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A very late, very short blog which is sure to annoy the masses but could well tickle the fancy of the unreliable and impulsive among us. You know who you are.

Arsene Wenger has explained why he rested Emmanuel Adebayor against West Ham, suggesting that he overused him last season and doesn’t want to do the same this time around. It’s a fair point and with Nicklas Bendtner showing quality and Carlos Vela and (sort of) Eduardo waiting in the wings there is absolutely no reason why Adebayor should be overused this season.

In my humble opinion he is the most important forward in our team and the fresher he is in the games that matter the better off Arsenal will be. I know a lot of people hate the fact that Adebayor takes a few chances to get a goal but his workrate and versatility make him an integral part of the team.

Adebayor, meanwhile, has been speaking about injured teammate Eduardo, stating that everyone in the team loves him and can’t wait for him to return. I would suggest that Adebayor’s sentiments are echoed by every Arsenal supporter in the world. Much as Adebayor, Bendtner, van Persie and Vela are great, Eduardo adds a different element to our attack and is undeniably the best finisher at the club.

Moving on and Theo Walcott has stated that he feels the Premiership title race is going to go right down to the wire. With Liverpool leading, Chelsea and Manchester United both possessing strong squads and the likes of Hull City and Aston Villa collecting points for fun you have to think he’ll be proven right. Let’s hope we’re on the top of the pile when it’s over. I think we have a reasonable chance.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Back to your coffees.

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21 thoughts on “A super-short, super-late Arsenal blog

  1. To think Eduardo might be playing for the Gunners once more in 3 weeks has got me really exciting, Just to know his career will not be over. He is talented and was in form when he got injured. He’s quick, great shot and our fox-in-the-box. C’mon Eduardo!!!

  2. @ jay – It won’t be three weeks mate. He’ll just be returning to full training at that point. I wouldn’t expect him back earlier than 7-8 weeks from now. But other than that, yes it will be lovely to see him playing again.

  3. It will be great to see Eduardo back in the team. When he came out on the field after his injury for the first time, the crowd went wild. Feel the love. I just cant wait until he can take the field without crutches again, he is what arsenal seem to be missing up front in many games (fulham, hull), and with him as a super sub I believe such “blips” would not happen.

    Also, how good will Arse Vs no. 20 be this wednesday

  4. I to think Eduardo will arive back in first team action after xmas. Hopefully we will get a lower league team for our fa cup 3rd round game, so he can start that. He will make some sub appearances to ease him in physically and mentally.

    Fantastic goal getter, a clinical finisher and we need him. I just hope he comes back the player he was.

    All Pray….

  5. I agree with all you boys- Eduardo gives us another dimension up front. His close control in confined spaces would have made the job of breaking down West Ham at the weekend that much easier. Surging forward at speed on the counter attack is what we’re great at- breaking down teams that get men behind the ball quickly cause us problems. Someone like Eduardo, who can jink around defenders when space is tight will be invaluable. It’ll take the boy a while to bed back into the team, so we’ll need to be patient. I just hope he’s been able to overcome the mental and physical scars of his horrific injury, and that he’ll be the player he was before.

  6. yeah.. i agree on ade’s case, and actualy i believe that le boss should give the kids oportunity by resting such players; rather than blocking the door for new eterants. well done on this matter and i always feel something special abt eduardo, as he seem to be areal goal scorer who can utilise the oportunities created in a team like our’s …i mean the stats show that we are the best to reach the box, but the goals are very few in realtion to the chances created..thus be sure when he gets in to fitness…he will prove whjat he is capableof….
    luv ya gunners….adios to those losers who got their first win in nine games….shame on…..ya losers

  7. i also feel tht wenger made the right decision. tht will keep ade fresh as well as give chance to th rest of th players to show wat they got..
    i also think tht ade no longer miss a lot of chances.he has grown in confidence n his presence upfront spells danger to th opponents. keep up th good work ade.

  8. Arsenal fell apart after the Eduadro injury last season. Maybe when he comes back the boy will go on a 9-10 game winning streak that could give us the title we shoulda won last season.

  9. Personally I don’t think Eduardo will return in 3 weeks either but when he does its gonna be massive! The squad we have should be, dare I say it, unstoppable!

    Diaby back, Eduardo closing in on his return, Oh it’s great to be a Gooner 😀

  10. I commented first, im using this name as this blog is crowded with loads of jays lol. OH, i though Eduardo was making our Wigan CC sqaud 🙁

  11. I have tried to find AW quotes about Eduardo and I couldn’t find “full training” in it. The only thing he say is “playing competitive football” which suggest he might already be in full training, or he will be in a week. I hope to see him atleast make the bench against Wigan.

    He is a strong person, and he seems to have his head soldered properly on his shoulders which could mean that while he couldn’t kick the ball with his feet, he was playing in his mind and for a smart lad, he might have invented a whole new level of coolness, wizadry, and a bag of other tricks. Look out world, He is back!

  12. Thats what I was saying. SF said he woulkd only be training in 3 weeks. How is anyone to know, all I heard is he is fit to make the Wigan squad

  13. @ jay-jay/TayGoon – Wenger’s comments about “competitive football” were aimed at Eduardo being able to play in practice matches at training. He is doing all the fitness and running and skills work on his own at the moment, so what he meant was that he’ll be able to run around with the other boys, get tackled etc etc.

  14. @ darragh – I hate you. However, take some photos and email them to me and we can put them up on the blog. Have a blast mate, do Aussie Gooners proud.

  15. Hey SF –
    Long time reader, first time commenter.
    I wanted to let you know about my hometown side, Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS, signing Freddie Ljungberg to be on next year’s squad. As an Arsenal supporter, I’m *really* excited to see Freddie in a Sounders shirt. March can’t come soon enough!
    Also wanted to say that I always enjoy reading your take on the Gunners – it’s nice to get perspective from other overseas fans. Keep up the great work!
    Let’s Go You Gunners! Beat those sp*rs!

  16. Cool news for you Adrienne. Freddie is my all-time favourite Arsenal player so I’ll always be interested in his career, at least until he retires anyway.

    Do you often watch Seattle play? What are they like?

  17. Eduardo return will be gud 4 d starting team, but the rotation idea will be very
    gud. this will help the younger players.

  18. Well, Seattle are an expansion club, so they haven’t ever played before. They start their first season in March, when Major League Soccer’s season starts.

    All of this is to say, I don’t know what they’re like, but most of us Seattle fans are hoping that they’ll play agressive, attacking football. We shall see.

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