A song all Arsenal fans need to sing about Nicklas Bendtner against Spurs

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With the recent realisation that Nicklas Bendtner’s #52 kit essentially makes him The B52, my roommate Darragh and I have decided he needs a B52’s song to be sung about him by the fans.

And what better song than ‘Rock Lobster’?!

Here’s our modified lyrics:

We were at the Emirates
Everybody had matching boots
Somebody went onto the pitch
And there they saw some pink
It wasn’t just pink
It was a Nick Bendtner

Nick Bendtnerrrrrrr! Nick Bendtnerrrrrr!

Sing it. I dare you.

And if on the off chance you do, for the love of God film it and send it in to me.

More later…

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58 thoughts on “A song all Arsenal fans need to sing about Nicklas Bendtner against Spurs

  1. Singing…… Yes, you don’t do much of that at the Emirates do you? Would love it if this caught on though!!




    (which ever would be preferred)

  3. KingKeano what a legend!! What ever happened to a thfc1882? I just go on dml and hh and abuse these bastards when I get a chance! What do you think of the new stadium? The beast stand looks fucking awesome!

  4. Oh by the way calling Wenger a pedo is defamation and if bothered we could prosecute you if you sing that shit in our stadium.

  5. Who’s that cummin on the kids its arsene wenger its arsene wengerrr. Hahaha will you come to WHL you cunts!!!

  6. Adebayor has said that Fabregas will leave if we fail to win a trophy.I think ade plays revenge towards Fabregas i think.He wants all us fans to turn against him.Can’t he keep his b**t shut.

  7. Well, it’s a controversial blog today. The intelligent debate I am normally used to has been substituted for dodgy rhymes and personal attacks.

    There must be a derby on the way.

  8. lollllllllllll,funny that the only way these two spurs twats hav come into contact with each other of late is by comin on our blog for cheap pre match thrills,nothin to talk about on ur own blogs lads????heres a few topics for ye to f*ck off back there with;
    1. how every year u make the same old boring threats and never deliver, never changin ur policy of mouthin off until uv actually fullfilled ur fantasy of finishing ahead of us
    2. how you can always raise ur game for us but annually roll over when utd/chelsea come to town
    3. how you immediately pounce to sign the players we declined; modric,bassong,woodgate (who left ur training ground when our prank interest was revealed),krancjar,bale,palacious…..and their just ur current players,in jan wengers gonna reveal he puttin in a bid for zamora….u gimps wil prob sign him for 15mil
    4. how only you lot are oblivious to the countrywide sniggers when ur manager comes out with interest in the huntelaars,snjieders,robbens and today rio ferdinands of this world when it would be the last place they would go until their within a year of retiring,edgar davids anyone????
    5. how you go through more managers than pairs of socks
    6. how u cheer and adore my fellow countryman robbie keane when he showed wot he thought of your club last year and left to go to pool…when he left he told the truth bout ur shit outfit,now this week hes waffling bout havin a stronger squad than us…stay off the glue robbie,just because uv paid over the odds for average players doesnt mean ur better than our lads
    7. how you after all these years still cant see the woods through the trees….you had a chance the last few seasons when we wer in transition and a learning team and you couldnt do it…how are you gonna do it now when we are again in the ascendency…u are and always will be a poor mans alternative to football in north london
    all that you could be talkin about on ur own blogs but you need to come in here to get some sort of a sense of wot it means to be part of a great,great club like ours,enjoy the derby tomor u wont see many more wher ul be in 3/4 years time….leeds utd,anybody???
    all that said and i didnt even abuse ur manager,fans or players……yet

  9. Careful gents, despite sending their entire reserve squad out on loan, having a ‘captain’ that can’t manage two games in a row and desperately playing their first teamers in the Carling Cup, they still have greater squad depth than us!

  10. thats a great song,me and sol are going to watch the game in our leather pants,and then pretend to suffocate each other afterwards.lets hope theres no accidents like the last time in my pool eh???

  11. ooooohhhhh mickey,youve let the cat out the bag cheeky.
    lets stick it up the spurs c”ts.
    but not in that way cheeky mickey,xxxx

    Down, Down… (Goal, Goal…)

    BTW, the B52’s are from Athens, GA. Just a few miles from here – down the Atlanta Highway…

  13. @andy,
    dont wanna seem that im deliberately contradicting you mate but gibbs won the ball for both our goals before playin one-twos on both occasions and drivin us forward into their half…he started our second goal at our 18 yard box…ramsey was excellent but if u watch the game again he didnt track back and gave away the ball as much as nic,who you highlighted as being wasteful at times…at 2-1 with 10mins left he kicked it straight to babel who played it first time to the ONSIDE voronin where we got a poor offside call in our favour…it would be nitpicking to say which player deserved man of the match but i think you are doin gibbs a disservice when you say they got at us down the wings, he was up against two running workhorses in degen and kuyt and he kept them quite wit very little help from fran defensively…wenger himself singled out gibbs and is touting him for a world cup call up,its too early of course but i think wer too used to giving our flare and attacking players credit whereas eastmond and gibbs wer outstanding in their ballwinning and retaining wed night and ramsey and merida wouldnt hav had the platform if it wernt for these two in particular

  14. Well I’ll say one thing if you lads put half the energy writing songs for your ladies as you did your clubs we’d be happier. On that note Andy this is very funny and I really hope someone sings it and films it. Bendy seems to have a good sense of humour I’m sure he’ll love it.

  15. HELP! The Carling cup was not shown on TV here in the US. Is there any website that I can watch the full game on? I searched in Youtube, but found only the highlights for the goals.

  16. Yes he finally scored the goal that was even difficult to score, but failed to score the ones we expected him to converted. like the one where he was left alone with the keeper after a tremendous display.

    I will not sing the song after just one goal against a yet second eleven Liverpull. Let’s wait to see tomorrow if he will be consistent.

  17. How come when the camera shows the gooner fans in the ground you are also so fcuking ugly. seriously, have a look around next time(you have plenty of time to do it coz u certainly dont sing) and you will see how goofy, bald and genrally proper rank ugly fcukers you really are. Your fans must have the most virgins any team in the world has coz surely even the really fat birds would run a mile. Some of you lot make Adebayor look handsome(great goal for City by the way and what a run and slide). Do you have to rape birds like Van Rapist does? Horrible wanky manager, horrible scumbag players and the most ugly fans in the world. eurgh

  18. What a bunch of absolute fcukwits you dirty fcuking scumbag cnuts are !!

    Go back to shaggnig your siblings you filthy scum

    C O Y S

  19. you can stick sol cambell up my arse, you can stick sol cambell up my arse, coz i like it up there, i like it up there, thats coz we’re all a bunch of fags

  20. cant wait to punch a dirty gooner right in the face, cos spending 90 minutes in the death star will send me crazy….

  21. All real Arsenal fans will be proud of this. This is what we believe in… this is what we stand for. This shows the world what we really believe in!

  22. I think the rivalry of Arsenal vs Tottenham can be summed up very well by something a friend of mine said to me. “It was my 21st birthday the last team Tottenham beat Arsenal…. I never thought i would be 31 before i saw it again”

  23. 5:45 AM kickoff for me here in the states! Waking up but wish i had a pub or somewhere to watch instead of predictable horrible streams…

  24. I used to live in Arizona. Those 5:45 starts are brutal. It’s so much easier in the eastern time zone.

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