A picture is worth a thousand words

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I’m not going to fake like there’s a lot going on in the world of Arsenal at the moment.

So, rather than doing up a long blog post with no actual substance I thought I’d just present you with something very small that will surely brighten up your day.

Heh heh heh.

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they’re not wrong. Have a good one.

Just as aside, The Gooner Gazette’s Arseshirts competition is now closed and I’ll be announcing a winner tomorrow. Good luck to everyone who entered.

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25 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. well I will never get a laugh for a player injury..
    thats not funny!
    I dont care Cashley anymore I just hope he will be ok

  2. What did he do? Sprain his toe? So now he’s gonna want a couple more million dollars to risk comin back on the pitch?

  3. That is bit shallow. I don’t wish an injury on any player.But I have to say Cole was a big name at Arsenal he’s a nobody now. If clichy was english no doubt he’d be playing for england ahead of cashley.

  4. gud1 spanish,i definitely bliv there wud av been a gael force at the england left back if clichy was english.i fink he shud play for england tho as abidal and evra will give him trobs for a wile.
    and the cole story has made me laugh this morning.

  5. As an egland man i obviously support england and so i hate the face that Cashley is injured. But i also see the funny side aswell.

  6. I guess that’s the advantage of being Australian in this case. I can despise Cole without holding back for any reason. Just as aside, I wish England all the best against Russia, I think they’ll do the job without Cole anyway.

  7. well everyone can hate me all they want,but cole is ruled out of the russia match and as much as i hope no players get injured,i think is only fair that he’s out for a while if he doesn’t appear for england,the greedy git.

  8. I certainly don’t hate you, heh heh. And he is a greedy git. I really can’t wait for the international break to finish though so we can all get back to Premiership.

  9. The real irony for me was that A Cole injured himself doing some desperate defensive work after MacClaren disrupted the balance of the team by introducing his Chelsea team-mate Frank (“Nobody Loves Me”)Lampard. Up to that point our defenders had hardly had a tackle to make.

  10. Well SF doent have to hold back sniggering at Cashley’s injury, i’m Sure Shorey is up to the job and we will beat Russia. If croatia then win their game. The winner at Wembley – England vs Croatia will top the group.

  11. Did you guys hear Barcelona saying Cesc needs to beg to come back to Barca as if he really wants to. The man has just signed a very long contract with Arsenal and if he wants to join them he would’ve made an excuse after the departure of that sell out David Deinero (money, money)and follow Thierry Henry. He didn’t. So shut up Barca and Cesc’s big mouth agent.I would really love Arsenal to meet Barca in the Final of CL and give them a good kick up the back side and wipe all those bad memories in Paris.And I beleive we ca do them this time around but not with Senderos (staring to resemble Cygan) in defense.

  12. By the way, I actually decided to take the time to watch the latest Lehmann interview on skysports.com

    What Jens is saying really looks totally spun by journalists. There’s nothing in the video that makes him look really arrogant, and it sounds like he’s just saying that he’s going to get back in the team at some point.

    That said, some stuff he’s said has made him look like a prick.

  13. A final between Arsenal and BARCA, we can demolish the memories of Paris and maybe Fab can tell Barca to shove it while scoring a goals past them.

  14. Hatem Ben Arfa to Arsenal E10m in January 2008!!!!!!
    Apparently Arsenal have already agreed a E10m deal for talented Lyon left winger Hatem Ben Arfa.
    Good prospect.a player I think we need as he is a natural winger.Also versatile but his main position would probably be at left wing in a 4-3-3 formation.Would like to see him maybe play the bergkamp role as Robin Van persie looks like he wants to be the goalscorer not link up player.
    Sagna is world class.Sagna is France’s first choice above Chimbonda etc.for a reason,he is all round the best right back in the league.(in my opinion)He’s quick,strong and good in the air and his delivery is also very good.Sagna brings a strength to the defence with his pace and physical ability.And we all have to agree that with the exception of the Sunderland match,his defence has been pretty solid especially on the wings.
    I am clearly in favour of Sagna staying where he is.

  15. I think E10m is a bit too much but we do need another winger – hopefully from january onwards Walcott can play as a striker. And all gunner fans will be happy 2 get sum new talent half way into the season – as last season AW didnt buy anyone.

  16. i can bet my life that the future of arsenals left wing is sorted already with kieran gibbs coming up.for how long have we been saying that we need a left winger?
    is not happening guys,gibbs was allowed to play against inter during pre-season just to show us what we have coming up.and the inter milan defence couldn’t handle the kid,that kid is better than ryan giggs at the age of 17,so watch out.
    £10 from wenger just for a left winger?you having a laugh.he better be able to play at leftback,centerback,centerforward and in the post.£10m?ha ha
    i seriouly still hope cole stays out longer tho,the bastard.

  17. i’m trying NOT to diss others a lil too much, especially other epl teams and non-arsenal players, for my own superstitious reasons. but goodness gracious, it’s hard to control it when the butt of the subject at hand is cashley.

    anyway, yes, i am dreaming of arsenal vs. barca replay. hopefully, the outcome will be similar to milan’s cosmic match of revenge. haha. i don’t care if the game will be boring and shit (hardly with our talented players anway), i just want them to win it.

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