A fit van Persie would be huge for Arsenal + Wednesday Poll

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Hello again. I hope you’re doing well this fine Wednesday.

Tonight sees Arsenal’s first really interesting pre-season game against Jens Lehmann’s new club Stuttgart. Arsene Wenger is expected to field a fairly strong squad against a side who won the Bundesliga just two seasons ago. They will put up a good fight and it will see how Samir Nasri and Carlos Vela go if they are selected.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to watch the game – a 5.15am wake in Australia for a pre-season game is not exactly my cup of tea – but if I do I’ll be sure to give my opinion on it tomorrow. If not I’ll be checking out the highlights when they become available on the Arsenal wesbite and have a say on it regardless.

One player who has not yet featured in any of the pre-season games thus far but could well start against Stuttgart is Robin van Persie. You certainly won’t need to be told that the Dutchman has spent a great deal of time on the sidelines in the past two seasons. But to his credit, van Persie is viewing the new campaign as a fresh start and hoping that he can have a more consistent impact for Arsenal this time around:

“This is a new year with new chances. Hopefully I can be injury-free this year. Last year I played 16 games and scored seven goals — that is nearly one out of two. It is not too bad. I just want to have the same results this season with a few more matches.”

It’s an interesting point he makes about his goals-to-games ratio. As he says, 7 goals from 16 games is pretty bloody useful and if he can double (or triple! – wishful thinking?) the amount of games he plays then all of a sudden that is looking like quite a handy figure. Especially if Emmanuel Adebayor has another 30-goal season which he surely must be aiming for.

Whether van Persie does get goals or not the simple fact is that if he can remain fit for the bulk of this season then he will have a huge impact on Arsenal’s chances of winning silverware. He is arguably the most naturally gifted player in the side and his mere presence on the pitch makes opposing managers and players worry that little bit more.

He looked sharp for Holland at the Euros and hopefully he can continue that form into the start of the season. Glory beckons for Arsenal and van Persie if he can pull it off.

In other news today Arsene Wenger has been chatting about how highly he rates 16-year-old Jack Wilshere.

I must say that if the confidence he has shown in the first two games of pre-season are anything to go by then young Wilshere could be set for big things at the club. However, as the manager points out, he still has a long way to go before he can be relied upon by the first team. A lot will be down to the attitude and dedication he can shows on the training ground and out on the pitch when he is given the chance. Good luck to him though.

To finish off today’s post is the Weekly Wednesday Poll. And here it is:

Who would you like to see start alongside Cesc in central midfield?Online Casinos
Aaron Ramsey
Abou Diaby
Alex Song
A new signing
Web Polls

It’s a pretty interesting one, I reckon, and I’ll be very keen to see the final results. As always, I’ll let you know what they are in tomorrow’s post.

Enjoy the Stuttgart game if you get to watch it. Go Arsenal!

Have your say on Arsenal v Stuttgart, van Persie, Wilshere or the Weekly Poll by leaving a comment. 


10 thoughts on “A fit van Persie would be huge for Arsenal + Wednesday Poll

  1. You speak the truth Spanish.. RvP would be certainly an asset to the club, should he be fit. He was bloody excellent in Euro 2008, and even if he plays around an hour there will still be Niklas or Eduardo (when he returns) to “Share The Load” (Samwise Gamgee). All in all, I would like to see Diaby play in the midfield as he does have potential, he just needs to develope a consistency. A new signing could make things uneasy. Hense why I voted Diaby.

  2. RvP was missed dearly last season. I think most people had him pegged to fill the Henry void, but the injuries kept him from fulfilling that role. If we can have another great season from Adebayor and a “fitter” van Persie, we have a much better chance of silverware. I am slightly worried by the Wednesday poll I must say… All of the options are relatively untested… I do like Diaby and what I’ve seen of Denilson, but not as first choice options in the centre of the park. Not for me anyway. I hope I am proven wrong here, but Diaby, over a whole season, to be Fab’s foil? Hmm… Not convinced.
    I still can’t wait for the start of the season though!

  3. Fit Rvp wud surely b gud.
    Wilshere brilliant & in my opinion shud at least make th Carl cup.
    My vote 4 DM goes 2 Song, & he has som exp, esp wit Charlton & Cameroon

  4. SF-
    I forget who commented (Arsenal Player) that having Van Persie back is like having a new signing. I agree! RVP’s only weakness besides injury is his attitude. Sky’s the limit for that lad.

  5. A fit RVP, a level headed Ade, and a solid effort from Cesc means in my opinion – a good chance at a double. Staying fit in any sport is key but in Arsenal’s case they have had some trouble achieving this the past few years. I have a good feeling about the side on a whole and it just occurred to me that Eduardo could be back this season as well…

    Go Gunners!

  6. So it seems Arsenal have signed Amaury Bischoff. Honestly, I can’t help but be a little disappointed with Arsenal’s transfer activity this summer bearing in mind what we have lost. Wenger said there would be ‘2-3 signings of real quality that will please the fans’ and I hope that still happens. I just hope that Bischoff was not the ‘one more signing’ that Wenger spoke about. If, for example, Arshavin joins Spurs and we don’t make any move for Barry who is not joining Pool and is apparently staying at Villa, then I feel some fans will be disappointed. But having said all that, I trust Wenger in any situation and he has earnt the right to mould whatever team he chooses – he is the professor after all.

  7. i agree we need a star name signing with the ability to change a game….flash the cash AW

  8. i am alrady a massive fan of Wilshere and was so pleased when he got arsenals 3rd today. Vela is a player i am also a fan of, 4 goals in 2 games! He must do well this year and also Bendtner got a goal and thats his 5th in 2 now. RVP played a good game, didnt see to much of Nasri tho 🙁 I would like to see Ramsey partner Cesc but I would like a new signing, aparently arsenal are after Gokhan Inler. We signed that Bischoff dud, he doesnt seem like a good player but AW signed him for a reason, so ill see how he goes.

  9. Bendtner and Vela they look like they are building a fantastic partnership. Vela is a fantastic player so is Wiltshere and still Nasri to come.Our The defence looked a bit shakey so we need 2 defensive players one at the back if Senderos goes and one in midfield.In terms of goals we look like we have plenty who could do the job Vela, walcott, Bendtner,RVP ,Eduardo (if fit)and of course the giant Adebayor. Add to that Wiltshere, Fabregas, Nasri they all have goals in them.
    I’m more optimistic with this team than the last year. We just need to add a Viera type player in midfield and we are sorted.

  10. I am thrilled with how the Stuttgart game went! RVP looked sharp and could have scored if he didnt go for that optimistic chip. Ade had 1 or 2 headers and Walcott was somehow denied from a wonder save from Lehmann. Vela looks like a fantastic player! and his partnership with Bendtner looks destructive. These could get a fantastic cup run going! Out of the 16 goals scored in pre-season so far 9 have been from Carlos and Niklas!! Wilshere has also been imense and he has had 3 goals in pre-season including a cool penalty. Now Juve and Real in the Emirates Cup, we have a good squad, need a defensive player though! I am liking G.Hoyte though. Ramsey and Denilson are playing well but i am still a fan of Abou Diaby, he is strong, skilful, competitve and has a great long shot! Fellow bloggers, who sohuld start in the Emirates Cup and what do you think of new signing Bischoff??

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