in our personality. But we took our lesson.  We are top of our group and we took our three points so we are happy.”

While Almunia added, with a chirpy Spanish tang:

“It was crucial to have a clean sheet, have a victory like this and play fantastically like we did. I think Arsène was furious before the Porto game and we said to ourselves that we had to play the Porto game as Arsenal know they can. But now we have togetherness, we are strong now, this is an important victory and it will give us more confidence.”

It’s interesting that in speaking about the win against Porto both referred back to the loss to Hull. It shows how seriously the players took this game and what is important is that they were able to react positively to that particular setback.

A few people have commented on various blogs warning Arsenal fans of getting ahead of themselves by celebrating the win so much. I think they’re missing the point. The joy that everyone is taking out of the win over Porto is not because they think Arsenal are going to sweep all before them and become the best team in the universe, it’s simply because they are happy that the boys were able to respond to the Hull setback in a positive way.

Just by the way, you don’t often hear of Wenger being furious with his players so it’s clear that he saw something in the loss to Hull that he really didn’t like. You sometimes get the impression that he’s a soft touch because of his manner in the media, especially compared to guys like Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, so it’s nice to hear every once in a while that he can be an angry old bugger too. Well done, Arsene.

Next up is what I consider to be a relatively tricky away trip to Sunderland. Although they’re struggling a bit this season – currently sitting in 13th in the Premiership – there is something about Roy Keane managing Sunderland that makes me a nervous wreck every time we have to play them. As such, I won’t mind how we get three points as long as we do get them.

For those who are interested, I’ve already set up a Pikum! for the Arsenal v Sunderland game which you can enter here. It should be a lot of fun and I’d encourage you to use your £10 worth of free credit if you’ve still got it in hand.

Anyway, that’s all for today in a post which is almost as short as I am. I’ll have a full match preview of the Sunderlund game in tomorrow’s post so until then, have yourselves a lovely Thursday and enjoy the happy Porto vibes floating around the blogosphere.

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22 thoughts on “Almunia says ‘furious’ Wenger enticed Arsenal win

  1. Happy about the win, and I agree we are celebrating for the respond from the loss to Hull City. The loss was a wake up call and Porto are a good side and we made them look rubbish. The players knew the needed a brilliant performance and to hit 4 past the portugese champions was perfect, admittedly we could have had 14! but 4 is a very comfortable win. Black Cats away is a tricky tie but then again, most prem games are!!

  2. Chirpy Spanish tang? Wasn’t that a saying pioneered by myself and SettaKeys? Haha, anyway Roy Keane is a crazy mofo, but we’ll sort him out.

  3. Let those jealous people burn wid fury who question our celebrations. that was a big win by 4 goals which could have risen upto another prague-incident.we never complain about them celebrtng dodgy wins by 1 goals.L’pool even celebrts their no doubt arsenal r bk on track & S’land r bound to be crushed.@SF u r unnecessarily worrying about Roykeane as AW will give his team a SPECIAL TREATMENT.

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  4. We are all happy with the 4-0 shredding of Porto. As much as Adebayor and Almunia did well lets also give some accolades to Clichy. He is one person who always gives 99% if not 100% in every game.

  5. On Saturday, we wont get problems if we play like Tuesday. We won’t score four goals, but should we take our chances and focus, then we will be fine.
    The problem with our Hull loss is that it will give other small teams a lot of heart, and believe me, some will be successful, while others will make mistakes and be punished. I really hope we win, because i have this sneaky feeling one or two members of the ‘BIG 4’ will drop points this weekend.

  6. I hope l’pool b the 1 to drop points in the weekend–amen.

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  7. JohnW;

    I think it is a good thing if other teams will have a lot of heart at the grove and play. If we play our game there is nothing anyone can do about it and we will dish out some sound thumpings. The problem will be when our team doesn’t turn up, something the Hull loss will remind our players of. I almost feel sorry for the next bunch of buggers to try it at the grove.

  8. Aslong as Fab, Theo, Rvp, Clichy and Sagna stay fit we should be Ok. Im just wanting any trophy to be honest. Would prefer Premier league but if we get Champo League or FA Cup i wont complain 🙂

  9. 1-nile to Sunderland. We are terrible!! I could see Arsenal falling out the top 4 this season. Once again you could say Sunderland deserved it, and if teams play Arsenal like this for the rest of the season (get in the players faces, and sit back and defend) i could see Arsenal losing the remainder of their games. They have no answer for it.

  10. 1-1… Arsenal are still terrible, should have won this game and they have no answer for the way Fulham, Hull and now Sunderland have played them.

  11. Faaar out aye. What’s with this wonder-goal bull-shit. Giovanni, and then this freak, perfect shots in off the woodwork. Fabregas should be captain. Seriously, who changes their boots just in the middle of the game. Arséne made a poor choice with the formation. Everything Theo touched turned to shite except that goal that was disalowed for no reason. I want to stab that assistant referee. Gaaah! Angry.

  12. draws are not good enough. Where is the urgency the other 90 minutes? Seems like that only want to win when they go behind?

  13. I hate 4-4-1-1, we always struggle to score when we play it. We had a goal disallowed that should have been given. We need to be showing urgency from early on.

  14. It has nothing to do with wonder goals or anything else. When teams disrupt the rhythm, the boys get frustrated.. most passes were going side to side or backwards, and when teams do that to Arsenal they have lost 2 times and now drawn. They have shown no answer for it the three times its happened and im sure more and more teams will start to do it until Arsenal can prove they can break teams down that just sit back, stay disciplined and get in their faces to disrupt the passing. Yes it was a nice goal, once again cause by too much room given because Arsenal got frustrated and couldn’t break them down so everyone besides Almunia was up trying come up with something new.

    Wenger hasn’t a clue. Why wasn’t Nasri starting? If Song is gonna play the holding MF spot, which i think Song was our only performer today and did really well, then Nasri should be in MF with Fab, not Denilson. He’s more creative and has a better shot. Denilson has been ok but RVP had to play higher up to take pressure off him, Nasri wouldnt need that allowing RVP to play along side Ade. I know Wenger doesnt wanna drop Theo, but for the last two prem games he has been rubbish, had moments of good play but overall hasnt been good enough. Chelsea, Man U name their BEST squad, Wenger worries about hurting confidence. Its time to drop Theo out the squad til he can have a complete game, not moments of brillance then go missing for 65 mins.

  15. As much as i agree with Demetrio, the moments that theo provides, we score from!! and he plays well! he plays better than denilson, drop him not Theo

  16. my last entry made me look like i liked the game today. Arsenal are not winning the league this year. Make sure everyone knows so no-one is majorly disappointed when we dont. Champions league or FA Cup maybe but not league. Hull, Sunderland and Fulham, Chelsea and United crumble these teams, yet they get points jere, its shameful. Our squad is not deep enough, Wonder Goals, shoot wherever against Arsenal, it will go in!!!

  17. I must say this one stings. Ok so Hull “surpises” us and with Fulham everyone was crap. Seriously though we should have known this would be a tough fixture especially away. I suppose we could blame it on the ref but that’s the easy way out.

    Where is the passion and confidence from these lads that will breed consistency? They’re up and down . This squad is showing it’s youth. I think were a bit fragile. When the pundits say you can’t win anything with kids this is what they’re talking about.

    I also very much agree with Demetrio about Theo. I love the lad but he has performed poorly his last few outings. Missing finishes passing when he should shoot and vice verse. It is clear where his confidence lies by just watching him play.

    Hopefully this inconsistency is just another blip on what will be a solid season and not a forecast of things to come.

  18. I think Song shoed his worth today. He is a more important player than Denilson for the role he is played in. It doesn’t compliment Fabregas to have another attacking midfielder, which is also why Diaby will be important when he comes back. Theo played for the most part, awful, today. The strikers were good, but arghh, something be lacking.

  19. We should be more consistent. Wenger should speak to the boys to take every match seriously and play as though it is a knock out game.

  20. It’s the usual Arsenal. Make a heap of chances and spurn everyone of em. How often have we done that? Look, when arsenal play the high tempo game, they are irresistable. So why don’t they play like that every game? The 2003 team did and nobody could touch them. The difference? They had a nucleus of experienced and quality players! Youth is great but without experience all you get is pretty football.Get some old fashioned steel in the middle of the park! Arsenal will NOT win anything until they get a Vieira type or Adams type player in the team. Full stop.

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