Adebayor and Fabregas going nowhere

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It’s deep into the international break but still there is still quite a decent amount of Arsenal news to discuss.

First up is Jens Lehmann who, despite losing his place in goals to Spaniard Manuel Almunia, is confident that he will play for Arsenal again this season. The German mentioned that he feels he may be in the team sooner rather than later, despite Almunia’s good performances, suggesting that he may start in the club’s next match in the Premiership against Bolton.

“I know I will play for Arsenal again and think it may well be in our next game. I feel ready to come back and play to the same level again. Playing is important, of course, but there is no substitute for quality.”

Sometimes you just get the feeling that Lehmann is on another planet. Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff? Almunia has done a great job since replacing the German and there is absolutely no reason why he should be dropped because Lehmann feels he is ready to come back. If Almunia had performed poorly in the past few matches then maybe Lehmann would have a case but the fact is that he’s been very solid, conceding only four goals in nine matches.

I mentioned it quite recently but I am getting sick and tired of Lehmann’s arrogant comments and the more he lets them loose the more I want Almunia to play. It would be such a kick in the teeth of the Spaniard if Lehmann went straight back into the team after everything he’s said and so, despite Lehmann’s confident prediction and the backing he received from Schalke’s Kevin Kuranyi, I will be expecting Almunia to continue against Bolton next weekend. If this is not the case then I will be very disappointed with Arsene Wenger.

Adebayor will be available in January after Togo failed to qualify for the African Cup of NationsACN causing no problems

Next up is some pretty crucial news that Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor will not be going to the African Cup of Nations after his country lost 2-0 to Mali in their final qualifying match. Adebayor had recently revealed that he had reconciled his differences with the national team and would have have gone to the Cup of Nations in January if Togo had qualified. As it is, this is now irrelevant and although I’m sure Adebayor will be gutted, it’s reasonably good news for Arsenal fans.

At the start of the season I was quite worried about how the club would cope without the likes of Adebayor, Emmanuel Eboue and Kolo Toure for an entire month during one of the most important periods of the season. But with Bacary Sagna’s great performances ensuring Eboue will be no big loss, Johan Djourou getting the experience he needs at Birmingham to fill in for Toure and Adebayor not even going, things look a lot better. The same can’t be said of Chelsea though, who will still lose John Obi Mikel, Michael Essien, Salomon Kalou and Didier Drogba. Ouch.

Finally today, Cesc Fabregas’ agent Joseba Diaz commented on the rumours that Barcelona have again been looking to sign the Spaniard. Diaz revealed that he has not received an offer from Barcelona for the Spaniard, but suggested that Fabregas would be flattered by any interest from his old club.

“What will be, will be. But if we do hear of an offer from Barcelona, the club that taught him so much, then that would be a real compliment to Cesc.”

In all honesty, I’m not too concerned about these comments. Arseblogger alluded to the fact that Arsenal have probably taught Fabregas much more about football than the Spanish club but in Diaz’ defence, he’s probably referring more to mentality than tactics or skills. The main thing to take away from all this is that Fabregas is an Arsenal player and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so there’s nothing much to worry about.

I have to say that the international break is really starting to bore me and I can’t wait for the football to begin again. Alas, there is still another week to go. I’m sure you all feel the same.

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Adebayor and Fabregas going nowhere

  1. I posted this in the last post but I think it’s more relevant here:

    I hope Arsenal call Fabbys agent in to give him a bollocking and to remind him that he is under a long term contract and that it is illegal for him and Barca to have contact without permission from Arsenal. Also Arsenal should not give Barca the 2 mill for Fran because of their behaviour towards Cesc. I hope they threaten legal action against the Spanish wankers just like they did to us.

  2. Also Arsenals defence look much more assured and confident with Almunia in goal rather than Lehman. With Lehman in goal every time there’s a cross or the ball goes near the goal my heart is in my mouth which isn’t a good feeling to have for your keeper. I’m sure the players much prefer Almunia in goal than Lehman although I’m sure none of the players are silly enough to say so publicly unlike Lehman.

  3. I don’t think Fabregas’ agent is doing anything wrong. I know a few of the other blogs are giving him a bit of spray but he’s not really done anything except say that he is open to offers (he is an agent, it’s his job to listen to them). As for Lehmann, I’m obviously happy to see him stay on the sidelines. He’s done nothing to get his spot back and Almunia’s done nothing to lose his.

  4. it makes me sick to hear about transfers of players especially gunnars, guys stop been nervous as long as wenger is there so too is fabregas. he said he can only play for 1 must be feelin like crap playin for barc but been bench by world class players,fabregas also knows if he leaves he will lose his identity.clichy, flamini n sagna deserve to playing for france,hard will pay

  5. I dont know what why is lehman being so cocky, after all he is the one to blame for the two points we’ve lost this season (against blackburn) not to mention the way he looses it when any player comes near him (e.g corner kicks) he should grow up and try to improve his weak points before he start talking about being number one…. god he pisses me off

  6. Fab wont leave the gunners, especially not to the team who thought he wasnt good enough (thts why we got him) He loves arsenal!

  7. someone watch today the game betwen Denmark and Spain??

    Bendtner plays very well, have 2 good chances to score and he gave the assistance to the goal of his team.

    and Fabregas was good but not so good as when he plays more in the center with Arsenal

  8. Lehmann gets booked, so does Bendtner but he also assists, RVP’s team fall short at the hands of Romania and Da Silva in fine form as he scores the only goal of the game to ensure Croatia stay at the top of Group E.

  9. A real mixed bag of results for Arsenal players, but it was great to see Eduardo get another goal. His record for Croatia is so outstanding – it’s going to be great seeing him get a decent run in the Arsenal starting team.

  10. I think AW has to play him (Eduardo) and RVP as Eduardo is banging goals in for country n RVP is doing the same for club.

  11. I’m surprised about your reaction to Jens comments.whole stuff was started by Almunia who siad he’s now the substantive number one. Almunia solid? We’ve just been running our luck with him but for how long? Just review our games with Spurs, Portsmouth, Serville , Bucharest and Sunderland to give you the grim prospects we face with him in the post. He can’t perform in the big games; CC and CL finals come to mind.

    Jens has the experience as a winner to deliver the title especially as we approach a critical period in the title run. Almunia can not be trusted with big games against MANU, POOL, CHELSEA, SPURS etc

    Yes, Jens has made some blunders and the rest will do him a lot of good. Almunia don’t have what it takes to win the title, otherwise he’ll be called by his national coach. Did you watch the German/Ireland game? Jens was as solid and didn’t a foot wrong. You can roote for Alminuia but doubt if he can do it for us. His mistakes are more than Jens and don’t be fooled by our defensive record, just luck. that’s why I advise you to review those games i’ve mentioned and review his performances.

  12. I totally disagree Howard, i feel scared when Jens plays and thats not a good thing to feel about your keeper. Almunia has done fine and our defensive run can’t be luck for so many games. I vote to keep Almunia playing.

  13. In response to your comments, Howard, I definitely see your point to some extent. You could argue that he has had some unconvincing moments but what I would say is that Lehmann, even when he is at his best, has those moments as well. The statistics speak for themselves on this occasion and apart from a minor mistake against Sunderland he has not been at fault for any of the goals he has conceded. The same cannot be said of Lehmann. What’s more, Lehmann’s second mistake cost us points and Almunia’s did not. I have faith in Almunia’s ability in big games (I think the Champions League Final is a harsh reference point – it was Lehmann who was sent off, after all) and after Lehmann’s ridiculous comments he should not walk straight back in the team. Having said that, if Wenger it’s best for the team then there’s not much we can do about it.

  14. I have to agree with Howard here. People look at Almunia’s cleansheets (before sunderland) and say he has been solid. Crap! Solid enough to let Kolo bail him out against Spurs? Solid enough to let Bale’s free kick in? Solid enough to deal with the freekick against pompee? solid enough against the staeau to let kolo bail him out again? ANd against West Ham, he allowed a shot under him which lehman was odds on to stop. Good thing the ref gave an offside decision. Wont even mention Sunderland.

    What I can agree with is that with him in goal we have had a good run of luck. Now to rely on luck to decide on who is to be our goal keeper is a good idea on the blog but not for a manager.

    Will not be surprised to see him back sooner than later.

  15. At least Almunia doesn’t pass the ball to the opposing striker or let the ball go over his head. A great debate going on tho.

  16. I am suprised some Arsenal fans(ColonelMArquand)would call BARCA names (spanish wankers).. If you listen to the full story, you would realise this is all press stuntz, i aint disputing the fact that FAB is one of the best around, but we aint “after” him for now, cos he deserves 90mins week in week out and we cant guarantee him this as we have people doing it for us at the mo. So when the likes of Deco and Xavi are tired, he can always come back home. And to correct the fact that we let hin go cos we felt he wanst good enough, that aint true, he wanted regular 90 mins then and we couldnt give him, but his mates who were patient (Iniesta, Messi) are now 1st teams members. and Y werent u guys playing him 90 mins when Patrick Viera was still around? N E wayz, it was nice reading some of ur stuffs, and all the BEST 4 dis season…. I love sexy football so I watch Arsenal matches

  17. Arsenal is the best. they are second now but they havent played as many games as Manchester United. If they win their next game they will be first again :). Robin Van Perise is the best- hes fast and has a killer left foot. Abeyador is also really good and can score a lot of goals

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