A couple of questions for you to ponder on a quiet day for Arsenal

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Well, there’s absolutely nothing to report today so I thought I’d to use this post to throw out a couple of questions:

  1. Which team do you want to win Euro 2008 and why?
  2. Which single player do you want Arsenal to sign this off season and why?

I’ll leave you to talk amongst yourselves. For the record, I’ll be supporting Holland and you can read why here. As for which player I’d like us to see signed I have to say it would be brilliant to see Diego join Arsenal. He’s only going to get better with age I feel.

Too bad it won’t happen though.


What do you think?

Let me know your answers by leaving a comment.


64 thoughts on “A couple of questions for you to ponder on a quiet day for Arsenal

  1. Arsenal always seem to sign players when it’s quiet! I can see Nasri in the Arsenal shirt already!!!

  2. Right on! Diego would be perfect replacement for Hleb.
    Kompany, Makoun and a kid from Ivory Coast, Gervinho. But then
    where the profits will come from?

  3. Probably holland, want RVP to do well (and stay fit)
    Spain could be good too if Cesc has a good tournament.

    Dont really know too much about players, but i always like Matais Fernandez from Football manager 08 🙂

  4. 1. France. Really exciting young players coming through, altough the squad’s still got the older (but still good) players.

    2. Jeremie Toulalan or Yaya Toure. Excellent seasons for their clubs and would be a good replacement in midfield.

  5. Not sure if it is a QUIET DAY for us Gooners. Just read on News Now that Nasri has spoken for the first time and said that he is 99% certain of signing for us. Straight from the horses mouth. I reckon that comes across LOUD’N CLEAR for us long suffering sleepless Gooners.

  6. Firstly, my support goes for France cos I’ve always been their fan & I like their style of play. I also luv Henry.
    Secondly, I’ll like Arsenal to buy Nasri cos I’ll his fast & direct style of play.

  7. Spain – simple as that like our beloved gooners – underperformers. Hail No10 Fabregas.

    How about an Englishman for a change – I hear Anton Ferdinand is off for £5m, Johnson from Manc City, Scott Carson (not for the £10m Rafa wants).

    Damn you Sep Blatter !!

  8. Daniele De Rossi, the nearest thing to roy keane out there and would add much needed strength to the youngsters. would also show that we are actually a big club and not just a development project that acts as a feeder to ”bigger” teams.

  9. Sweden. Longtime supporter of the Gold and Blue.

    Johan Elmander is my favourite player, he’s pacey and with good control, but he’d never fit in at Arsenal.

    That said, I think Kim Kallstrom wouldbe an excellent addition at Arsenal. I think Arsenal needs a bit of that Swedish work ethic.

  10. 1. France(Benzema, Nasri, Henry, ect…) and Spain (Cesc, Villa, Torres..)

    2. Benzema, Ben Arfa or Capel. Then a strong Defender like Terry, Rio or Skrtel.. We need e big and strong defender. But I see no realisitc player to buy.
    plus we need a destroyer in the defensive midfield. Maybe Makoun, Cana, Yaya.. I dont know, but I think Wenger will find a good replacement for Flamini.

  11. 1. France(Benzema, Nasri, Henry, ect…) and Spain (Cesc, Villa, Torres..)

    2. Benzema, Ben Arfa or Capel. Then a strong Defender like Terry, Rio or Skrtel.. We need e big and strong defender. But I see no realisitc player to buy.
    plus we need a destroyer in the defensive midfield. Maybe Makoun, Cana, Yaya.. I dont know, but I think Wenger will find a good replacement for Flamini.

  12. 1. France, Holland and Spain – and every other country with a arsenal player in it ^_^

    2. I’m going to be extreamly boring and go for Nasri…

    i remember when Ben Hafa was “a done deal” and a french guy on a forum was talkin about nasri and how he was far superior.

    so i had a look at him and was blown away, has the same style as zidane, likes to do the same dribbles, the same sort of touches etc.. from that i was smitten, now i just hop it goes thru ^_^

  13. Holland – I just support them every competition and they never win, oh well… Wouldn’t mind Spain and France win it though

    David Silva – A proper left midfielder with great technique and work ethic. Not linked to us though


    Richard Dunne – Solid, Big, great in aerial battle and with pace. Been very impress by him this season but apparently he look set to sign for spurs….. gutted


  15. Wales….. Okay, maybe not. Probably Spain, because of Cesc.

    The Wolves keeper, Wayne Hannessy would be a good signing. And he’s welsh too! Thuram would be a great signing though.

  16. 1. Polska. The country of my ancestors. I’ll also be cheering on Spain. Because I support a certain player and his name is Cesc.

    2. Harry has got it right, Daniele De Rossi. He would be absolutely immense with the Gunners. More realistically? I’d like to see us bag both Nasri and Ben Arfa.

  17. David Villa is the man to get he is a out an out goal scorer,Hope we have Nasri,looks quality.Dont care who wins at this stage just wanted to see England get ther and loose.Mof in Dublin

  18. Holland or Croatia

    I would like Arsenal to sign that big lanky prick who plays for inter and sweden, ibrahimovitch (spelling wrong I imagine).

  19. In fact i would do a swap deal for ibrahim with hleb and eboue going the other way

  20. scottygooner,

    Zlatan would be a great inclusion, but he is quite difficult to play with. Team playing is not his strongest element, and in a team like Arsenal, I don’t think that would be the best.

    I love it when he teams with Elmander in the Swedish national team. Elmander seems to be one of the only players anywhere, that can form a relatively stable partnership with him.

  21. I would love to have a couple of strong Danes/Swedes in the team. There’s just something generally so stable about them that I think Arsenal could benefit from that.

    Who do you have in mind?

  22. Well,I’m an Italian Gooner and I’d like to say that Italy will win Euro2oo8, but I think that Germany will lift the trophy…it would be sad…their boring style..
    2nd question: I’d love to see Nasri in an Arsenal shirt, and it seems that I’ll see him soon in red&white, and I hope to see Sebastien Frey as our new goalkeeper, he is one of the best gk in Europe..

  23. My dad moved from Naples to Highbury at the age of eight, and I have an Italian passport and we are very patriotic, so you know who I’ll be supporting. I don’t actually think we’ll win it though, I am still unsure about Donadoni’s management.

    Regarding the person I want Arsenal to sign most – All I hope for this transfer window is that Wenger doesn’t miss out on any fantastic opportunity that comes along. By this I mean that if a great player becomes available and would do us a world of good, I don’t want to see them join our rivals while we wonder what could have been next season.

  24. I said strong Danes. I am not a Bendtner fan at this point in time. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong in the very new future however.

  25. Kallstrom is definitely my pick for Arsenal. I think he would fit in spectacularly. I also like Linderoth.

    What’s your opinion of Bendtner?

  26. Ok…I know it’s left field and a bit “out there” :), but I have a hunch that Gus can take the Russians to the semi finals! Nice odds and all.

    As for a player I’d like to see us sign..Alberto Aquilani although he looks set at Roma.

  27. Renae

    You can see flashes of brilliance but arrogance normally associated with a knobend like Ronaldo or horse face Van the man nistelrooy. Personally, I think he needs to be given a chance, not as a sub but given a run in the side to really show what he can do. If after this everyone including wenger realise he is shit, then we sell him. I do not think that will be case. He could be a big hitter sooner rather than llater if given the chance…..I would still rather have ibrahim though ; )

  28. Fellow gunners, i can see that every player that is linked with us , we like them, let me tell u the players we need, not want,imo, we already have our defensive midfielder in Song, he is better than this Makoun ure all talking about,if Wenger doesn’t like Song, he can go for Barry, David Villa to partner Van Persie if fit or Villa to partner Bentner, our defense is great, why is no one saying anything about Toure, this guy is becoming a liability, drop him and play Senderos for 20 matches, and u will see, or buy Micah Richards for once, splash some cash or maybe we may not be having so much money, anyway, those are my thoughts, see u again.

  29. spain: there is quality in every position including backup…
    signing: benzema would be nice but not possible so….owen hargreaves!!!! even more unlikely though.


    I agree about senderos, give him a run, when he gets a run we concede very little.

  31. I’m rolling with France…hope RVP stays fit…YaYa and Eto would be the players I’d like to see Arsenal buy Micah Richards as well. If Arsenal need a striker (seems that they have enough)…Henry perhaps? Dreaming I know…

  32. Spain, I would like to see their talents get rewarding and with Fabregas, Torres, Segio Ramos, Divid Villa, Puyol, Casillas, Iniesta, Xavi all having good seasons I think they will win. Now signings Umm – Yaya Toure would be a great replacement for Flamini, Micah Richards would be great, Hatem Ben Arfa, Gareth Barry and Arda Turan. Only one of those players is going to Euro 2008 and that is Arda Turan for Turkey. I believe many star performers in the Euros will get bought to the prem and if Arda is a good performer for Turkey, Arsenal may want him.

  33. Italia will do the double and i will be in Roma when our Azzurri bring back home another trophy!!! Whats wrong with you Italians saying you dont think we’ll win it?! We have the best team in the Euro’s and we’re on a roll!! Our under 23’s just won the Toulon final against Chile. Spain could stop us, but they’ll choke before they win a major tournament. Micah Richards, Yaya Toure and Mario Gomez are how i wanna see at Arsenal next season. Im still not a fan of Adebayor, his finishing is still not that good.

  34. For the Euros, it has to be Spain. I agree that they are like Arsenal– lots of style, but slight underdogs compared to the big, big teams.

    As for players, Villa would be awesome, but might contribute to congestion up front. Barry looks good; in particular he would add a goal threat from free-kicks, something only RVP offers at this point. Mexes or Aquiliani would be great. The Roma players all seem to have fantastic technique on the ball.

  35. I will be supporting spain in the euros, hopfully cesc will be making lots of appearences now he has the no.10. (;
    I would quite like to see yaya toure signed, from barca. It would be nice having the brothers playing together, and plus everytime I have gone to watch barca he has scored.
    Also masquerano would be good on the wing for us, he’s supposed to be good and Man U have been after him for a while. He might just be over rated though.
    We really need some one in defence, but I’m not sure who would be best. And possibly another striker, while eduardo is recovering as I’m not sure walcott and other youngsters will be best to start the season with.

  36. 1. France – have always supported them since 1996
    2. Gareth Barry, or maybe Makoum (I’m assuming Nasri is a done deal!)

  37. eh opp spanish fry,

    1) living in spain so it has to be them

    2) i´d like to see hleb and some money go to madrid and we get robinho. then move for akinfev (GK), richards (CB) and yaya toure (DM). we could probably get that lot for about 50 million which isnt much nowadays and we definatly have the money as well!

  38. I believe Nasri is now an Arsenal player or will be before the Euro starts. Also I have heard that Aliaksandr Hleb will move to Barcelona in a deal that sees Yaya Toure move to Arsenal. Although Liverpool are favourites I would love to see Gareth Barry at Arsenal next season. A defender like Micah Richards or Richard Dunne, A winger like Niko Kranjcar to replace Rosicky when he gets injured and replace Eboue cuz well Kranjcar better. If we sign a striker, it must be Mario Gomez, Klass Jan Huntelaar or Mirko Vucinic. A goalkeeper maybe – Joe Hart?

    Some very good news about the forgoten man at moment Eduardo. He will start playing football this summer.
    This what Eduardo told Sportske Novosti ” I am returning to Europe from Brazil at the beginning of August, perhaps even the end of July,” “Doctors tell me by then I will be fully recovered and able to play football again. I hope so too.

    “I’m feeling well and my rehabilitation is going better than I would ever have hoped.”

  40. Le gunner – no-body forgot Eduardo. Im sure when he comes back he’ll be scoring goals again but we are focusing on transfer targets and he is not going anywhere.

  41. Hi Jay. Where have you been we’ve haven’t heard from you for a while.I guess Eduardo was left alnoe to recover in peace. Maybe its a good thing no one is talking about him too much.

  42. We are not done with Senderos! He is a diamond in the rough! He had a tough year but he is a gem I tell you.

  43. 1.Iker Casillas. No offence to Almunia he’s been gr8 for us this season. But Casillas is on another level with as poor a defence as Real Madrid have. he is their player of the season. But thats definitely not going to happen.nasri looks a good prospect.

    2. my heart says France. Spain always flatter to decieve I think they will be like Argentina, lots of quality and flair but lack the ability to grind out results in the crucial games. Germany, France and particularly Italy are he purveyors of the dark arts, you can be sure Spain will play or the pretty foorball but the Germans an the italians wil be falling all over the place to get those set pieces, score ugly goals and frustrate the Spanish.
    Portugal n Croatia or Russia as an outside bet.Nobody is talking up their chances.

  44. Yeah, sorry I havent been around Le Gunner but i’ve been really busy with exams coming up and me switching to a new team but i’m back now and here to stay. Am supporting Spain and Holland, Mainly cuz of Fabregas and Van Persie lol . I have heard that Hlab will move to Barca for 12 mil and Arsense Wenger will leave Arsenal in 2011 (end of contract) to become President of PSG. Did ya miss me lol?

  45. To hell with Hleb am not concerned about him anymore he is BIGGER piece of shite THAN £lamoney.I don’t beleive Wenger will leave for PSG its all speculation from the Daily Telegraph. Its seems there is a U turn fron Nasri.I’ve read on Setanta Wenger saying Samir will not sign before the Euros oubviously he wants to put on a show and hope for a better offer (wages) from another club.

  46. 1. Holland, definitely
    2. Bojan Krkic, Kim Kallstrom, Yaya, Rafael Van Der Vaart and Vincent Kompany

  47. (euro 2008) gold team– Volkan,(Turkey)metzelder(germany),Sergio Ramos (spany) Servet(Turkey)F.meira(portugal)F.Ribery(france)Arda Turan(turkey)Rakitic(crotia)Podolski(germany)arshavin(russia)
    D.Villa (spany) Semih Şentürk(turkey)

    Coach: Fatih Terim and Aragones

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