A picture says a thousand words + Video Highlights: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United

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Van Persie and Eduardo react to the chalking off of Arsenal's late equaliser



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  1. I have a question……what was Diaby actually trying to do? If you didnt know which way the teams were going, you would think it was a great goal.

  2. stupid stupid loss..both goals were a result of stupid errors.. N apart from the goal the idiot diaby actually had a pretty good game..

    Anyway..done n dusted.. Now we need to show how we bounce back from this. Win a few games in a row n we’ll have caught up with everyone.

    Oh n Wenger saying we lack a bit of experience.. Hopefully a sign of some players coming in?

  3. Its lazy to pck on Diaby, yes he scored the own goal but ask why?

    Almunia was to blame for causing panic in our own defence, he was never confident and never came out and calmed situations.

  4. Arse&Nose, im not picking on him. I just dont know what he was trying to do, eg. heading it out for a corner, heading it back to Almunia or heading it away from the goals???????

  5. It was a good game. Its a story of how the current ManU is different from last years ManU with Christiano,a story of how arsenal may have improved but still lacks the winning mentality and the maturity ManU has. I loved Wenger admitting kicking the water bottle after he realised the goal has had been cancelled. See,we are all human,he is a boy like us!
    When a game has a moment of brialliance like Arshavins goal moreover a few seconds after what could have been a penalty(mayble),our team should have won because ManU wasnt a better team yesterday(dis-regarding the belief that a team that wins is a better team). It should have been our day yesterday but it wasnt meant to be. Gallas was fantastic,fantastic except for his offside position when RVP “scored”. The Belgian overcame Rooney and am happy,he is really a good player,proberly the reason Gallas is playing better. There are alot of positives in yesterdays game save for the loss. Still,the loss may help Wenger asses the same old arsenal story of not winning when we should have won,we have heard enough of this “learning curve thing,young,etc!” I was also watching how Arsenal can play or will play with Fabrigas since there is talk of arsenal being almost Fabrigas! Alumina could have done better,he un-necassarily rushed and made a mistake,Diaby—how could that be? Anyway,thats the beauty of the game,the reason we love it! How the loss to ManU affects us now becomes more important than the result itself. Too much,i have to end here!

  6. agree, Almunia seems not to be at his best, this own goal was a bit the same thing as Silvestre’s slip in the cl knock out last season, I was stunned, but you can’t blame someone for that, I would rather argue with Almunia, I thought that penalty wasn’t necessary, he didn’t have to go into that attack like he does, apart from that I can’t say so much, I thought it was a tough fight, and Arsenal were really at one level with ManU, my impression

  7. Comne on its only a loss. Its still early, Diaby and Almunia panicked. Wenger said Almunia didn’t need to go out for the ball it was going out. As for Almunia, I don’t know what to say he is a reliable keeper, not in the same vein as the other top spanish keepers Casillaas, Reina etc but yeah he will do for us.

    Its better we lost now because the boys were getting overconfident in their pre match ints, commenting that we can go out win the champs league and all when its not even a quarter season yet.

    As for transfers I don’t see Arsenal buying anybody. This loss will give ManU a confidence boost, how ironic we are the team that will be the catalyst to their upcoming form.

  8. Alumina was at fault for both goals he is simply not good enough, the ref was a joke and that twat Eboue has to go, that dive means he is still the same, he simply hasn’t learn anything the diving twat.

  9. Refreshing to see levelheaded fans discussing the game instead of the childish vile vitriol going on at other sites. You guys didn’t deserve to lose that game and here’s hoping that it becomes a race between us (United if that wasn’t clear ;)) and you guys, those title battles have always been the most entertaining.

  10. @billi the kid

    Arsenal were better than ManU. There’s a lot of reason to be positive. We just need to respond to this result. One defeat, that too at old trafford, and in a match we actually deserved to win, doesn’t define our season. Neither would have the win for that matter.. I think its the manner of defeat that hurts more than the defeat itself..

    as an aside,the referee was a disgrace

  11. looneygooner -i agree.

    We have missed a comanding goalkeeper since lehman was around, almunia is weak in big game situations.

    He should be coming out and claiming crosses, calming the defence-instead he panics and waits for others to sort out dangerous balls in the area.

  12. we did deverse to win this I mean we domaited most of the game and it to goal that we gave away I did not think it was good reffeing at all by mike dean either he missed one of the most obvoious pentiles I have ever seen and there where a bunch of fouls the reffe seem to competly igonore at all flecther mostly and somehow rooney got man of the match I really do not see how he did got it consuider he had only one chance on goal and that was the penalty and it not even going to talk about the bottle thing the media can talk about that all they want and not even going to talk about evra

  13. @loonetgooner and Arse&nose

    I agree he was at fault for the goals (not that much for the second one really) but every player goes through bad patches. Yes he’s started the season slowly but give him a chance. Im sure he realises it and is going to set things right..

    As for big games, anyone remember last seasons champions league semi final 1st leg?

  14. Whats up Gunners!It was a good game and i was impressed with Arsenal!!When it comes to Diaby he was unlucky..keep it real and stop blaming one player.blame the ref or Roony!!!

  15. Still feel like crying.
    Never shoulve lost that game, manure had nothing, NOTHING to offer. Shouldve given them the spanking of their lives but instead we lost.
    Absolutely gutted 🙁

    P.S. Mike Dean is a complete c*ntbag!

  16. ferguson says he got the ball wot a lier and the interveiwer does’nt even challenge him on that,bloody rooney the cheat……the ref am not even gonna comment

  17. @ keith
    ferguson isnt a liar at all.. Fletcher did get the ball..with his hand; while ploughing through arshavin.

  18. lets have to put all our fingers crossed at our chests -if just at the begining of the season premiership refree’s can go on with with such mistakes!
    .other wise the game was quite impressive especilly on the arsenalside that was cheated- only that diaby was un lucky.

  19. And yes.. rooney did dive. Just like eduardo. Only difference boruc got his hands out of the way while almunia didnt, but rooney was already going down.

    Actually it was probably more of a dive than eduardo’s cos rooney had lost control of the ball which edu hadnt

  20. just watched the video, I have to change my opinion, Arsenal deserved a win, you don’t have to argue with Almunia, it’s cruel how that game went, lot’s of decisions against Arsenal, a lot, great performance of Arsenal despite of these two situations……..

  21. and yeah, you really had to argue with that referee, it’s typical that teams with an reputation of ManU are advantaged, seems like you have no chance against them in terms of justice and fairness

  22. Hi, Andy. Thanks for getting the blog up. I’m sure you must be suffering some ‘ill effects’…I hope you’ll be getting round to one of your excellent game reviews though.
    Pre-season, when I looked at our opening fixtures I thought we’d be in a world of pain by now. As it is, this is the first game we’ve lost, away, to the Champions, where getting a refs decision in our favour is harder than getting a nun to…well it’s hard.
    We were the better side, all the reports agree and basically desperately unlucky. The scum would’ve been sitting in their dressing room afterwards wondering – ‘how the hell did we win that?’.
    So my point is – chin up, Gunnners. We’re still looking good. @Thomas – RVP was excellent. What tha hell’s wrong with you, man?

    Only At Old Trafford – No. 100 in a series of a thousand.: Only at Old Trafford can a manure player scythe down an opposition player, two footed, in the penalty area – and it’s no penalty. Anywhere else in the country that’s blatant. Blatant. When the hell are the FA going to start investigating this disparity?

    manure’s penalty – Rooney dived. But he’s clever see. He’s got diving down to a fine art. When you look at the replay (see vid above) it’s clear he’s not even attempting to go for a goal. Tempt the keeper into a challenge, get rid of the ball and let him hit you – then go down like a sack of scouse sh*t. Is there a difference between what he did and what Eduardo did? Yes. Rooney’s was much much better.

    Almunia – is not the best keeper in the world. And he’s not the worst. I trust him on the whole. Was Jens a better keeper? He took out that Barca player at the begining of the Champs League final and got us reduced to 10 men.
    Was David Seaman better? He got lobbed from the halfway line. Unless you can bring a guaranteed ‘no mistakes’ keeper then we might as well as stick with someone who’s proved himself on many occasions.

  23. I am not appreciated with the way Arsenal fc played yesterday! Although the refree blew the match in favour of man utd. Well, i gues its hightime we bulked our belts 4 the next challenges. And finally ‘diaby’ should stop hanging on ball 4 so long.

  24. totaly agree with you there Arse&Nose. Manu lacks the confidence he always had back then. in the Lehmann time.

  25. I jst hop we bounce back n win @ man c next week.Vermaelen is a rily gud player,so hopin he stays injury free.Wenger pls buy d experience u said we lackd in d game.A Gk,A def mid..jst som1 dat will bring more experience 2 d side.as 4 Almunia,I tink we will c a different version of him after d intl break.I hop n bliv so

  26. Well let’s put it in perspective now that I’ve got over the depression. It’s one away game at the current Premiers stadium. Bookies odds had the c*cksarkars as favourites and an Arsenal win would have been an upset. The teams Arsenal have beaten so far haven’t been the strongest of opposition so the boys did well except for 2 moments of madness, otherwise ManUre didn’t threaten at all.
    There’s been a lot of people having a go at Almunia but that penealty was a result of a mix up between Sagna and Almunia. Sagna should have gone for that ball especially since he had 5 yards on Rooney but he left if for Almunia so he had no choice but to commit. I’ve played enough in the back four to see who was at fault. Bad, bad mistake from Sagna. I can’t explain Diaby’s OG though – no idea what he was trying to do.

  27. Wait on, I just had a thought about the Diaby OG. The blatently biased commentators said that it was raining second half. Maybe he was trying to nod it towards the sideline and the ball skimmed off his head due to the moisture. I scored an OG like that once. It was the best goal I ever scored!

  28. alminia may be blamed 4d penalty(which was a dive) but diaby has to be totally blamed 4d own goal,he was under no pressure whatsoever.keepers expect to punch the ball away 4rm opposition or when their players r under pressure, not when they seemingly hav it under control. our problem has been that the kids dnt hav the mentality to take on the big teams. what’s d use of destroying a sheffield side 6-0 only to lose the semis to a man u or chelski

  29. I feel stupid even saying it, how is arshavin going to win a pen when we are supposedly such a bunch of cheats it’s a joke, i just hope morten gamst pedersen gets his two match ban, oh wait UEFA he didn’t do it as well as Eduardo so it does not matter, fucking joke

  30. well yet again anti-arsenal behaviour from the refree in a united arsenal clash but we cant do anything folks. the interesting thing is the way we bounce back. fab will be back 4 city perhaps rosicky will also return. i cant wait 4 this one

  31. @HeyNonnyMouse. You got that dead right, ie, spurs weenies with their rattles and their baby talk . I just watched their game against Brum (Sunday morning and I’m a soccer fan !!)and were they ever lucky to win that one.

    Getting on to football , yes , we were really unlucky yesterday , not just in terms of an own goal and bad ‘keeping , but also in that we had that clown Dean refing . Every time he gets a televised game it’s “TheMikeDeanShow”. Seems to forget that we want to watch football and not MikeDean.What a twat he is.
    Arsene says to take the positives from the performance and while I’m still struggling to do that I know he’s right.Let’s keep right behind this team guys – we know they’re the business!!

  32. we desperately need some muscle in that team, if a weakling like fletcher can contest the midfield with us by playing strong then think what an essien can do. we had a good game but it was more down to a bad game from man u,i asked myself if we lost to such a weak manu team then when are we going to beat them? chelsea’s in d form of their life bossing the opposition,the match against them is not one for diabys, denilsons,bendtners etc

  33. @ spurs – Boring chat, adds nothing to the blog so if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say I’ll start blocking your comments.

    I’ll have a proper match report up tomorrow, actually looking forward to writing it. I’m not too upset with the result, we played well.

  34. the penalty situation was not almunias fault, if u watch it again you can see that rooney jumped forward and than rooney touched almunia when he was diving.

  35. You’ve got love Wenger for his stance and composure. What a guy he is! I wish there was an official complaint filed against a referee, he’s an absolute disgrace and it makes it look totally corrupt. It is so hard to take when their fouls go unpunished and we twitch and get a yellow card straight away. Ebue, please stop diving, it doesn’t help and you are not even good at it.
    The only positive here I would like to concentrate on is the we look a better team and maybe apart from Chelsea I don’t see who would stand in our way to claim the title this time round.

  36. Hey Andy.
    Save the comments from Spurs. I like to see it pasted all over the blog when they go all the way to 5th.

    Refuse to talk bout the negatives, everyone said their piece, not wanting to add to the misery.

    Positive? Our only challenge to the title would be Chelsea. Man U would not have won if we didnt gift those goals to him. I had a feeling we get a penalty against us when i saw Mike Dean as the referee.

    Lets pick ourselves up and look forward till the next match

  37. Well having praised Eboue this week and his rebirth as a midfield dynamo over the opening weeks of the season since he gave up diving what does he do ??

    And this week of all weeks !

    I hope Arsene sends Emmanuel to play with the U14s at Colney for a month to encourage him to get it through his obviously thick head that diving is not acceptable and if he stays on his feet he will contribute X10 more




  39. hey andy i dnt say our midfield did badly,i meant that with the gift of such a mediocre performance from manu we could hav done better, i’v watched chelsea a lot this season and their team is much stronger than yesterdays manu. if we’v got title ambitions i think we’d better wake up &take our chances when they come. holla lehman


  41. arsenal found a way to lose a game we should have won,manure found a way to win a game they should have lost,that was the worst utd side i,ve seen in years but we still lost. with out nasri,cesc and rosicky we dont have anyone to play that killer pass in the final third and lack physicality in the middle at times.they got a dodgy pen then diaby had a shocker with that og but the problem is we are always likely to concede as almunia doesn,t command his area as a top keeper should, the window closes in a few days but i dont see any further additions to the squad and if we dont buy that will tell me how badly we want to compete on all fronts this season.

  42. Game of fine margins, isn’t it?

    I’ve read a lot of over reaction from Arsenal fans this morning. I felt we played very well (not as well as we can, but that’s the affect OT has on any player – who was nervous sat in the stand/at home just watching?). Whilst we had control, I don’t think we really did enough to win the game, neither did Man U. They got the run of the green, we didn’t.

    Despite the result, Man U fans should be more concerned than us. As league is about consistency over 38 games and if we maintain that level AWAY to the other top 4, we’ll come out of it well. And I do think we will take many more points off lesser teams. Remember we’ve got players in midfield to come back, arguably we were Walcott/Cesc/Nasri away from our strongest line up.

    And I’m getting fed up of people giving RvP stick. What do people want? We’re lucky to have a player like him, with superb touch and technique to bring players into the game around him. The goals will come. Add a touch of pace, and he’d be perfect for that position. People calling for Chamakh to replace him are mad.

    Finally, I’m very wound up about the hypocricy the press have shown towards Rooney’s “clever” play and Eduardo’s “cheating”. Both players went down anticipating contact – what’s the difference? You can clearly prove in slow motion that Rooney’s going down before MA came crashing through (poor decision making anyway). Rooney decided to go down, just as Eduardo did. The players both made their decision before the keeper arrived at them – therefore, what’s the difference? For me, more than the result, I find extremely infuriating.

  43. Most referees are entirely neutral and I don’t think that they are intentionally anti one team or another. However, when it comes to officiating at Old Trafford they are gutless, they are terrified of Old Red Nose and will do anything to avoid upsetting him.

    At every foul committed by a United player there were always at least two arguing with him, showing dissent, but he booked none of them. Where is the Respect Agenda now?

  44. absoulute bullshit.shocking loss. what was diaby attempting whenhe purposely redirected it towards our net. van Persie was lazy, and reallyshould have scored that one from arshavin which foster saved. the ref was retarded and gave over half of our starting eleven yellow cards. i dont understand why when arshavin who had just played the ball 2 feet away from him gets taken out in the box is not a PK, yet when rooney does basically the exact same thing it is a PK.

  45. @Junglecat8
    Man Utd rarely start the season in good form. last season we are in bottom 3 after 4/5 games. but we are getting better with more games. that’s something for you to understand. attacking wise we are so naive. for me understandably because we are loosing Ronaldo who is very much our main player for the last 3 seasons and also Tevez(2seasons). So to be in current league position is good enuff. we will get better as Rooney adapting to his new role. He already score 5 goals in 5 competetive games (including charity shield).

    I’m hoping that u guys can defeat Man City in coming game. For me, Liverpool and Man City are well above u guys in term of rivalry. I’m only active in ur blog whenever i think that your team is strong and capable of challenging Man Utd. if not, i wont even care to comment.

  46. We may have been the better team but not the smarter. Not only were Manc’s two goals from mental errors but RVP’s equalizer was called off because Gallas was asleep in the box (otherwise a fine match for Gallas). Love the emotion by Arsene, high theater at its best! He’s in this to win it. I love his decision-making so far this year. Go Rapids beat Fire!

  47. @NONNY MOUSE8.46pm – Excellent comments…
    I think RVP was a bit down, I also think EBOUE was wrong 1st choice on the day…
    Whenever FABs is not playing, MR WENGER doesn’t know who to play or how to adjust the team to suit our pattern…It was very clear he didn’t know when to sub EBOUE and his decision to sub at 70mins is seriously affecting the team.

    Even when it was obvious AA was tired, he still kept him on until he stepped on the ball and probably dislocated his foot and had to signal to be taken off.
    I mean, if people are sitting on the bench for formality, then why keep them on the bench?
    I think we lost cos of the indecision to bring in changes.
    SONG should’ve been subbed(cos of the yellow card) and someone brought in to replace DENILSON while he takes over SONG’s place.

  48. I would’ve preferred WILSHERE, EDUARDO and BENTNER as subs. But RAMSEY got the nod instead. EDUARDO was excellent in the last game, why keep him out of the team for so long?

    After EBOUE fouled EVRA, he shoulda been off…cos the next thing he did was dive.
    I think WENGER or whoever sits with him should be able to notice when players send out their signs of tiredness.
    It was clear SONG could no longer stamp his authority with the card he got and shoulda been off too.
    It was a done and dusted deal until we conceded, but bringing in 2players on 57-60mins cannot be a bad decision.

  49. So GunnerBoss

    Are you saying Eboue should not have played – if so who should ?

    And you say that taking Eboue off at the 70 minute mark ” seriously affected our team”

    Why ? In what way – what do you think was “seriously” affected?

    And could you be more specific on exactly WHO you say should have replaced Denilson ( who you say should have replaced Song) ?

    You see it is very interesting to read that Wenger SHOULD have done THIS or SHOULD have done THAT

    What I would be interested even more in is WHY ?

  50. First question – B52
    2nd question – I think he should’ve ben gone earlier
    3rd question – DENILSON replaces SONG and someone else(SONGs sub perhaps) detailed to do what DENILSON was.
    I tried my best to explain, why do you keep saying why? You should have your own opinion instead…

  51. where to start??wel havent been here since tues so am just gonna say first how gutted i was when edu went to ground wed night,still love the guy but like i said am dissapointed cos didnt think he was like that but the media frenzy and witch hunt since is a joke,i dont mind him gettin a rap but theyd better bring it in for the rooneys,gerrards and drogbas
    yeaterday was,as usual, a rollercoaster and it exposed our weaknesses….we go there and control the game and lose two of the most laughable goals you can imagine…am sick…if the ball was put in like that into the utd box diaby wudnt hav attacked it like that but i blame almunia he shuda took man ball and anytin else that was in his way but the guy is average and instills no confidence into the players in front of him,even in the first half there was a poor game of head tennis in our box and he was rooted to the line and fletcher shuda scored.as for the penalty wot was he thinkin,in fairness,he had no business runnin out like that there was no threat.and at that he didnt even try to take his hands away like buroc did the other nite if he did it would hav been a dive by rooney as he was tumbling before the contact..iv said it before almunia is average and little has been asked of him so far this season and hes conceded sloppy goals that better teams will not concede…if u look at the ridiculous nature of the goals we concede u will see this…hes no good
    just to mention aswel that prat mike dean he booked 6 of our lads yesterday in wot was not a dirty game and let valencia and carrick away with wreckless challenges early on,it seemed he couldnt wait to give them the momemtum and intervene when he could then with seconds left he,on advice from the fourth official, stops the game to send AW to the stand for kicking a water bottle….wot a plank.
    lastly manu eboue was outstandin vs celtic midweek and then yesterday was doin wel before takin that ridiculous and embarrassin dive…..after the week wev had….disgrace and stupitidy in its purest form..i watched the game in my local with a dozen gunners and 100 utd fans and all we could do was hang our heads when he did it…embarrassin and he undoes all his goodwork from wed nite
    god how do we lose games like that

  52. Aha GunnerBoss

    So you would have played Nic Bendtner as a right sided midfield player at Trafford Park would you rather than Eboue ?

    A bold move – based on exactly what evidence ?

    Nic’s outstanding performance against Celtic this week perhaps ? Err No

    His outstanding goal record in recent weeks ? Umm

    His excellent record of tackling and abilty to batle it out with the ManYoo midfield ? Que ?

    Nic’s galvanising impact on the game yesterday when he did come on ? Err No

    So exactly WHAT ( note the cunning change of interogative) has Nic got that Eboue has not ?

    PS Saying “someone else” when I ask you WHO should have replaced Denilson (who replaces Song) is a bit of a cop out donchathink ?

  53. I agree with you SHAMBO, ALMUNIA was quite sloppy…We need more players who can impose their authority more on these kinda games just like AA did. We just deserved to win havin played a lot better than the MANURE. Very sad, I hope we find a solution quickly to replace FABs in this new pattern…else

  54. @ANICOLL5 – have u been watching our games this season? When u did watch, did u see B52 play? Its petty what u seem to know about us

  55. EBOUE was supposed to be part of a 4-3-3 formation where he starts in front of DENILSON who was on the right side of midfield.
    Its clear there was a lot of tactics involved in their runnings,(they attacked and defended with different patterns) but I guess his champs league exploits where he got a goal motivated the manager to include him in the starting line up.

  56. I was quite disappointed at the loss but i saw something which i never saw last season. I saw the fightback spirit in the boys and they defended as a team. LETS JUST BOUNCE BACK AND A WIN AT CITY WILL BE A CONSOLATION.

  57. some words to say:
    – love the way we fought
    – love the difference we have between this season and last season
    – heartbroken when we lost so
    – love the picture above so so much
    – hope

  58. @tom14 surprised u havent been on today was lookin forward to hearin ur verdict on the diaby own goal…..

  59. I am not worried about the result… we were completely dominant until the peno… on this so be it.. definately a dive absolutley no way anyone can dispute that watching the replay rooney was on his way down before any contact was made you win some you lose some on any other week I would accept that… The only thing that gets me is Eduardo is crucified in the media as a cheat and no one even has a second thought about Rooney diving I would consider his worse than eduardo”s because he actually got up waving his arms around like an ape asking for the peno where as eduardo didn’t… Gerrard,Carragher,Terry, Lampard. etc etc etc are the biggest divers in the premier league but they are lorded as heros when they win a game with a dive… My question is…. Is it only a dive if you are not English???

    Oh @ spurs.. enjoy it while it lasts.. you lot will get a nose bleed from encountering heights unchartered for nearly 50yrs and come crashing back down to earth with a bang…61 never again…

  60. Does it sound like the reporter is trying to get AW to say something to raise the controversy levels? He didn’t try that shit with AF. The Brit press is an awful bag of crapheads and parasites; not an intelligent question in the lot.

  61. @ shambogunner tom14 is still wanking over his signed picture of denilson and he’s scared to come out and say denny was bad today as song played well tackling when the likes of fletcher and co just cruised past him on a couple of occasions. Diaby shouldn’t of headed the ball backwards only foreward or to the side never backwards. But he nearly made up for it with a goal so hopefully he will bouce back. Rvp was unlucky as the boy has class and it will come good for him soon and at least he hasn’t been on the treatment table for a while. Would of liked to see wilshere on instead of ramsey as playing at ot might of fired the lad up a bit and I’m not a big ramsey fan either.

  62. Rooney isn’t a penalty because he didn’t control the ball. In fact he wasn’t even close to controlling the ball as it was in the stands before he even got to Almunia…

    Eboue dove and shouldn’t have but I think Wenger answered that question perfectly. One team showed up to play football, the other didn’t. One incident doesn’t change all of this. It seems the title of “Divers” is going to be put on our beloved Gunners. All I have to say is my my how quickly they have forgotten about Ronaldo. Anyone with any objectivity will see the truth in the situation.
    Its amazing that the team that shows up to play football ends up with 6 yellow cards while the team deliberately trying to foul and destroy the game has considerably less (I think 3 but I dont remember exactly…) The bias in England is absolutely remarkable and what’s more remarkable is that so many cannot see it.

    I want to point something else out. Wenger is always criticized (in the media) for saying he didn’t “see” an incident and he recently came out and admitted to it. I have never had a problem with him defending his players in this way but is it really worse then Alex Ferguson coming out and blatantly lying by saying Fletcher’s was a clean takle, and using his power to public acknowledge the greatness of the referee that made the call??? Its all in the video above and its absolutely ridiculous… To me it comes down to a deeply rooted xenophobia in England. Wenger and Rafa get lambasted and their teams no respect, while Ferguson, Redknapp, Allardyce and other trash are seen as saviors because they are British. Its an absolute disgrace.

    The truth is out there just people choose to ignore it and the media helps them do so. The BBC commentary was much better then the other channel (what I was watching here in the states) though…

    Lastly- I really hope this game becomes a turning point for us. Our team should be pissed. Very pissed. I hope this puts an “Us against the world” mentality in them and they continue with a vengeance. I wouldn’t mind them heating up the rivalry like the old days when Man U come to the Emirates later in the year…

  63. eboue proving the old saying “a leopard doesn’t change his spots” what a complete waste of space he is, please any team come and take him as for diaby keep him out of our penalty area remember his non marking that led to the goal v aston villa over the xmas period last year.However there is an enormous improvement in his play,his decision making at times needs to improve.

  64. It was a penalty, Fletcher should have scored the first goal when United where on top. United then started giving the ball away and allowed Arsenal into the game. Arsenal grew in confidence and started giving us problems as we continued to give the ball away cheaply. Great shot by Arse shavin, Foster should have saved it – lazy keeping.

    Second half much better from United, although again some sloppy moments giving possession away and allowing Arsenal to give a few problems. Giggs finally started to have an influence on the game and the passing slowly came together.

    Almunia saw the danger from Giggs pass, he came out and Rooney had to try and prod the ball beyond him. The guy who claims he didn’t have to come out smokes crack and beats his guide dog. Once Rooney had got to the ball first, the rest was inevitable.

    The ball was not there for Almunia to take and Rooney was the the only thing left to make contact with. Yes Rooney went to ground, but he had a right to in that situation.

    He would have been stupid to try and stay on his feet. It was Almunia coming out that forced him to try and take the ball beyond him. The failure of Almunia in getting something on the ball was the key.

    ANyway, from then on it was all United. Should have been 4-1 before that fantastic finish by Wenger. Gallas miles offside, Wenger into the stands and takes his ovation. Not a classic game by any means, but United’s possession advantage was significant (60-40)and belies the stories that they didn’t deserve something from this game. Their efforts in the second half shaded it for me and 4-2 would be a score none of us could have argued with.

  65. @ hey nonny mouse-haha, agree with you there.
    @spurs- when was the last time the “lilywhites” won the league?

  66. Arsenal were great fighters.Abou Diab,s own goal was just an accident. I blame it on the referree. it was an unfair loss. ManU didnt deserve that penalty. Anyway, all’s not lost. The fools will still have to come to Emirates where we’ll give them a taste of their own soup! Take heart guys!

  67. Overall, I think Arsenal outplayed ManU. Yeah, they deserved the 3 points, but that’s just football sometimes.

    I can’t blame the ref for calling the penalty. In real time, it sure looked like contact. But not pointing to the spot after Fletcher’s tackle was inexcusable.

    Eboue’s dive was ridiculous. And here I thought he learned from last season.

    I know it’s easy to react to Diaby’s own goal, but I just can’t make myself get down on the guy. He frustrated me so much last year but I think he had decent game yesterday. I hope he will finally live up to the expectations Wenger has for him.

  68. @mico, not to include RVP hiting the woodwork and forcing your keeper into a good save,or fletcher´s blantant foul on arshavin.The only time you really tested almunia was when nani tried him in the clossing moments of the game,and found him equal to the task.4.1 indeed,you´re as bad as that comical ref.

  69. I have seen the game with Man United. I realy sory for the Penality given to Man United. It is also a shame not giving the Penality for Arshavi.

    Any way It was a good game for Arsenal players. They have shown us best paly compared to Man. united.

    We expect good result from the next game with Man. City.

    Good luck for Arsenal team

  70. – chortle – Celtic had a player sent off yesterday – for diving! “…for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Matthew 26:52

    Andrew, how about putting up a pic of Arsene Wenger in the stands with his arms out on your next blog? I loved that. The Messiah indeed!

  71. No GunnerBoss when I saw Bendtner – with his lucky shirt number on , and his lucky boots on, I did not see him do much different to the ineffective scuffling I saw him doing live earlier in the week – If you reckon Bendtner was the answer then what on earth was the question ?

    B52? Well watching Nic with his patchy close control does sometimes remind me of a large and obsoltere military aircraft with trying to control a football with its tyres – or am I being unfair ?

  72. @mico wot a stereotypical manc fan u are…a clown with tunnel vision,its all wot ‘we’ and ‘us’ did.arsenal went there to play football and fletcher,carrick,valencia and brown wer all made to look mullickers in the first half and shouldav all seen yellow for persistant fouling,but once again a referee was appointed to oversee that you got any decision that was goin in ur ‘theatre of dreams’,(so called because so many of the incidents that occur there are a far cry from reality).the only time you had momentum or initiative was when mike dean intervened to give it to you so dont talk to me about arsenal only been productive when utd wer ‘giving it away’ or being ‘sloppy again’.as stated above you neglect to mention the oppositions chances or the own goal that gifted you the 3pts…this is not ur fault as unlike true football people,like those found on this site,you are blinded to ur own teams shortcomings but dont worry this is not an individual condition and can be found collectivly in the man utd community…it manifests itself through ur manager sir bollix ferguson and all you sheep take it in and spew it back out as if you hav some define right to get the decisions and you hav all now become even bigger insufferable twats than ever before, ‘the boy flecther won the ball with a great tackle’ wot a f”ÂŁkin riot that guy is…he and billy connolly…hilarious
    just to mention ur comment bout almunia seein danger in the giggs pass…once again u show ur in-grained lack of knowledge of the game.wher was the danger had almunia stayed on his line???rooney was runnin full pelt and was near the end line on his weaker side wit gallas and sagna in hot pursuit to get back goal side,had the keeper stayed on his line the best you coulda hoped for was fat boy kicks it off a leg for a corner or,maybe even better,initiates some minimum contact ,ala sol campbell, and go for a tumble. so stop talkin ur nonsense he played forit and got it but i cant wait to see the next time 2 average teams play and the attacker kicks the ball 30yards into the stand before the contact and that closet manc scum andy gray blurts out ‘its never a pen martin,hes clearly not on control of the football’…another plank who seems to twist logic and even his own past opinions to suit the utd cause.am now gonna go read ur ridiculous post again,especially the bit bout u deservin to win the game cos u had 60% possession,wot a hoot u are.u can have the 3pts pal because u dont get to play at home every week and with more of those shoddy performances sure to be forthcoming not even gettin howard webb or mike dean every week will be able to save you from the inevitable poor season u are going to have……wot a tool even by manc fans standards

  73. Guys i would like to express my dismay with English fans especially the way they treat foreign players. for example rooney’s penalty was a tactical dive when you view it critically yet they praised him as a messiah but my dispointment came when Eduado came on and they were allshouting at him”cheat.” I remember very well Wenger was fined for calling Ruud Van a cheat but it is now normal for the Man U fan to call Eduado cheat. is this the justice in English Footbal? i think that is why many good players prefer to go to Spain or Italy. I am disappointed!

  74. We played an absolute blinder on Sat. A complete dive by that scouser and an unlucky own goal robbed us. United had nothing to offer at all. It took some of the best theatrics I have seen this side of the west end and a really unlucky own goal for them to even get on the scoreboard. Other than that they were no where. I still think we can take the league. Long live Arshavin, in wenger we trust, COME ON THE GUNNERS!

  75. I just finished watching the whole game again. Do you know that Arsenal were fantastic apart from a couple of incidents. Man u produced very little and it really angers me when i hear pundits like Alen Brazil on talk sport report that it was debatable who played the better. Even Dixon on Match of D Day being an X Gooner did not stand up for the team as he should. Rooney picked up most of the glory for doing very little. It makes me sick to the stomuch. If only Arsenal had an out and out striker, goal getter, sniffer in the box, more chances would be taken. I keep saying you gooners need Arshavin down the middle. What about the injuries they are beginning to mount up. Its very difficult to keep playing wonderfull electric football like this and keep the players fresh. There will be more simular injuries.

  76. The gunners were the best best team of the day overwhelmingly embarrassing the Man Useless devils in their own yard just chasing ghosts. Jst some unlucky mishap by Abou robbed our cushion and a pathetic dive by that scouser pig sonabitch who used the opportunity to refresh their team spirit n syche which Arsenal had demolished and reduced to shame.
    Long live Arshavin screamer and for not causin a stir when denied a clear penalty becoz he showed the reason why we never rely on unfair goals but clean SCREAMER.

    Superb show by the gunners team…To Manchurians…you are a disgrace to football together with all your riches and fucked up referees.

  77. lee dixon is jus another toss pot, did you hear wot he said on match of the day, sucking up too ferguson and rooney wot a fake gunner,,,lawrenson is jus a douch bag

  78. Superb show by the gunners team…To Manchurians…you are a disgrace to football together with all your riches and fucked up referees.

  79. Nice to see spurs fans providing a considered and valuable contribution to the debate. Really makes them look like the kind of people you can have a reasoned conversation with.

    Basically, this blog (and most of the comments) have got it spot on. Any Manure fan who thinks that they deserved their win by any stretch of the imagination is sad and deluded. They didn´t have the rub of the green, they had to rely on the statutory (look it up spurs fans, it´s a real word) penalty that´s written into the contract of every single ref officiating at Old Trafford. Oh yeh, and the most bizarre own goal you´ll ever see. Silly me, almost forgot: the most stonewall penalty in the history of the game. Other than that – and the pathetic collection of shots on target coming from the home side – it was all Man U!

  80. One person at Old Trafford had a very poor game ! That one person not only changed the course of the game, but changed the probable result i.e. an Arsenal win, and may well affect later games when players are suspended.
    I am of course referring to the person masquerading as a referee.
    Arsenal had 6 players booked, only Eb’s was justified. Where were the bad tackles, the endless foul play to justify a total of 6 yellow cards?
    We had such an obvious penalty ruled out i wonder if the ref was actually at the same game.
    How many fouls did Fletcher actually comit? I lost count.
    Arsenal need to play at Old Trafford with a goal start it’s the only way we will beat them!
    The ref then had the audacity to send AW off for kicking a water bottle, i thought AW showed amazing restraint, i would have been tempted to kick the ref after his shocking performance not a ******* bottle!
    How does Rooney constantly get away with his diving, and get pladits for clever play?
    Yes i’m biased, yes i’m pretty pissed off, i’ll even admit to sour grapes.
    Why does it always have to be Man U? and why do i have to see Fergies smug supercillious face time after time after yet another unjust defeat at their hands? when will Arsenal get what their football deserves, praise,instead of the chant at Old Trafford that winds me up the most ” same old Arsenal always cheating”.

  81. Hmmmm, I dont know when the world is gona wake up and see that Referees are just afraid of awarding penalties at Old traford. Pipo say that Arshavin scored immediately after the penalty incident therefore it wouldnt have mattered anyway. That’s bulshit, United is the only team in the premiership that at one point did not concede a penalty at home for ten consistent years. Tell me are those defenders that good? or is the Refs who simply dont think O.T is a place for away teams to win penalties. And ofcourse Rooney looked for the penalty, its like the time when ball to hand was still counted as a hand ball. I remember players used to scoop balls in the oponent’s hand and get a penalty, or throw the ball from a throw in positon and get a free kick or even penalties. now tell me is that sports or what? Eduardo is just a poor actor otherwise rooney would have made it look “better” for spectators.
    One thing I need to add is that English players like Rooney, Gerrard, Owen, Becks, Lampard, are the like the blue eyed boys of English football and Refs know that and will not give decisions against them easily. Everybody knows how rooney shouts at Refs and complains in the pitch but hey he is english and they claim the guy is still young and imature he will learn with time. Players like song, Vieara, Diaby, Mikel, Sisoko, Makelele, and other non english stars dont have that luxury that’s why they work hard and even play better than the english men. Can you tell me when was the last time an english man won the Fifa player of the year? Hmmm think about that for a moment. Its because out there they see them for who they are. They are not protected by Refs or even the English FA. England is killing its own talent. Where did the talk of Rooney being the white Pele end? Over hipe by the English media especially of English Players. David becks is what he is largely because of the Media. Not Football. Otherwise he would have atleast won the FIFA award. But am glad the rest of the world is sobber enough.

  82. If Rooney was Brazilian, Portuguese, French, Italian, or even German, he would have developed much better and faster. The English Media is gonna spoil the development of Walcott too. It is plainly because the media hype that walcott got into Erikson’s World cup squard. At that time Defoe, Bent and other experienced strikers would have gone a long way to help England out. For God’s sake or should I say for Sports’ sake, Stewart downing can be a much better player if supported, but know he is not a superstar and does not play in United, Or Liverpool.If Messi was an English man, Believe me the media would have made him look better than Maradona, Movies would have been acted in his honor, he would be called the best ever player and ofcourse the media would even go so far to trying to make him the world player of the year and not Ronaldo when clearly 2007-08 belonged to Ronaldo. The media, the media English media. If Thierry was English man he probably would have won it too. Seriously the way they praise Rooney any one who doesnt follow the game can say Rooney seems to be better than Henry at his peak, or even Bergkamp. To me the best Rooney can be is to come close to Allan Shearer’s best not better but just close. Am being open minded and objective in this. He cannot go anywhere near Henry’s, George Weah, Ronaldo Dalima, or even Klinsmann.

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