A message to broken-hearted Arsenal lovers everywhere

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Dear Fellow Broken-Hearted Arsenal Lovers,

I’ll post a more detailed piece on the horrid loss to United as soon as I can find the motivation. Please bare with me for now because I’m not exaggerating in any way when I say my spirit has been crushed.

What I will say quickly is this: we are Arsenal and we need to stick together.

There is going to be a lot of negativity from outside and within the club over the next few days and we need to keep a sense of perspective and refrain from criticising and bickering with one another. Whatever our opinions are of the players or the management, we all want the team for win and we all feel awful on days like this.

Let’s remember that every person who loves Arsenal – from the players to the management to the fans – has gone through the same thing and the best way to get through something like this is to support each other. I know it’s hard but it’s what we need to do.

At the end of the day this game could have been very different if Kieran Gibbs hadn’t slipped. That’s football. It could happen to any player on the world and it’s the sort of unpredictable incident that makes football the great game that it is. 

It didn’t go our way today and it hasn’t been the best season. But let’s keep the faith, stay as positive as we can and stay right behind the club that we love.

Spanish Fry


121 thoughts on “A message to broken-hearted Arsenal lovers everywhere

  1. well said.

    it’s gonna take a while for this one to go away but you’re right, we need to stay positive and stick together.


  2. I just hope Barca or Chelsea stop the red faced/nosed. i can’t stand his arrogance .he has been winning thanks to a bottomless pit of euros .Our AW is reluctant to spend. That to me is the vital difference.

  3. Well, we’ve been trhough CL final defeat, i’m sure we can get through this. We’re just not sharp enough today ..Gooner for life!

  4. Ha Ha. It was Men VS boys. Man United crushed Wenger and his boys. Can’t believe it was so easy. Fergie was kind enough to restrict it to 3 goals and the referee pitied the boys as well. Ha ha ha.

  5. One thing i like to see change is the money spent. Surely we gotta spend now! Sort out the defence and midfield and we’ll be fine..

  6. To be honest I don’t want to hear about money money money. We lost to a better team over two legs but our team looked up for it until their double sucker-punch.

    It hurts but it will hurt more to hear Wenger or the players criticised for doing this or that wrong.

  7. yea, I look at it, as Gibbs didn’t slip, the game would have panned out much differently.

    We looked so keen to play and our passing seemed very crisp and incisive before the Park goal, so who knows quite how the game would have differed. The Free kick goal was a stunner, and had us playing like headless chickens for the next 30 minutes. I must say, Ronaldo had a perfect game, shame I can’t say the same about the ref, far too many freekicks, the game seemed to fragment itself so much which led to a very ‘set-piece’ type game, which we aren’t good at all.

    We seemed to finally settle and play some good football in the last 20 minutes which is encouraging.

  8. I’m hurting inside. When it rains for us it really pours indeed. Lets hope for next season, as long as we hang on to best players we have and add steel where needed

  9. Absolutely, SF. This one hurts, no doubt about it. But my resolve and love for The Arsenal is not diminished one bit.

    Difficult as this season has been, this team HAVE shown great strength and character. We WILL learn from these trials and tribulations. And we will be STRONGER for it in the future.

    We have work to do. From now til the end of the season, and then in the transfer window. Lets get about it.

    Up Gunners!

  10. Good points, SF.

    That game was no fun, but I know Arsenal will give me smiles again someday (hopefully soon!). It’s these times that make the wins all the sweeter.

    Up the Gunners!
    –Adrienne in Seattle

  11. During the era of henry, bergkamp, pires, ljungberg and wiltord, we never played with a target man, there was mobility all over the pitch and thats what made us great. Playing with a big target man has been horrible for us because the mobility and movement has dissapeared from our game. Guys look at man utd’s third goal thats what we were all about but now we have a big lump of a target man who is the worst attacker i have seen in my whole football watching life i guess thats what 7million pounds get u. I love arsene so am not gonnaa bash him but we need defenders with arshavin, van persie and God knows who playing like rooney, tevez and ronaldo do for the Mancs. You have to take ur hat off to man utd they blitzed us tonight.

  12. Well said I know it hurts but we got alittle closer It looked like at one stage this season we might finish outside the top 4 I think that would be worse We were plaqued with injuries So I just hope he keeps this squad together with some addittions And we will challenge

  13. surely i Agree With u !

    We Are Arsenal And We Have To Stick Together .. !

    But I have a Lot Of Questions About The Emirates Fans !! where Are those Of Highbury ?!

    Arsenal Left The Highbury without His Spirit and fans !

    Good Luck 2 u Henry To Win The Champions .. !

    Tarek From Egypt ..

  14. Thank you, SF!
    I was crying since the game was over… and I feel better after reading this…

  15. tactically SAF was right. that is the biggest achievement. arsenal will find it hard to win anything with boys but ur chances is higher with Arshavin in the rank. Better prospect next season. Hopefully lack of success does not lead to more main players exodus.

  16. Wenger is to blame, Gibbs slip was not the turning point, 1st leg was the turning point….

  17. I will always love arsenal, but I have lost respect for wenger and the board of arsenal for their failings in the last 4-5 seasons to mount any credible challenge for any of the trophies. I honestly believe that wenger has too much powers at arsenal, and until a change is made in that regards, we will see more of days like this. This team has been found out at a very cruciaal time when quality teams show up. We looked out of sorts against chelsea, and now ManU at home. It’s just annoying to watch this club and wenger continue to press self destruct button as if it was going out of business. Goodluck arsenal, but I won’t invest as much emotions any more, it’s not worth it.

  18. Long time reader, first time poster…

    Here here, SF. Utd are clearly ahead of us, and looking over both legs, you can’t argue 4-1 is unfair. A change in approach would ruin what the last 4 years has been about. Wenger will stay true to his principles and we’ve got to get behind him and the team. Remember 21 unbeaten league games ago people were calling for him to be sacked!!

    If Gibbs doesn’t slip, it’s a different game. But, as you said, that’s football…

    Anyone else think Song looks the part now though?!

  19. @stan
    There’s a very fine line between losing and winning. We were unfortunate, that’s it. It’s really weird, had we made it to the final, your views would have been different. It’s amazing how much impact 1 game has.
    “We Are Arsenal And We Have To Stick Together .. !”

  20. You are absolutely spot on with this post. This was a hard loss to take. We all anticipated a classic match – something epic and it was all over after 11 minutes. We can be disappointed in the way things went, but we didn’t capitulate and I honestly feel that all those lads tried right up until the end. I have a lot of love for them right now, because I know they wanted it and they were up for it.

    We came much closer to the final than I thought we would back at the beginning of the season. Six games in, when we’d lost to Hull I truly felt that there was a crisis and at that point there really was one. The players were at sea and there was no urgency or determination about our play. At that point who dreamed of a semi final which?

    I can genuinely say, hand on heart that I can see Wenger’s vision. Those lads have the making of a brilliant team. I can see where we’re going and I can see it coming together next season.

    Arsenal with Love. Arsenal for Life.

  21. i know one thing for sure. arsenal will not win champions league under arsene wenger. it is a bittersweet fact.

  22. That will teach Wenger that Song can’t play Dm period. Not for Arsenal for all i know.

  23. @JungleCat8
    Oh yeah, most def. Song is impressive, and very confident on the ball, even when under pressure..he’s on song

  24. I agree fully dis team has so much potential 4 da future provided we dnt sell our best playerz..im stil proud of the boys even though it hurt. Atleast we didnt act like immature idiots like that fckhead ronaldo! i hope wenger sorts out our defence it suxs. We back of instead of goin in 4 da challenge..in arsene we trust!

  25. This performance should show that Arsenal need to invest in some more experienced players. A centre back, defensive midfield and quite possibly a centre forward.

    If you watch United play, they were easily carving up our defense, and yet we couldn’t break them down.

    Fair play, United played the correct way and we didn’t. I feel sorry for Gibbs whose unfortunate slip pretty much cost us the tie. He is only young and this experience can only make him stronger.

  26. You should still read my earlier message, You are not up for the fight, GET STUCK IN !! when it gets hard and physical your team are not in it you where pushed off the ball and gave up the ball easily, Man U unfortunatly had you cold, even Ronaldo did’nt role around (on the floor) like he does normally, you seem to have the edge here, you had no answer, when required,All you need now is for Chelsea to win to finish your season off!!! did I hear cheap season tickets next year?

  27. Go gunners!

    and to be honest though, thats the exact way I was feeling… the moment that second goal went in, I felt like i was going into depression…

    its okay though, Arsenal is STILL AWESOME.

  28. @ charles and stan do you want us to end up like chelscum then? sack the board and arsne who has given us the best ground in England even wembly must look at us and think if only they had a ground like ours and why we are at it lets replace all us die hard faithful fans with people like you that want to watch manager walk in and out and not sure if our playboy millionare is going to get fed up and sell the club to anyone that wants it?
    Over the last 10 years I have loved the football we have played and the players that have come through the club like pires, henry, freddie, cesc and so on. We have so much history and even though we can go on about bad luck with injuries and I do think we have had it worse than others over the last couple of seasons name another team that can put out a reserve/youth team in the cc and be just as enjoyable to watch?
    I hope arsne stays for another couple of years and next year with the likes of arsharvin and maybe an injury free season to our stars we will cream a lot of teams and learn from our mistakes and players like ade can f#ck off to milan in the summer and have players like bendter and vela who will get better and maybe villa will play for us as nothing is certain in life apart from we are a great club and we need to get behind our team and do what real fans do that is SUPPORT THE CLUB WE LOVE!!!

  29. heartbroken doesnt even do the feeing justice… Today evil has prevailed over good. Im absolutely crushed on so many levels. Hopefully we will win the war though…

  30. @ rayvon – I see your point but I really don’t think this game had anything to do with physicality. The game completely turned with Gibbs’ slip and that’s all there was to it. Ronaldo’s free-kick had nothing to do with getting stuck in, it was two moments that killed the game as a contest and our team was shellshocked.

    That’s it in my eyes.

  31. Sometimes you eat the Bar and sometimes the Bar eats you.

    Either way – the doodle abides – However I will leave you with this – It wouldn’t be so bad if Arsenal wasn’t so good.

  32. If Song is close to being a finished player, he’s much better than I ever anticipated him to be BUT still should not be first choice at Arsenal.

    He allows the midfield to be overrun to often and he can be a bit lethargic from time to time.

    We SO miss Flamini. And that’s the sort of player I’d like to see in our midfield.

  33. Nasri was my motm. He was sublime, pity his team mates didnt show up. Song was also good, he is turning into a great DM.

  34. Fingers crossed we can at least throw a spanner into the works of United’s title charge. That’s pretty much all we have left to fight for now. I’d like to hope that next year will be better but I predict that at this point next season we’ll have a bundle of injuries and no squad depth to cover us – we’ll end up with nothing again.

    A couple more signings like Arshavin would create an absolutely perfect team. Our old youngsters had masters like Henry and Bergkamp to train with and look up to, now it’s everyman for themselves. We’ve plumbed the depths of this ‘buy young’ approach for the last few years and we’ve won nothing. We’ve come very close but that means nothing. We’ve gotten weaker thanks to the absence of experience. I am absolutely FOR the transfer policy we have at Arsenal, but the signing of Arshavin has revolutionised the team. I think one or two more experienced players would be the icing on a delightful wedding cake.

    Very disappointing though. This was a complete capitulation considering we beat this team just before they went on a 10+ game unbeaten run earlier in the season. This was nothing short of a humiliation and I’m very ashamed to have to be fighting off Spurs and Man U fans tonight.

  35. @Ezra
    Really?? Composure, skill, aggression. The only thing that I can see is missing still is a bit of tactical/positional discipline where we seem to completely vacate the midfield at times. He’s come on leaps and bounds since Xmas.

    Let’s see if we can be a bit more fotunate with the injuries next year and see where we end up.

  36. @ Gibbs – I agree, Nasri and Song were good. Nasri has this ability to play the same way every single game. He doesn’t let what’s going on around him influence him in any way and he just gets the job done. I really like it, very much like Rosicky.

  37. Song creates some kind of illusion that people tend not to notice his errors and the imbalance he causes the team, it seems you haven’t got enough of him all of you just give it time, ask yourselves this who really was our team missing and don’t tell me Arshavin or Gallas it was ok except on position and thats the heart of Arsenal.

  38. “I can genuinely say, hand on heart that I can see Wenger’s vision. Those lads have the making of a brilliant team. I can see where we’re going and I can see it coming together next season.

    Arsenal with Love. Arsenal for Life.”

    I agree with these words 100%.

  39. The longer we back wenger the longer we shall stay 2nd fiddle to the “other 3” boys will always loose against men
    Wenger must change his ways and buy some defenders or he must out and lets make a fresh start.

  40. I think its time wenger went, its damn obvious we will never win this competition while he is in charge. We have put our faith and trust in him for the last four years with this squad he is building, quite frankly I’ve lost my patients with him, all he keeps telling the arsenal fans he is building for the future, when is the future Mr wenger? I don’t know about you other gooners, but I’m getting pissed of with hearing the same thing time and time again.
    Bring in a new Manager, get rid of the crap within our squad, and lets spend the money on good quality players.

  41. SO , thanks for the sob story ….

    i have 57 000 flags , good condition , only waved for 7 minutes,,,,can i send it to you

  42. @ jason why can’t we sack crappy fans like you while we are at it maybe you should go for the spuds at least they have a cc over the last 4 yrs as thats proberly how long you have followed arsenal.
    @ ashley I’ll have 3 flags please.

  43. Wow!
    Let’s take a breather 4 a mo! We’re all ‘brothers in arms’ but we need say it as we saw it whether we saw ur today or last match or match before or…….
    The point is no mount of psychobabble – ‘I believe, we believe, all believe’, is going to make up for experience in situ!
    Gibbs folded! The team saw it, felt it, and folded.
    We can not afford to put out youngsters continually. We need to mix-in experience. Ash has done wonders – experienced/talented & above all willing 2 give it a go. The youngblood see if & follow suit.

    Who really lead tonight from within our team?
    Who spilled their guts? No Adams- like player out on the field to grasp it & pull!

    Ade-pay- me- more again didn’t do much – a Berbatov in guise!

    I’m gutted. Nervous all day. Nightmare camew true – Manure wiped us in it – truly sincerely & without doubt! Damn! This’ll take til ms season 2 overcome!

    In Arsene we trust but these days it’s with a shimmering faith!

    A lost Gooner!

  44. Junglecat8 DUDE have been watching Song play or looking at what Song seems to be for the two legs united has taken over our Midfield like we are playing a friendly with out break their play which was Song’s JOB sad enough they haven’t crossed the ball around for their goals but passed it around through our midfield and into our goal Cesc had to be force to pick the ball from deep in our half since Song was waiting to head it to the next opponent. MICHEAL thanks you have a clue of what was to be observed in these two legs.

  45. @Sf @Gibbs I actually thought Song was quite poor! Nasri played well.

    Puzzled why Wenger didn’t play Eboue in defense from the start.

  46. @ goonabucks gibbs slipped not folded he was gutted as he along with almunia gave it all in the 1st leg. The lad as long as he gets over this will be better than clichy and will kick ca$hley out of the england squad in a couple of years. this was still my highlight over the 2 legs so check it out as it cheered me up again.

  47. fuk en hell wasent expecting that result united were a a better team all round but with one or two more good singings this year we will be there GOONER 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. “We don’t blame individuals but it’s like that. We conceded two in three minutes and that’s too much against a side that defends well and which likes to counter attack.”

    From Sky Sports…

    Hmmm…what does Wenger mean actually? We don’t blame individuals but we do it anyway?

    We need a performance against Chelsea on Saturday, but I’m doubtful we’ll get one. :-/

  49. @ GoonaBucks – I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I don’t think anyone is denying it, I’m just dreading the media backlash and everyone on here is doing something to prevent a barrage of negativity being aimed at our team.

    Experience is required – no question – the signing of Arshavin has made that apparent.

  50. Spanish fry look at the first goal today the pass ronaldo gets is from anderson who is in our half unmarked having time to pick his pass so tell that Arsenal at the moment can’t do better than that!

  51. Hey guyz, we need to be FRANK with ourselves, wen will this next season syndrome be over? We just need to come and face d fact that we’re not strong enough to challenge for trophies, and we won’t if we continue this way! I’m not in support of spendin crazy money on player, but we need some decent buy to giv us d depth we need in our squad to compete fairly! Now another NEXT SEASON!!!

  52. Oh yes, some more experience please.

    I hope Wenger takes heed of the Arshavin impact.

    The current squad will remain light years behind the level we should be at.

    We need new players with more experience or we will continue to fail.

  53. @Idris

    I’m sick to death with all the next season talk as well.

    We’ve been hearing about “the future” for ages and I’m starting to think it will never come.

  54. @SF

    Yes you cant look too much into this game tbh. Was just killed at the very start.

    I said before the Arshavin signing that it was going to happen based on the managers wording/ thinking. I am confident that there will be a couple of big changes this offseason as well. For one thing I dont think Adebayor will be around next year. Not my opinion but I think Wenger has had enough of him…

  55. I have always been proud of the fact that arsenal have invested in youth, played beautiful football and not sold out. I also think Arsene is a great manager and has done wonders on a small budget. However, I feel his stubborness so infuriating. It is clear that this team will not win anything significant if he doesnt change things. We were light years behind Man U and although everyone is deluded enough to go on about “If Gibbs hadn’t slipped” they fail to realise we should have been dead and buried already after the first leg. As for Song, he will never be a Viera, nor will Adebayor be an Henry nor will van Persie be a Bergkamp.
    In the cold light of day our players are not good enough and Wenger is too proud/stubborn to realise. Off course we all love arsenal but lets not be deluded about how good we are. A good manager should realise when a team has lost its spine and unfortunately that is where arsenal are at. We need to buy a decent CM / CB / CF instead of a promising 12 yr old winger. I am also surprised why our season tickets are so expensive compared to other clubs. It seems hypocritical that the fans are charged loads whilst the club isn’t spending. So disappointed. we have no heart.

  56. @Wayne @BO’B Absolute w@*kers. Especially you @BO’B for that. Go away.

    Re. The Match, there is such a gulf between us and Man U right now that will only be made up by 3 – 4 experienced players. Having Arshavin and Gallas would have helped, but even though everyone will be older and wiser next year, we need 2 – 3 more leaders in the team. Too much expectation on Cesc’s shoulders. Man U will take some beating on that performance. We were lucky to have only conceded 4 over the 2 legs.

  57. Nevermind, tonight Wenger admitted that loosing against Man Utd this way was hurting and he has to step back and think, big changes for the Gunners next season, wait and see, In Arsenal I have Faith

  58. Well, RVP said already if Arsenal do not match his ambitions, he will leave the club no matter the wages.

    Adebayor has always had his heart at AC Milan despite having a wage increase, so bye adebayor.

    As for Fabregas, it is the case of making him happy. Well, sooner or later he is gonna leave for good.

    I think this overrated stars leaving is a good thing, now we can revamp our squad purchase REAL quality players that can really lead the team and offer crucial experience to our growing youngsters.

  59. the buck stops with the french c@nt get rid and let him go back too language teaching, he may or may not be any good at that. football management is not his strong point anyway

  60. Irish,
    are you pissed or something?
    To call the manager a cunt…I mean, seriously.

    Did you start supporting Arsenal before the game?

  61. Spanish

    Thanks for the message of positivity, If we stop and think about it we can saw we were one of the four best teams in Europe we are going to finish this season in fourth and we have an excellent new signing in Arshavin. Plus some players like Song and Almunia who have really stepped it up this year. It hurts and esp to lose to Man U but Arsene will turn it around. There are a lot of positives in this team if you refuse to listen to the media crap!

  62. I hated that sinking feeling (at one nil, then 2 nil) and the feeling that as soon as I got to work the scum’s supporters would stick it to me. But hey – I’ll bounce back, so will my beloved Arsenal. It’s sport and there are no guarantees. We did beyond expectations really to get this far and 4th in the table is about right too. Btw – I’m getting a little annoyed at the way Fabo shakes his head so much. Just get on with it man – you have to take the crunchy with the smooth in life (and football). Love and peace out to my gooner brothers and sisters!

  63. we lost it sux…but what most disgusting is some of the fans at d emirates…yes we were down 3nil 4nil but to the so called arsenal fans at d emirates, why in d world u left early?? i just cant stand the fact when the team needed u the most u just left the stadium early..and to make things worst some of the fans so arrogantly called us fan from abroad the tv supporters…yes we support arsenal through d live tv but last night me personally and other arsenal fans didnt left early watching d game till it over and it hurts when man u fans start jeering to fans on d emirates that left early. btw it is only 30 of us that night among hundred of man u supporters…it was broadcast live god damn it…liverpool fans even 4-0 down on aggregate will back the team up till d end…shame on u…so much for the REAL fans…even we live thousand miles from the emirates we are more passionate than some of the fans on emirates last night… bring back the highbury no need extra seats for the glory fans…

  64. owh..btw i read one comment from other blog that state arsenal fans from outside england dont hv the right to say bcause we didnt really contribute to arsenal….the different is just we live far from arsenal but we share the same passion for the team we even bought authentic arsenal stuff that cost us more than we earn for several month..we contribute small but the passion maybe just as same like the gooners at d emirates..and we disgust watching fans left early last night..if we were there we will sing through the whole game even if we losing..im not setting a debate or watever just a reminder for the arsenal to be a better fans..man u is nothing without their 1mil fans all over the world and we dont need the number we just need true fans that support the team through thick n thin..think about it..just my 2cent opinion

  65. @arsenal fan abroad

    I stayed till the bitter end singing ‘we love you arsenal’ after the team had left the pitch.

    I welcome support from all over the world, but there have been cases where supporters are fair-weather friends. You’re obviously not one of those, but many are unfortunately.

  66. Arsene should buy and buy big in summer. reinforcements are needed every where. defence is too weak if there are injuries.. midfield was clueless today and against chelsea . bring back flamini and hleb, they don’t play regular at their clubs..

  67. Atleast for consolation, we should defeat them at Old Trafford in two weeks time.. boys can defeat men ..

  68. Of course we are very very dissapointed.

    But at least think that many of us said that Arsenal will not even go to the Champions next season and we got the semis and the fourth place with a very weak team.

  69. it did hurt,Mr.Wenger..it did hurt when I watched Ade’s useless efforts.

    I don’t remember how many times the *kite* hit the ground.I don’t remember why I kept running.But this time,again,I kept doing that straight against the *wind*.It wasn’t a great moment in *my* life.However,I believe somewhere in our heat lies a kite too.Now matter what,how fierce the environemt is ,we should never quench the flames of our spirit,the unyielding spirit of spening our *kite* high in the sky.
    Let’s keep the faith…

  70. Arsenal problems lie in defence..the way sagna defends is madness he jus let rooney run arnd without making a tackle..we nd two strng centre bks n a proper right bk!

  71. ManU did well again. There’s obvious problems that should be rectified by Arsene in the close season. I’m not saying this on the basis of this performance but on the progress of Arsenal for the past seasons. I am dissapointed but I am not shocked at the result.

    It was an enourmous and difficult task to overcome ManU and I hope this loss will have a positive impact on the players to be more determined and to climb back up the EPL next season.

    I’m looking forward to next season and really hope the boys will fight all the way!Go Guns!

  72. Panda Bear had to wait 7 hours to watch the game because he worked. And I had a shit feeling in my stomach the whole day.

  73. @mexican gunner

    couldnt agree more with u…to the glory fans said buy 20-30 mil player go watch chelsea..this is arsenal..we develop and nurture football not buying football…this what make arsenal so special

  74. Woke up at 4:00 am to watch this game … the worst morning of my life (hurt far more than the 06 final)… struggling to make it thru the day … nothing short of devastating

  75. @ben

    it is true..i never watched fans leave early during highbury era..i never watched fans boo our players too during those time like some fans jeered at eboue..i agree i not fancy eboue either but for fuck sake please dont jeer our own boys..we lost it is part of d game..extra 30 000 seats only bring more glory hunter..not worth it..we support the team always and if we win trophy it is just a bonus but most important to get behind the team..` oooh arsenal we love you`..i know that song..;p

  76. Man U got fuckin’ lucky again. If poor Gibbsy didn’t slip and a foul hadn’t been called for a dive from Ronaldo.

    Spanish Fry said it last week, after Ronaldo dived and complained and crabbed on like the little bitch he is and then rattled the woodwork. His words were…

    “…There’s something wrong with the karma in this world if someone can act that poorly and hit a shot like that…”

    I completely agree with this and once again this sort of thing shows that Ronaldo is a disgrace to humanity and the moral values of life.

    It’s easy to point the finger at our players and performance, but I think it’s faar fucking easier to point it at United players.

  77. If we had Flamini in the squad, we won’t have such problems in defence and Cesk would play better..

    PS. I’m really afraid Cesk and Van Persie will leave the club in summer..

  78. am not heart broken, i expected it. well, i expected Man U to fry us really good. however, i did not think it would be over within 11 min. i am not even optimistic of anything next season, i long ago knew not to have emotions over Arsenal, its not worth it to hurt n hurt every time. with the arrival of Arshavin m not sure things are going to change much. what people are not realising is that we really are not having a defence. what was wenger thinking in any case trusting a BOY to keep experinced players from scoring and at that a team that was determined to win a second consequtive CL Cup. thats being dump. nway u can all console urself about a next time, that was the case last season too when other teams were winning trophies. soo, what will it be the season after the next. well i think we will just have to contend with always saying “OUR TIME WILL COME.”

  79. @staslohness

    if RVP and Cesc want to leave..so be it..no point keeping players that has no more passion and heart in the team..i rather have underated player than higly rated with no heart for ARSENAL..arsene wenger will unearth another jewel to replace them just like he did in his entire career

  80. @SF
    Good post only just got to work. Had a lot of negativity after the game last night. It started so brightly, then the slip and Ronaldo wonder strike, I hope we don’t get all the how we nearly bought him stuff again. I knew from the 1st slip that we were out but still had some sort of hope even when we were 3-0 down. Felt sorry for Fletcher who will miss the final, he got the ball. It made me laugh when I saw fans behind a flag saying “in Arsene we trust”. I still trust him he has done so much for the club and it would indeed be a very sorry day when he goes. Maybe on reflection he will look back on this game and see that maybe his experiment has failed, maybe he will turn to the heavens wave his mighty arms and flood the emirates and start afresh, but hopefully he will just buy a good centre back and a proven striker, I don’t think we need to replace Song, I thought he was very good yesterday, he seems very calm and assured on the ball. Manchester United I wont call them manure were much better than us in all departments over the two legs, we have to hold our heads up high and admit this. Maybe with Arshavin in the team next season and maybe just maybe with Rosicky back and Eduardo we can have another go. We now have to get back to the league, just think we could support WBA, or heaven forbid Sp**s. On another point Alan Hansen got it right you can’t win with kids, he was just 15 or so years out and got the wrong team!!!!



    GUNNT 4 LYF !!

  82. i agree, with u!! but i’m afraid fans’ calmness may may leave the mangement comfortable….may be. almunia and song were great, and why was eboue not played on these matches…

    come on gunners!!

  83. Am so gutted so disappointed so down this morning. As if losing my g.f wasn’t enuf i had to also go thru this crap this morning. This is so saddening …i think it’s about time Wenger left for Real Madrid they could his services over there. His experiment has clearly failed to work. He doesn’t know shit abt defending tactics…you have to realise that even that so water tight defence that was lead by Adams wasn’t built in Wenger’s era..he found it there. Last night summarised his failing en he also knows it he said it that he has never been disappointed like last night cuz he let all the fans down…much talk but no show for it. He yaps alot maybe its time he copped his big mouth en showed us results on the pitch. Its funny cuz in the old days Arsene never used to yap a lot but these days all he does is yap and yap and we keep losing. A person like Mourinho could do a good job with these kids they have the experience …they have been to a champions league final, a semi -final a quarter final in a space of three consecutive seasons so the question of experience is not there its all about tactics and teaching them how to defend as a unit and quit being lazy en have some spirit…People like Henry and Vieira were right this club didn’t match their ambition i’d like to leave you all with an article i got from the Arsenal News Review by Myles Palmer its very interesting… “IN ARSENE I DON’T TRUST”

    This Fabregas doesn’t look like that Fabregas. Or play like him.

    By Myles Palmer

    A sensible young footballer, mature beyond his years, Cesc Fabregas was an instant favourite at Arsenal.

    Creative, determined and consistent, the kid was loyal too. He always rebutted news stories that said he was leaving. He did that immediately and that reassured a million Gooners

    On June 29, Spain won Euro 2008 and Fabregas became a champion.

    On September 27, Fabregas the champion didn’t rate promoted Hull City and Arsenal lost 2-1 at home, which surprised him.

    On November 25, Fabregas captained Arsenal for the first time against Dynamo Kiev and they won 1-0 with a goal by Aaron Ramsey.

    On Sunday. December 21, he was injured in a 50-50 with Xabi Alonso and was out for the next three months.

    In the last week of January, Arshavin arrived, a world class half-striker who can play on the wing.

    Oddly, Fabregas is now playing in the role that Arshavin wants.

    On February 21, I was at the Emirates to see the Russian’s first game against Sunderland and it was soon obvious that Arshavin should be playing in Robin van Persie’s position as a half-striker. He is far more talented than the erratic Dutchman.

    That game was a 0-0 draw because Arsenal were not creative enough to open Sunderland up. Their left back said it was the easiest game he’s ever had against Wenger’s team.

    Arshavin is a footballer of genius, as good as Fernando Torres or Wayne Rooney.

    Incredibly, on Saturday April 18, in a decision which will echo forever in the annals of infamy, a decision which even now is being talked about from Vienna to Vladivostock, Arsene Wenger didn’t pick Arshavin for the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea.

    Arshavin was not eligible for the Champions League, he was fresh for the semi, he was a player Chelsea had never faced, even if Hiddink knew him very well, and instead Wenger picked Diaby and lost the game 2-1. He preferred Diaby, who plays one good game in eight.

    He gave Arshavin 15 minutes.
    He gave Arshavin 15 minutes !
    He gave Arshavin 15 minutes !!!

    After 75, he took off Van Persie and brought on Arshavin.

    And he expects us to take him seriously after that?

    In the last week of April there is a possibly dodgy story quoting Dennis Lachter, Arshavin’s agent.The following day, Lachter denies he said those things.

    But the quotes rang true. For me, the quotes rang true. What was said was a bit similar to what Ashley Cole said about the French clique who ran the team when he was at Arsenal

    A story in the Metro said that the top players at the club are jealous of Arshavin’s growing status as a hero to the Emirates fans, especially after scoring four goals at Anfield.

    The Metro reported that Dennis Lachter had told a Russian newspaper, “To tell the truth, the players of Arsenal are not easy to deal with. The squad consists almost entirely of foreigners. The French diaspora rules there. Also there are guys – like van Persie and Fabregas – who are rather jealous about Andrey’s fast growing popularity in England. But such situation can only add motivation for him to work harder and improve his football skills.”

    Lachter had apparently hinted that his client had been the butt of some mockery from the teammates. “He was a target of jokes. Not very smart jokes, I must admit. But that’s a football team for you. Such jokes are the same everywhere – in Russia or England.

    “To put it mildly he doesn’t like playing on the left. But at the moment Wenger has a problem in that zone. So until they buy a good left-winger, Andrey is going to play there.

    “It’s not only Barcelona. After the game at Liverpool where Andrey scored four goals several teams told me they were interested in him.

    “But currently he is an Arsenal player. Taking into consideration the amount of money which was paid for him and important role he’s already acquired at the club, my client is not going to leave.”

    Reading this sort of stuff, you have doubts. You think : What is the agent’s agenda? Is Lachter a cowboy? Did he really say that to a Russian paper?

    But it had a ring of truth, given the body language that we see, and what goes on at The Colney Creche.

    Next day that was denied in a story by Andrew Allen.The headline was this :

    Agent: Reports are all lies – Arshavin is very happy at Arsenal

    Lachter said the stories were completely false and the work of scurrilous former associates.

    “All this stuff is made up. It’s quite strange to see that I’ve made comments like that after nine months of fighting for Andrey’s future and within three months of his success at Arsenal.

    “Listen, I’ve received several links with articles from Metro, Daily Mail and something else. There is no name of a newspaper from Russia, there is no name of reporter. The only thing that it says is that I’ve spoken to someone from St. Petersburg – I don’t understand what is going on, I definitely have not!

    “It looks like somebody – definitely not teammates of Andrey – are jealous of Arshavin, in particular, and of Arsenal as well.”

    “It is not a secret that Arsenal have young players and the most potential of all teams in the Premier League. Definitely, in the next two or three years, all of these things together will bring success – I have no doubt of this. It’s somebody trying to damage team spirit and Andrey’s relationship with his teammates. I still have a lot of so-called friends who’d be happy to put a knife in my back – they are probably the ones making controversial comments.”

    So there you have it. You’ve been told. You’ve been reassured. It didn’t happen. None of Werger’s babies chucked their toys out of the pram. His two biggest toddlers didn’t go into a huff and didn’t pee in the sandpit.

    Personally, I’m not bothered if Robin van Persie stays or goes. He’s over-rated.

    But I do care about Cesc Fabregas. This is a new Fabregas, not the boy-next-door teenager. This Fabregas has tattoos on his arm, a macho swagger, a spitting controversy that won’t go away, and has been thrust into the crucible of fame, which is a nasty place, a very dangerous place that can re-arrange your DNA, your molecules. The crucible of fame can kill you.

    Does Cesc Fabregas fully embrace Arshavin? Does he really welcome a Russian who is a better player than him? Is Fabregas a man? Is he big enough to do that ? If he can’t, then he’s smaller than I thought he was. And less intelligent than I thought he was.

    Yes, Fabregas lost his best mates Hleb, Flamini and Senderos, they loved to hang out in that Spanish restaurant in Enfield. In five short months he became a champion, lost his best buddies, and became club captain. All that together is a stretch for anybody. It’s far harder now than it was in 1974 when Ray Wilkins captained Chelsea at eighteen.

    But if Fabregas is not big enough to welcome a truly world class footballer to his team, he should go back to Spain. He’s not irreplaceable

    And if Wenger can’t manage the egos of big spoiled babies, he should leave as well.

    Dick Advocaat could teach Arsenal how to defend in three weeks.

    So could many other coaches.

  84. if i were to be asked, i will just say AW is after the Business aspect of making money and not winning trophies with Arsenal anymore. buying young and selling Big, thats what is happening. so lets stop this thing of Ronaldo is this or that, what is stoping ours from doing what he is doing if it brings goals and trophies? AW should wake up from that dreadful slumber he is in.

  85. its gonna takes 2,3day for me to grieve of this lost.. but i believe we gonna bounds harder and stonger..!!

    oh to be a gooner

  86. Great fighting spirit and professionalism by our players.They were still trying to get a goal even at 90 minutes just to try and make the score a little bit more respectable.Kudos to them.In my opinion you can only play to your ability and not beyond AND YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.no more no less.Lets not be too harsh on the team.Against all odds and with very minimal squad depth they have come this far.Personally I had this feeling and had even told a friend just before the match that our chances of going through were no more than 30:60 given our opponents strengths.The fact that we didnt score in the first leg gave ManU such a psychological edge and they knew from the onset that a goal would take them through.By the way the game was over in the 9th minute and not 11th.I will not blame Gibbs for slipping or Almunia for letting in an easy second goal because games are won by capitalizing on your opponents mistakes.Not even the ref.Statistics do not lie-how many chances did we create over the two legs?..and shots at goal/on target?..territorial advantage in the final third?No excuses please…analyze the game objectively.
    If ManU are planning to strengthen there already solid squad by bringing in Ribery for GBP62.5 it just shows that there is something other teams are getting right that we are not….or am I alone in this?And when ManCity unleash their billions on Etoo and a few other players, will we have even a 4th EPL place to fight for again?

  87. Dude not only Ribbery, They also plan on bringing in Benzema u can imagine ….but what of Arsene? Erm some unknown 16 year old but a 19 year old and a 20 year old and he will yap and yap how his kids have potential and how he doesn’t want their development to slacken. Last night it dawned on me…we made a big and huge mistake of letting Flamini go and Hleb as much as i dun like the two of them, its clear they made our team look good. For a few extra quid wed be winning titles…something which beat Wenger to understand…Utd hire Tevez for 5 million pounds every seasons but if they win the Champions League again this season that amount will look like peanuts …for a few more cents Arsene could keep Flamini for his wonderful services…sometimes i think the guy is mad or something.

  88. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!, just cannot stop thinking how AW is screwing up each n every time.can we really wait that long, three, four or even five years for this boys to be men for us to win trophies. nway by that time AW will have found a buyer for them n then start again investing in the youth programme again. HOW IS THAT FOR A MANAGER WITH THE HEART FOR THE YOUTH**********%$#@*&%)(!@#$%^&*()_SH____T

  89. u r thinking AW is mad, what do you mean think, HE IS MAD, THE GUY WENT CRAZY LONG TIME AGO. yes n min d you dnt be surprised, even now he may have seen some 16 yrs old potential teenager to bring to the team next season so that Arsenal can nurture talent. TO HELLLLLL!!!, this guy should just quit n admit himself ina mental institution. yeah, teams are looking for quality players n all he is thinking is stupid. with the way things are 4th place next season is a long shot. can someone tell me what happened to Rosicky, what kind of injury did he get for him to stay out this long, thought Eduardos was much worse.

  90. SF i saw a worried Flamini and Smiling Beckham in the stands when they were covered in the camera(i watch in TV only).Truly sad but that’s what football is about .Even the best team may slip sometimes.As for our boys and fans “past is past” ,let’s see what lies ahead of us.Everyone makes mistakes.Let us learn from our mistakes.

    Some points i felt we lack.

    1) Don’t panic even if you are down by 5 goals .Believe in yourself you have the quality to turn it.Someone in the squad should inspire or lead others when everything goes against you.

    2)When crossing atleast 1 0r 2 players should run towards the goal keeper and make the defender work.Don’t be sloppy standing behind defenders.

    3)Atleast fire some long range shots when the box is too crowded to penetrate.May be a fumble of goal keeper will provide you a chance or may disturb the mentality of defenders.

    4) Arsene train these lads to shoot from long range when they don’t find the perfect passing touch or when the opponent puts everyone behind the ball or if you wish to give them a surprise or threaten teams.It is accepted in football.

    5)Anytime you take a free kick except van persie you can hit the ball directly to the goal too.

    6)Our team should learn to reduce injuries and stay fit for the big games.Especially at the end of the season.I missed Edurado,Clichy and Rosicky badly.

    7)Whenever the lone striker receives the ball in counter-attack be quick to support him in the box.Sometime you people forget it and expecting the lone striker to do the magic that never happens agianst the best teams.

    I don’t believe in the policy money can buy everything.Our squad has the capability but haven’t find the character to do it yet.The longer they stay together the tougher they become.

    I stay with arsenal no matter how badly they lose

    I stay with arsenal no matter how badly they play

    I stay with arsenal even if they won’t buy anyone.

    I stay with arsenal even if they win nothing.

  91. I stay with Arsenal even if they break my heart everytime before it finally stops.


  93. As much as i love the arsenal and everything in arsenal life, Big changes are needed can we just go on waiting until our players get expirenced enough to win trophys? nearly 5 years its been with no trophys and we are one of the biggest names in football hisotry! I love all the players for arsenal but im sure wenger will have to be able to see past this game and get some changes into it. By the time our players are expirenced what if they all leave to a team wich can win trophys each season? wengers plans will be thrown straight down the drain. I think 1 or 2 serious names need to be brought to the emiraqtes stadium this summer to give the young guns a little bit of edge. Please arsen sort it out.

  94. Look past this defeat i no it is a terrible loss my heart sunk into stomach once the so named ‘un playerable’ player scored a goal! There is nothing we can do about that defeat we will have to take it on the chin. Arsenal fans we need to get behind arsenal and the whole squad for next season is a new season. Our players have learnt so much in the 08/09 season from getting up to the top four to reaching the semi finals of the champions league, Im sure next season these players will be so eager to win trophys not just for themselves or arsenal football club but for us lot who have followed arsenal for so many years! We have seen how dangerous arshavin is, in my eyes already to be proving one of the worlds top players and next season he could be a very vital player. I just hope Arsen brings in 1 or 2 serious names in the summer market just to give the young boys an edge. I can put money on that next season will be our season, we will win a trophy!

  95. Gosh, i’m sick even now. WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL. Players must learn to shoot pliz, just like Arshavin. PLIZ Mr WENGER spend dis summer, we need a strong defence. We will overcome this.

  96. Ive been hearing rumours that Fab and van want to leave? If this is true all i can say is let them, Their not happy with the way arsenal are playing? their not happy that we havn’t won any trophys? I think their forgetting THEIR the ones on the pitch who are ment to be playing and winning trophys! I no wenger can be patially to blame maybe its his tactics? maybe its his style of play or maybe its the fact he doesnt bring in enough big talents? But i still say its more to do with the people on the pitch than the man watching If their tired of losing try harder! train harder! just forgod sake stop moaning. I thought fabregas loved arsenal for the team they are and if he leaves this summer or next season i will never forgive him.

  97. I was completely heart broken,disappointed and frustrated. I had to avoid reading media reports or even watching replay of the match. No matter what, arsenal is still my club.

  98. i like many of u am crushed,humiliated and embarassed. never will i feel a more cruel defeat especially since it came from the ever so arrogant red devils. aah the days when we crushed them, when they used to quiver in fear of henry and viera and the like. those days will return. never quit supporting them guys its days like that you stand up and really call yourself a fan. kieran gibbs is damn good. i even saw such an improvement this season from guys like song and denilson who i regretably criticised so often. noone can match us for pace,skill and fliudity. arsenal are the best club in the world. when we are on fire none can stop us. trophies will come but even without them we are still one of the most revered clubs in the world. remember we still have to go to old trafford armed with something we didnt have in the cl, a certain russian playmaker….wait till fergi gets a load of him.

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