A video to cheer up the saddest of Arsenal fans

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The lesson? Stay positive and get behind the boys in this time of need. After all, they might just surprise you.

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34 thoughts on “A video to cheer up the saddest of Arsenal fans

  1. sf i can’t download th video..what’s up?am th saddest arsenal fan though – u got tht right…cheers!

  2. Still I am not sure if I will watch the match … I have been heart broken for enough number of times now…
    Probably mine was the worst time to start supporting Arsenal ,about 4 years back.
    I have not seen them win any trophy since I started watching them, except for the one highly undeserving FA cup in 2005..

  3. A brilliant video and a timely reminder that the boys are capable of surprising us. However I will stress that we wont Adebayor playing this week (probably) and Utd will have rooney, tevez, berbatov and a much improved Ronaldo. Not forgetting Carrick, nani and Anderson.

    Im hoping for a win, but if someone gave me a draw now i would take it.

  4. cheers……great thing bro…of course u are right let’s back our kids…..since we are not thiose spuds….arsenal for ever.

    but AW should do some thing!!!i mean about the future

  5. I’m looking forward to Saturday. Neither team has made a brilliant start to the campaign- Man U started badly and have improved recently, we’ve been lukewarm throughout so far. We’re a point behind them, albeit having played an extra game. We’re all low after this last weeks events, including the players, but Saturday will show us if Wenger’s losing his touch or not. Will he be able to get the players to stop feeling sorry for themselves and show some of the mental strength he keeps insisting they’ve got? Or will we collapse the way we did last season after the setback at Birmingham? This is a defining moment for both the members of this team and the manager. What we need more than anything this weekend is performances of guts, determination and passion from the players. I want to see them fighting for every ball, getting into Utd’s faces and imposing themselves. I want to see them rattling Utd the way Hull did in the last 10 mins last weekend. I want them to answer those of us who questioned this week whether they care enough about Arsenal. I’d love to see us win the game, and a draw would be an acceptable result. I’ve accepted over the last few weeks that we’re probably not good enough to win the league this year- fair enough. But we need to get that 4th place as a minimum, and I want to see us fight tooth and nail to get it. If we lose on Saturday to a team that’s better than us, but we go down fighting all the way I’ll hit the beers Saturday night knowing we’d done all we could. If we capitulate softly like we did against Spurs and Stoke I’ll know we’ve got serious problems.

    PS: @ Gunnercesc4- stick with it son, I’ve been riding the Arsenal rollercoaster since 1970 (when I was 5). I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs, but I’ll tell you this: you’ll get to see more trophies soon enough. It may take a little more patience, but we’ll be back on top soon enough. Think about those poor Spurs boys, who were celebrating so much last week- they haven’t won the league since 1961, that’s 47 years! And they probably won’t win it again for another 47!

  6. Nice comments guys. I thought it would be nice to change up the pace a bit and put something positive. I’m just waiting for the Fenerbahce game now so we can get back to the football and stop worrying about all the problems.

  7. On Saturday, before the Stoke game, I said that as a test of the players’ mental strength, of which we have heard so much, largely the same team as faced Spurs should go out at put things right against Stoke. And other than the crazy tinkering in midfield, that was mostly the case.

    Unfortunately, it quite spectacularly didn’t work. Rather than using the Spurs debacle as inspiration to go out and send a message to the doubters, they proceeded to show a complete lack of fight and allow many in the media to roll out their ‘I told you so’ line.

    We now move into November, a month where we are traditionally extremely weak. It is so often the worst month of our season – whether it is the intense ‘every three day’ cycle of games, the cold snap, or just plain coincidence, something about the month sees us slip up. In 2006, we picked up four points from four games, losing at West Ham and Bolton, in 2004, we managed two from three, drawing with WBA and Crystal Palace and losing to Liverpool, and the pattern continues the further you go back.

    This season has the potential to be another nightmare. Already with the Stoke loss opening the month, the rest of our league games are against United, Villa, Man City and Chelsea. All may end the season in the top six.

    The saving grace is that the first two are at home, giving the crowd a chance to lift the players and set the season going again. And that is what is needed now. Yes, we need a centre back, and yes, we certainly need central midfielders, but we aren’t going to get them for at least two more months, so back the players we have. They have the talent, they have the potential, and at a time when they aren’t surrounded by the experience needed to guide them through, they need support from the fans instead.

    Fenerbahce tomorrow night are a perfect example of that – their fans truly are a twelfth man. If ours can be on Saturday, United might be in for a surprise.

  8. “to all gooners pliz let support em u know we play better when playin big than smaller teams like spurs n others.come on dont give up on this team so easily.lets go as one saturday cheers bros”

  9. @ Gunning4U: I agree completely mate. I think the crowd will be up for Saturday- we’re embarassingly quiet sometimes, but we’re always loud when the big teams come to Emirates. The players need to have faith in the manager and be confident he knows what he’s doing. That’s never been a problem with AW before, he’s been a genius. But the failure to buy in the summer and some really strange team selections this term mean that doubts are beginning to creep in. This is true of us fans and it must be true of the players also. They’re not idiots, they know when and why things aren’t working. Fenerbache tomorrow and Man U on Saturday are ideal opportunities for the main man to get us back on track. Let’s hope he does.

  10. I will admit that this goals allowed (GA) number is a bit problematic. It’s very early in the season for one, Arsenal could tighten up their defense and keep a couple of clean sheets and turn around their GA average. For example, Chelsea are currently on pace to only allow 13 goals which would be a runaway best ever but only allowing 13 goals in a season is not realistic.

    The other problem with the GA is that, historically, the team with the stingiest defense doesn’t always win the league, it’s only a pretty good predictor, and it completely falls apart when trying to nail down the top 4 spots.

    And really, isn’t it just a wonkish way of saying “Arsenal need to tighten their defense?” Which we all already know. I don’t know a single person who thinks that Arsenal can score their way to the League title, I mean apart from Arsene Wenger.

    The club do need to figure out a way to tighten up the defense and some people think bringing Keown in will help. Given that Tony Adams revealed that Arsene has targeted the former Arsenal defender the people and the press might be on to something.

    Personally, I’m not hopeful. Every three days Arsenal are linked with so and so and such and such and every third day the link is broken. I think the press just like messing with us Arsenal supporters. Of course I think Keown would be a great help — anything has to be better than what Pat Rice is teaching them.

    What I do think Arsenal could do is regain some of the fire that they had last year and the year before. I don’t mean that fire that gets you sent off for a simple tease, I mean the kind of fire that sees you close down, tackle hard, win the ball back, and generally frustrate your opponent. That’s going to be difficult since Arsenal have a lot of matches and such a small squad but I think they can do it, right now, with the players they have.

    It starts right there in the middle of the park and it starts first with Cesc. I’m not having a go at Cesc, I’m just saying that this season has shown his weaknesses. This isn’t the same kid who fearlessly tackled Patrick Vieira and took the ball off him. This isn’t the same kid who stood up to Fat Frank in the Carling Cup final. He’s looked pretty poor this season but worse, he’s looked disinterested at times and I’m not certain that he strikes fear into our opponents any more. Maybe he’ll never be that type of player, or maybe he’s just in a slump right now. Either way Wenger needs to shake him out of his current condition.

    Standing next to him on most days is either Denilson or Song. I happen to believe that both of these young men have the physical ability to play the role that Flamini played last year. Interestingly, on evidence of the games I have seen them play in, they also have the technical ability to play the roles. What these two seem to lack is that intimidation factor that the position really needs. But, again, that’s something that Arsene could bring out of them: show them a video of Patrick Vieira’s greatest moments and say to them “alright, Son, go get em.”

    At this point, that’s what I would do. I would have a chat with Cesc and get his head on straight and I would turn Denilson and Song loose. So what if they get a few red cards? Vieira did. So what if they make mistakes? Vieira did. At this point there’s no one to buy, so we need those two young men to play with wanton abandon and drag this team up.

    Add in a fresh defensive coaching perspective to the mix of a loosened Denilson and Song and I think we could see that something special that Arsene keeps telling us that we have.

    Ok, well, enough Football Manager I’m seriously on verge of turning into a cocksandwich with this post. Up next is Fenerbahce, who are struggling at least as much as we are having just conceded two late goals to give a “lesser” opponent a draw and also losing one of their most influential players to injury. They should make a good foil for Arsenal right now and I’m looking forward to the game on Wednesday. I’m not sure we’ll be able to see the match over here in the states since the only game that I can say for certain is being broadcast right now is the Juve v. Real Madrid match. So, stay tuned for an update on that.

    OK, well, that’s that… Turn the boys loose, Arsene, let them run riot over the Turks!

  11. Inspiring Video.
    I live in Australia and for 12 years (I’m 17) i have supported Arsenal.
    I would give an arm and a leg to go to the Emirates and watch a match and it disappoints me when i hear of fans who do not support the team and throw bottles at the players. If you don’t want to support the team, let someone else go who does.
    I hope the crowd can be like a 12th player on Wednesday and Saturday. I think it will do wonders for a team which is low on confidence.

  12. @ Rilub: have to disagree about Denilson having the physical ability to be decent DM. He’s more a creative player, we need someone with bollocks. Have a look at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_bZAdOKhk . It’s Lorik Cana from Marseille. He’s what we need protecting the back four and leaving Cesc to do what he does best.

  13. Cana was rumored to Arsenal over the summer… e is Gattuso v 2.0. I would love to have him but I think a DMF that fits into our cheme will have to be a pretty talented one… Viera was a beast but was also incredibly talented and I am not sue if Cana is (I dont watch too much French football)… The guy I keep mentioning is Marcos Senna though now it looks like he is set at Villareal and he is starting to get up there in years…

  14. I say, why not Denilson? I know he seems more like the deeper-sitting Fabregas, but his build isn’t much different to Flamini if at all.

    He just needs to work on his strength and balance. Look at Makelele, one of the smallest holdings mids I’ve ever seen, and yet, so effective.

    With reference to Man Utd, I hope this is like the match when we beat them 1-0 away a few years back, having started awfully losing to Man City and drawing with Villa (I think). Like the other anonymous poster, I’m from Australia as well and one of my dreams is to watch a game at the Grove (the other ones being to play for and captain Arsenal :P), and it is sad that the fans who do go, don’t always support the players.

  15. an oportunist see success in everything he undertakes,so what?
    No matter the magnitude of saturday’s game,we hope gunners will prove that they are there for a mission and time for accomplishing the mission is now not tommorow.However,they have to be focused to the game and execute every opportunity that comes thei way.And by the by the way,tonight we have a game which we should use to prove our critics wrong.

  16. @Josh: Denilson’s a young lad, so will get stronger but this will take time and time is something we don’t have. We need to look for someone in January, but if anyone from the current squad is to fill the gap, for me it’s got to be Song. He’s naturally big and strong and he understands how to best protect central defenders, having experience of playing there himself. His distribution is good and he’s got a good engine.

  17. So arsenal lost to Stoke….they are definitely out of the championship race ( according to the wise sages of this idiotic world). The theory was that the Big 4 or 5 will not lose points to the bottom teams. Spurs go on to beat Liverpool and no top analyst says Liverpool’s season is over because they have lost one game, they also happened to draw with Stoke which is 2 points dropped according to the title winning theory. Man U drew with Newcastle and Everton teams that Arsenal soundly beat but they are still considered strong title favorites and that is after 10 games. Given Arsenal lost a few games but they still have a chance to win the league if they win a lot of the games left ( not all ) . Man U, Chelsea will all drop points to some teams in the league and Arsenal can still win the league. Arsenal dont have a defensive midfielder according to most people but in a tournament including Yaya Toure, Alex Song of Arsenal was considered the best defensive midfielder in The African Nations cup making the team of the tournament. Man U and Chelsea could not win at Fenerbache and Arsenal did that and their season is still considered pear shaped. There is a reason why most of these commentators and other so called experts are not coaches…as we like to say in South Africa >>They dont know fokol. Arsene Wenger is a top coach, Almunia is a great goalkeeper, Denilson is an excellent player and Song is a defensive midfielder.

  18. Denilson is doing his bit. He is actually getting more of the ball than Cesc which is probably an explanation why Cesc is not as influential at times like last season where Flamini was just a spoiler and let Cesc run everything in central MF. This season he has a parter who CAN play and when he feels sluggish, Denilson picks up the tab. You can say that last season with Flamini as his partner, Cesc HAD to perform for the team as he was THE only “ball player” in CM, whereas Flamini was just his “spoiler”. This season Cesc has another “ball player” and at times you can sense he is getting a little complacent. Remember the comments he made about playing for spain vs arsenal, in which he said , in the spain setup he is not the main man unlike at Arsenal where “everything” has to go through him.

    This might shed some light on why at times he looks dis-interested because he knows now that everything does not necessarily have to go through him.

  19. Not sure if we can pull of a win, but im hopeful after all we were in a worse position wen we faced them in that game, we hadn’t won in the league before we played united in that game. I feel the gunners have something to prove and they will want to prove it against united!

  20. It isnt about body size its about playing style… Zidane was pretty tall would he be a good DMF? Yu need to have someone with that mentality of winning every single ball in the midfield…

  21. Spurs are no after yaya so we will be in a bidding war and who do you think we win a new manager at a club that blew 80 mill on players in the summer or arsne who won’t buy anyone over the age of 20? i think the cl is our realistic chance of silverware this season and I’ll love us to win it as no team from london has so it will be nice to have that to gloat with against the chavs. Plus to point out we are the only english team to beat both inter and ac at the san siro and win at the beurnaba against real. Also we are the only pl team to be in the cl 8 yrs straight and if we don’t get in next year maybe that is a clue we are going backwards but I’m not expecting big players to come in this summer and it’s rare that someone settles in like sagna straight away and also bischoff scored in the reserves and looks fit apperently so we might have a hidden weapon as no-one knows anything about him so he knows what we want and need so the lad might step up and we all said who? with raised eyebrows to henry, viera, clichy, sagna, ade and cesc when they came.

  22. This may be the season right here. The lads have to show they can compete with one of the big four. If we end up getting ripped apart I don’t think this squad, as it is, will recover mentally.

  23. me thinks everyone at the emirates need to sit down, revaluate the season so far and be more active in improving ’em selves.
    i think it was in the Invincibles era, we went through a bad patch and after a team meeting, everyone was more spirited, developed a siege mentality and look what turned out. We made history.

    If your team captain cant lead, the decision to drop him is not as easy as it seems considering we have no real vocal leaders in the team. Therefore the manager should step in and help Gallas in his duty as team captain.Once the team realize, Wenger is the voice behind Gallas’s assertion, i bet they would work harder, knowing Wenger is breathing down their neck.

    There is a simple solution to this problem. In management, situations like this occur when team members are well in their comfort zone and the manager is distracted by additional duties entrusted to him to perform his main duties.

    The rot may have started when the Director of Football (i think that’s what it’s called.) was vacated and Wenger had to do the business part of football in addition to his duties as the gaffer.

    The lack of transfer during the off season can be attributed to the fact Wenger was not prepared to handle the business side of transfers. I’m no mind reader but past seasons saw regardless of the Develop Young Players Policy, Wenger still bought players or had more option.

    To sum it up, our glory years have one similarity. The manager have a good synergy with the director of football, working as a team, for the team.

  24. What can I say but thanks! Most needed in this, our hour of darkness!
    Sure did cheer me up!

    Thanks again!

  25. this is the spirit the boys need to bring tomorrow i believe that they do get up for the big gmae all we need to do is FINISH and we will win this game no doubt. WENGER 4 LIFE!!!!!!

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