Adebayor relieved, van Persie back, Fabregas out

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Today is my birthday. My workmates got me some cake and I’m heading out a bit later for some pizza and drinks with some friends, so I’m pretty happy.

Adebayor is back on the scorers listIt’s been a good day, no question. It’s been made even better by the fact that my internet connection has decided to work today and I can do some blogging. I’m sure you’d agree that sometimes it’s the little things that give you the most pleasure.

I’ll kick things off with a little bit about my favourite player, Emmanuel Adebayor, speaking about how relieved he was to break his goalscoring drought against Reading on Monday.

“I had not scored for a while and, yes, that was on my mind. As a striker it is important to score. That is what you are judged on.”

Adebayor hadn’t scored since his hat-trick Derby and his comments are completely understandable. You just have to read some of the comments that were left on various Arsenal blogs questioning his ability after his recent goalless performances to see what I mean.

Although I think most Arsenal fans would recognise that Adebayor hasn’t been at his best lately, there wouldn’t be too many people who would against the fact that his presence up front has been invaluable despite a lack of goals. Arsene Wenger admitted that he was a little isolated against Manchester United and I feel this was a little bit the case against Liverpool as well, so hopefully with a little bit more support up front he’ll keep adding to his tally.

Recently it has been Alexander Hleb providing the support for Adebayor but the club received a huge boost yesterday with the news that Robin van Persie is set to be fit for the next Premiership game against Wigan. It’s absolutely massive news, van Persie was running a close second to Cesc Fabregas as the club’s most in-form player before he got injured, and his return will take a lot of pressure of Adebayor up top.

I’d like to see Diaby come in for FabregasChanges for Wigan

Speaking of Fabregas, the yellow card he picked up against Reading was his fifth of the season and that means he will miss the game at home to Wigan. Although Fabregas has been in stunning form and will be missed against Wigan, I feel that with van Persie coming back and a host of hungry central midfielders waiting for the chance it definitely could’ve come at a worse time. There are some suggestions that Fabregas got the card deliberately to miss the game against Wigan rather than risk being unavailable for the (arguably) more difficult games against Aston Villa, Newcastle or Chelsea, but as I didn’t see I can’t really comment. Either way, I’m happy he’ll be out for the next match rather than any of the latter three.

Assuming that van Persie does get drafted straight back into the starting lineup (which is far from a guarantee) I would expect quite a narrow midfield of Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini, Gilberto Silva and Alexander Hleb to provide support front two. I would worry a little about a lack of balance in the midfield with two defensive midfielder in the side and players with a tendency to move centrally out wide, but I can’t see Wenger leaving Gilberto out of the side after the unfortunate start to the season he has had so far. Personally I would prefer the more attacking Abou Diaby to support Flamini but it would take a harsh manager to exclude everybody’s favourite Brazilian from the side.

At this stage it’s all speculation – any one of the multitude of players going out on international duty could come back injured and force the side to be restructured in any given way. With the vast array of options the side has in midfield and attack I really feel the most important thing for the side is for the back four and the goalkeeper to remain consistent for as long as possible. Since William Gallas returned from injury to replace Philippe Senderos the defence has got better and better with each game, something I would continue to expect as long as the back five remains unchanged.

That’s about it for today – I’m off for some pizza and beer. Hopefully my internet connection is kind to me again tomorrow, but I’m not counting on it and neither should you. Cheers.

What do you think?

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34 thoughts on “Adebayor relieved, van Persie back, Fabregas out

  1. Daer Gunners,

    A vey good day to you. Arsenal are almost complete squad now. From chances we create compare to the goal scored is very poor. Ade is good but his statistic are not that impressive. We need a very composure striker upfront to make use most of the chances created. January transfer window is coming, why not Wenger get those two talented player from Lyonn. 1. Benzema & Ben Arfa. They are young, very pacey, skillfull & got an eye for goal. This is what we need.

  2. Gilberto will not play against Wigan; he will be too knackered after his long trip from South America. It will be either Diaby, Diarra or Denilson. I suspect it would be Diarra’s turn, after seing him appear as substitute against Reading. But I personally hope it would be Diaby, as we need a more attacking midfieder.

  3. To Provide support for up front, the Midfield can be Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Hleb and Eboue…

  4. Happy Birthday to you SF and may god add you all the wisdom in this world to run such a nice blogg like this one. may you blow 1001 Candles ( Arsenal goals ) as you set the pace in blogging worldwide.

    I fancy Diarra to start ahead of Gilberto as he will be jetlagged.

    Rumours doing rounds on several bloggs mention that Wenger is about to splash 40m on Kaka. This could leave Arsenal with the most lethal midfield in the world – Kaka, Hleb, Fab4, Rosicky.

    Apparently a certain Man U fan would fancy England to lose on so that FA sets up quotas for foreign players. This is a sin which if committed will leave England with the poorest league in the world. I personally fancy Barcelona in Spain and Arsenal in England.

    Just imagine the loss of TV revenues for African fans who concentrate on EPL than the spanish league.

    All those criticizing Wenger should know that the purpose of a manager is to assemble the best team with his current resorces to play attractive and attacking football.

    let them price Micah, Ferdinand and Rooney at 3m each and they will see the English players flourishing. Who doesn’t know that Adebayor makes an impact in our attack and yet Walcott gets paid more than him.

    Wake up English press, this is the reality……

  5. I think it would be nice to see the france national side midfield pair(Diarra and Diaby) start together and give flamini a rest!!

  6. Happy birthday 🙂

    In a way I’d actually be surprised to see Gilberto start in place of Cesc. Assuming RVP comes in for Eboue and we revert to 4-4-2, the central midfield would be unbalanced, as you point out.

    The other option is to leave Eboue in, and play Hleb and RVP behind Adebayor in a 4-5-1 come 4-3-3.

  7. Russia striker Alexander Kerzhakov claims England will fail to qualify for Euro 2008 because money has made their players lazy.

    Kerzhakov believes Russia work much workshy harder during games and are far more deserving of a place in next summer’s finals.

    ‘England have a team of big stars who earn an awful lot of money from playing with their private deals,’ he said.

    ‘Russia have a compact group of players who don’t have anywhere near as much money, but with far more hard workers on the field. That’s the difference between the countries.

    ‘That’s why we are in a strong position and England have been left just hoping.’

  8. Wenger must give an opportunity to Lehman against Wigan,his will help [Wenger]him to see who is the best between Lehman and Alminia.People learn from mistake, i don’t want LEHMAN to leave Arsenal

  9. Happy Birthday SP,
    Africa and Nigeria in particular hail you. We should take out cesc and flamini.Replacing them with diaby and diarra will be ideal. I hope Arsenal win the league because in Nigeria Arsenal fans were sad for the better part of last season.I also want them to win the league as many players (Bently, Hargreves)and coaches roy keane state that Man U will win the league.

  10. I like Adebayor and this is not to criticise him but the fact is that Ade is not a good striker. He’s scored 7 out of 12 games 3 against Derby. If you check his wastefulness in a match then Ade is costing us more. He needs 5 misses to score 1. In fact any average striker in Ade’s position could’ve scored more with the chances Cesc and Hleb etc create. It’s time Arsene bench him and give Bendtner a go as he seems to be better with clear chances.

  11. I think we will win because the mentality of having Mr.Van Persie back will be immense. I think he will score. A demolition 5-0 win. RVP (2) Ade (1) Diarra (1) Hleb (1)

  12. great to see ade scoring again. when van p 11 is back we will hopefully have even more flow to our play..i’m trying to not get to optimistic about this yr, harder tests are ahead, i think so far we have had quite good fixtures and came off well from the big man u and lipool matches..

  13. Right at the start of the season we didn’t do aswell as other teams: We JUST won agaisnt Fulham, drew at Blackburn (blame whoever u want) so no-body expected wht is happenin now from the mighty gunners. We have done good. Just remember we drew agiasnt LPool and ManU wivout RVP, now we have RVP back we will be rockin!! GUNNERS 4 THT TITLE!!

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes all, it turned out to be quite a good night.

    Just a couple of points relating to what everyone is speaking about. Firstly, I hope that Diaby partners Flamini in central midfield against Wigan. He’s done well out wide even though everyone knows his best position is central. Secondly, how can people still be criticising Adebayor? Yes, he’s not the best finisher in the world, but they guys impact on a game is immense. The comments coming in from opposition supporters about how good he is clearly show that. I don’t understand the criticism about him missing chances when he more than makes up for it with the other aspects of his game.

  15. I watched the Reading game and it certainly looked to me as if Cesc got the yellow on purpose. He grabbed the other guy’s shirt and then held his arm a swung him around like they were on “Dancing With the Stars.” My conclusion was that it must have been to get the 5-yellow suspension “out of the way.” We’ll be okay for 1 game without The Joy of Cesc.

  16. Dear SF,

    A very good day to you. In regards to Adebayour’s performance on the pitch. Eventough he makes up for his mischance but as a main upfront man he need’s more composure, sharpness, clinical finishing, better first touch & must make use of his height as well as his size to hold opposition’s defender’s. He can only be our super sub, incase. The goal difference’s might cost us in the later part of the season. We need atleast a consistance goalscoring machine, such as Benzema (Fantastic with both legs)he is young and can partner Robin upfront as he remind’s me of the great real Ronaldo of Brasil, remember ?

    Line up for Wigan game. (My wish) :
    Sagna Toure Sanderos Clichy
    Ebue Gilberto Diaby Hleb
    Robin Walcott

    My opinion :

    ** England will never qualify for Euro 2008 : Why ?

    1. Lack of determination.
    2. Overrated by media & FA.
    3. Playing for the camera.
    4. Good player’s never get a chance.
    5. Lack of teamwork.
    6. Underrate the opponent.
    7. & many more.


  17. “need’s more composure, sharpness, clinical finishing, better first touch & must make use of his height as well as his size to hold opposition’s defender’s”

    I would argue that of all of those attributes, only his finishing needs improving. I really feel is so sharp and does use his size to occupy opposition defenders better than anyone in the Premiership, except for maybe Didier Drogba. I think his touch is excellent and his compusure is good, just that sometimes he doesn’t strike the ball so well. I totally agree with you about the English national team though 🙂

  18. Dear Spanish Fry,

    I’m not condeming Adebayour but look at the statistic of chance’s & goal’s he scored. He is wasting a lot of chance’s rather than scoring it. It’s very poor and the record does not lies. Even while playing againt’s Liverpool & Man U, actually he got a chance to kill the game off but he never scored any from the many chance’s he has got. Arsenal is the best team in the planet but only lack of consistance goalscorer upfront apart from Robin. Anyway Ade’s first touch is poor, the ball alway’s bounces very far from his feet, maybe 2 to 10. 🙂

    My dream Arsenal team :

    BacarySagna KalouToure MicahRichards GaelClichy
    GibertoSilva (C)
    FrancescFabregas CarlosVela
    RobinVanPersie Karem Benzema


  19. arsenal is now a team that has a wide scope of talented and skillful players where by every one is fit to play in the first squad. therfore this issue of “who should wenger play where”, to me is no longer a point to worry about.i know that arsenal can win either its Diarra or Diaby or Gliberto or Denilson playing in for Fabregas.i give Wenger a chance to decide.

  20. SF although i know you ar an admirer of Ade, you have admit his chances on goal are so much higher than his goal tally and another thing I agree on 100% is that his first touch isn’t that good at all. He is a good striker and NO if I was manager I would not sell him but he isn’t as good as you say he is.!! I hope we sign Richards and Benzema (& Ben Arfa) I heard rumors that AW will spend £15 million on Gabriel Agbonlahor of Aston Villa.

  21. Fair enough, Jay. What do you make of all the comments coming from opposition players saying how much of a handful Adebayor is though? Surely they can’t be wrong? He might not get the goals he should but I wouldn’t take him out because his role is so, so important to the team around him. Why do you think Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky are scoring so well this season?

  22. I almost totally agree with you Spanish Fry. Almost…
    Adebayor is terrific – but he’s not quite as good as you may think he is. He does have a great presence and a good effect on the team’s play. You are completely correct to draw on opposition player’s opinions – they are the ones playing against him. His touch and general play is usually very good with a few occasional blunders. His finishing is not up to scratch still though. He has raw ability and I would like to see him continue to improve under Wenger and to see him take his time with chances – like Cesc is this year. Although we have been getting results with the 4-5-1 with Ade spear-heading attack, I would prefer to see a strike partner with him every game in a 4-4-2. He does much better with a partner as he creates space in the box for them.
    Now to the midfield. Out of all of the comments Denilson is only mentioned twice – and only in combination with three or four other players. I can’t believe that. This kid is amazing. I would like to see him step directly into Cesc’s shoes, and if not him, then Diaby. Flamini will partner whoever here and we should finally revert to the 4-4-2 I crave…

  23. Dear Gooners,

    A very good day to you. In regards to our strike force & defenders. We really need a world class striker with good composure, good first touch & clinical finishing upfront. Then we need a good defender as well. My suggestion is that the Villa man is good but if we can capture Benzema, is fantastic to partner Robin upfront. The 19 years old Frenchman is damn good with both legs & can switch play either side. He is the man & he really reminds me of the great Ronaldo Luiz (the real one). Ade is good but not a very good striker (a lot miss chances & his first touch is very bad for a top striker). Remember, the goal difference is important as well with the chances we created againts the goal we scored is very poor. Micah Richards will be a good bargain, since he is really interested in joining us. Come on Wenger , go & get this two young & talented future superstars.

    My dream Arsenal team :

    Sagna Toure Richards Clichy
    Gilberto (c)
    Fabregas Vela
    Robin Benzema

    Supersub :



  24. Hello to u all gunners, I we like to comment on Ade, I know he is not the best stricker out there when it comes to finishin yet but so was Henry first few years when he came to Arsenal, the guy is a very hard worker and very good with his feet and can hold the ball very well to allowed our mid to strick on goal.
    U need some 1 like that when ur midfield is full of talent, I keep saying this most Gunner fans we not know the worth of Ade untill God forbide he go out for let say 2 month, people migth say we have Bendtner to take his place but he would be as effective as Ade. In conclusion I say when it comes to coachin IN WENGER I TRUST, if he says today that he gonna sell Fab4 I wount quistion his dicision for I know he has a greater plan

  25. benzema plays in the french league and we all know that it’s not the best league in tha world….Adebayor is a wonderful striker and without him in attack, we will suffer and remember he’s only 22years old….And as for my dream team. Ike Casias of madrid, toure&Galas sagna&clichy at the back, cesc and flamini in tha middle (for balance), hleb&rosicky on either side and Adebayor&van persie upfront.

  26. Yea, but becomes a lazy fucking pig, now. He is rubbish now. I just don’t understand. Only Hleb is running the show, ok. Please, don’t deny that.

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