A good time to be a Gooner

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With the club top of the Premiership both on and off the field, it’s definitely a great time to be an Arsenal supporter.

Before I get into this with more detail, I firstly have to apologise for the lack of posts in the last few days. Whether you, the loyal reader, accept the reasons for me three-day hiatus is questionable, but I’ll run through them with you in point form regardless: 

Saturday was the Grand Final for the football club I play for, University of Queensland.

We lost 1-0 and I strained my hamstring again. If you don’t know why I say ‘again’, see here. Obviously I wasn’t very happy.

That night myself the boys from my team hit the town pretty hard to get over the loss. Things got pretty loose. 

Didn’t get to see much of the Arsenal game (it started at midnight Australian standard time). Only reached the required pub in time to see Emmanuel Adebayor slot his hat-trick goal. Hugged a random Arsenal supporter, the only one I could find in the entire pub.

Went home and slept. And slept.

Got up on Sunday for breakfast at midday. Brain was hurting. Boys from the club reminded me that we were having a recovery session at another pub at two in the afternoon. For those who don’t know, recovery is just a clever way of saying drinking again after a night out.

Arrived at the pub, wearing the new Arsenal away shirt with “Adebayor 25” on the back that my roommate had brought back from a trip to Europe for me. Liverpool-supporting teammates were not impressed.

Got some money out from the ATM and decided that I was going to have a quiet day.

Found out the club had a virtually bottomless bar tab. Did not have a quiet day at all.

Spent most of it wearing a sombrero and throwing coins into teammates beer-filled glasses. Managed to sneak a ride home at around 11pm to complete a 100% free day of debauchery. Hit the sack pretty hard.

Woke up around midday on Monday (my day off from work). Had breakfast.

Attempted to write a post for the blog approximately four times. Each time I wrote tripe and felt like going to sleep. Decided to call it a day after watching the latest episode of Californication. Needless to say, it was awesome.

Went to work today and arrived home around 5pm.

Now I’m sitting here, writing this post.

Fabregas has been in mind-blowing formPerhaps the best thing about this little break from blogging is the fact that on my return, the news relating to the Arsenal Football Club is about as positive as it could ever be. On the field Arsene Wenger’s side has extended it’s lead at the top of the league after another cavalier performance against Derby and off the field things are even better. You will already have heard it, but Arsenal are now the richest club in the United Kingdom.

What this means, in short, is that the threatened takeover of Alisher Usmanov and the increasingly annoying David Dein will not be going ahead. I’ve refrained from talking about the possibility of the takeover previously simply because I prefer to keep things related to the football field. That’s my (perceived) area of expertise and to stray from it would’ve been nothing short of irresponsible of me. But just because I’m no expert on it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t scared about the possibility of the club being run by money-grubbing investors. Until the result of the club’s financial report was revealed the possibility of a takeover was, in my mind, a virtual certainty. Now, thankfully, it is a triviality.

Back to matters on the field and things are going swimmingly. Almost every player who was in the side last season has improved and the new players have done better than expected. Need proof? Just look at little Mathieu Flamini and Bacary Sagna for conclusive evidence. Cesc Fabregas is playing out of his skin and the aforementioned Adebayor is finally starting to make the footballing world take notice of his ability. It’s almost as odd as it is sensational to see Adebayor on the top of the Premiership goalscorers chart. Whether he stays there or not is another thing entirely, but you can’t ask for a much better start.

If Newcastle play a first-choice side, it may prove to strong for ArsenalA tough first round opponent

The football continues later today with the Carling Cup tie against Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium. Wenger has confirmed that he will be using the League cup to blood the second-streamers and that means we can expect to see the likes of Lassana Diarra, Nicklas Bendtner, Lukasz Fabianski, Justin Hoyte, Alexandre Song, Armand Traore and even Emmanuel Eboue, if he has recovered well enough from his ankle injury.

“You will see Bendtner, Diarra and Denilson. Maybe Eboue will be coming back as well. You’ll see Justin Hoyte and Alex Song maybe Eduardo and Diaby. Then there is Armand Traore and Lukasz Fabianski who we have not seen a lot of so far. We want to give the opportunity to our fans to see some unfamiliar faces.”

Most of you will remember that Arsenal made it all the way to the final of the Carling Cup last season, losing out narrowly to a full-strength Chelsea side in Cardiff 2-1. And while the club is flying high at the moment in the league I can’t stress how difficult a task they are going to have against Newcastle. The Geordies are in great form in the Premiership and will sit second in the league if they win their game in hand.

This is about as tough a first-round task as Wenger’s young players could ask for. There’s no doubting the quality of Newcastle’s side under Sam Allardyce and I just don’t know if this Arsenal side have enough to win the game. I’m going to refrain from making some sort of a prediction because of the uncertainty surrounding both clubs starting teams,  but I will finish up by saying that if Arsenal do win the match I will be very suprised.

What do you think?

Have your say on my silly adventures or Arsenal’s Carling Cup tie by leaving a comment. 


24 thoughts on “A good time to be a Gooner

  1. Welcome back. Last year’s Carling Cup run was great entertainment. It would be a surprise to get knocked out this early. I’m one of those Gooners who likes the idea of collecting four trophies this season. The Carling Cup is a great runout for players like Armand Traore, who’s not going to get a look-in ahead of Clichy in the EPL or CL because Clichy is flying high ear the top of the form chart.

  2. I just think Newcastle straight up is such a tough task. I guess it really depends on whether Allardyce goes full-strength. With the injuries they’ve got, maybe he won’t take any risks. But a side with Viduka and Martins firing will be difficult for a young Arsenal side to contain.

  3. Sorry to rain on your parade guys,I know things are going well at the moment and no one wants to here bad news but some of the headlines coming out about Usmanov are a bit worring.
    Some of the other Arsenal sites have started a campain to get rid of this guy,Vital Football probably has the most info on whats been going on in the past few weeks.
    Any fans should have a look just to get some informaion on this guy,and keep up to date with what other fans are talking about.

  4. The fact that Arsenal are now the second richest club in the World means that a takeover is MORE likely not less because, to greedy fat money men like the orange man and the fat controller Arsenal is the biggest cash cow in World football and ripe for slaughter.

  5. I think we should start a campaign to get rid of the takeover culprit. also last year was an impressive display from out young guns, we beat everton, spurs and demolished liverpool so don’t underestimate what our yongsters can do, also there are a few new players who are playing for the first time in the arsenal carling cup run – Lukasz Fabianski, Lassana Diarra and Niklas Bendnter. Glad to hear it too! i believe we will win. Young guns 3-0 newcastle. Walcott (2), Diarra.

  6. A bit worried about having Song, yes at Centre half not with anybody else but good old Mr.Phillipe Every Arsenal fan has their hearts in their mouths when he does anything round the 18 yard box Senderos. Maybe I am being a little bit unfair but they (newcastle fc) are coming with a full strength squad. The midfield will certainly have their work cut out. Any thoughts, anyone?

  7. I can’t believe he’s starting with Song and not the new Norwegian kid, I heard he already captains the reserve team?

  8. i’m quite scared with having Song and Senderos as our centre-backs. Song hasn;t probed hiself to be good yet and Senderos makes the most simpliest mistakes that can make the result bad. I stil belive arsenal will win but will really have to work hard. I love knocking strong prem sides out of the carling cup with our youngsters.

  9. 2-0 HAHA up yours fat Sam. 🙂

    A few observations I have from listening to the radio commentary:

    The crowd sounded awesome the best I’ve heard at the Emirates.

    The commentators were waxing lyrical about Diarra and Traore.

    I wish I was there. 🙁

  10. my step-dad is a newcastle fan, and he kept saying that arsenal would get knocked out lol! I am glad to have the bragging rights now. also glad to see Bendtner and Denilson score. 2-0!!!!

  11. I’m nothing short of surprised with that result. I definitely had my doubts, not about Arsenal’s quality, but moreso about the quality of Newcastle’s side. But when you look at the stats it looks like the kids absolutely dominated. And a clean sheet for Fabianski, Song and Senderos! Amazing!

  12. Very interesting. The suggestions made earlier that because Arsenal is richer it makes it more susceptible to takeovers is something I don’t personally agree with, but my interpretation must be wrong. I think the people at the top would be reluctant to sell their shares because they are invested in a business that is growing and it would be crazy to sell. The fact that the likes of Peter Hill-Wood and Danny Fiszman have such positive interests about the club’s heritage is also a bonus. As a result, a takeover from a foreign investor, whose many the club does not need seems less likely to me. Thoughts? Please note that I am a studying Psychologist, not an Economics, Business or Law student. 🙂

  13. Great goal by Denilson, and Bendtner scored a goal on his first start. I never thought i would say this but great defending by Senderos, he cleared Martins shot off thi line. Don’t underestimate our youngsters!

  14. Fellow Gooners,
    Wonderful goal by Bendtner and Denilson especially Denilson.I am so impressed with the team because everyone in the ‘quote’ second team will be pushing for a first team shirt. I am an accountant let me highlight on the possible take over. Because Arsenal are the richest club in UK at the moment does not mean that a takeover is not imminent. The decision whether or not to sell depends solely on the existing shareholders. Due to the high turnover Arsenal Fc has reported the share price will rise tremendously thus making the share value in real terms of the existing shareholders to sky rocket. Meaning if my dear spanish fly holds 50 shares of aresenal prior to the release of the financials the value of that share would likely quardriple due to a healthy financial statement. The decision solely rests with the existing shareholders wheteher or not to sell their shares and make a kill. The major problem is David Dien.I think he just wants to run the company as chairman not taking Arsenal’s intrest as the main priority.The profits for Arsenal is 51 million pounds which is that low because we are paying intrests on the loan we used to build the emirates. Alas that final payment will be in three years time when Arsene’s contract is over.Does that tell you something?

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